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Residential Property Maintenance: Keep Your Home In Good Shape

Living at the current home brought by your parents when you were still in your high school? Or moving into a new house?

You are likely to get attached to the room you sleep in, the kitchen you cook in, the living room you spend your day playing FIFA, or dancing to the music of your choice for hours and hours. A dirt mark on the wall, a torn sofa cover, a spiders’ web on the ceiling or even a faded paint on your favorite room’s wall can spoil your mood.

Similarly, issues like, a faulty switchboard, a broken sink pipe, a non-working oven, and a blocked drain are some major concerns that require timely maintenance. As a member of the house, you feel a sense of responsibility towards these problems. Whether it is where you live or your holiday home, after a certain period, the place requires some minor and a few major amendments.

Repair and maintenance are not the same. Maintenance is everything done to avoid the repairs. A dollar spent on maintenance can save hundreds on the repairs. A property maintenance checklist can be very helpful! We have listed down a few maintenance necessities to look after from time to time that will help you keep your home in good shape.

Fire Safety

It is very important to take fire hazard seriously. A wildfire can take down the entire building in a blink of an eye. A few things in the right place can help against this issue. At your home, the kitchen, heating system and the beautifully looking fire place are most exposed to it.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection:

Apart from monthly visual inspection to check it is usability, one must get a professional to inspect the extinguisher annually as well. These should be kept out of reach of children. However, should still in easily accessible in case of a need. Check for the physical state of the cylinder, the pressure gauge and the inspection tag. The time and date of the inspection should be noted.

Check Smoke Detectors:

In case of a fire, it may not be easy for you to escape. A smoke alarm is a lifesaver that highlights the danger and ensures outside help. Press and hold the test button on the detector to make sure it is working fine. Repeat it every five months. In case if you don’t hear the high pitched alarming sound, replace the batteries or call an expert if the issue still exists.

Exterior Maintenance

The exterior of the house is exposed to all kinds of hardships. From dust storms to thunderstorms, from high winds to scorching sunlight to layers of snow, the exterior stands tough. The exterior house cleaning and maintenance is necessary as it is what visitors see first.

Outdoor Paint:

Exposure to sunlight can affect outdoor paint. Take a walk around the house to look for the damages. Water can damage the wooden exterior, therefore, use waterproof paint for wood. It is ideal to repaint in 3-5 years’ time with the best exterior house paint available.

Roof and Window Damage:

Sunlight and the rainfall directly onto the roof but, the weather is not the only troublemaker. Poor roof installation and design, shrinkage, delayed maintenance and blistering can harm the roof too.  This may result in leaks and cracks. A little damage to the pocket is better than broken bones. It is best to let a professional take care of the roof installation and repairs.

Similarly, windows are at times the victim of cruel weather too. A duct tape on a broken window may hold it for a short while but change the glass immediately to avoid any risks.

Garden and Landscape:

Take advantage of the rainy weather, you will not have to water the garden regularly. If you are looking for low maintenance garden ideas start with the easy to grow plants that won’t need to be looked after very frequently. Trim the grass regularly to keep the lawn neat. Installing a hammock to relax would be a great idea. Also, make a small garden pond to add to the beauty. You will surely enjoy the view every evening while enjoying tea and snacks with your loved ones.

Driveway and Walkway:

Coming back after home driving your car around the city and shoes running back from an hour of football practice makes the entrance untidy. Consider powerwashing to get rid of road salts, mud, and dirt to give your exterior a neat look. Also, look around for nooks and corners for algae and moss and use a cleaner to wash them off. Keep the walkway lit, install outdoor light to make the area look more appealing.

Drainage Issues:

You may face frequent blockage and slow drainage, dampness in the walls and ceiling over a period of time. Looking after the drains is entirely your responsibility and must be dealt with immediately. A few precautions can help you with these issues and extend the life of your property.

Run Water Frequently:

Whether you live alone, your kids have just moved out or you are a newlywed couple moving into a new house, there is a chance you have unused bathrooms and sinks. This may result in an unpleasant odor. In order to avoid that, clean and run water in unused bathroom lines at least once a week or depending upon the severity of the smell.

Exterior Drainage and Gutter Cleaning:

Rainwater can cause major damage if it stays on the roof for too long. Installing a proper drainage system allows easy flow of water. Standing water in the garden kills the grass. Look out for wet patches in the garden as well as these may be caused by a pipe leakage. A well-installed drainage system will not only resolve the issue but also make the exterior look beautiful. Look out for the dead plants and dry leaves as they will get stuck into the drainage system and cause a blockage.

Nevertheless, contacting a landscape professional can be handy.

Maintain Cleanliness and Declutter:

Be it the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or the laundry. You must not compromise on the clean living environment. Make a weekly schedule of necessary cleaning activities you need to carry out.

Clean And Hygienic Environment:

Taking care of basic hygiene is a must. Dusting your home is important. Keep your windows clean, empty, and wash your dustbins regularly to maintain cleanliness. Clean the bathrooms and kitchen regularly as germs are more likely to be present here.

Basement and Garage:

One good way to utilize the garage and basement is to keep it organized. You don’t want to get in there and spend hours looking for only one screwdriver. Install garage wall hooks and vertical shelves to arrange things there. Time to time, get rid of the clutter as well as it only makes the place dirty and messy. Watch out for crawling insects and rats as well. Also, make sure there is no water in the basement after heavy rain.

Look After The Electrical Appliances

As your car needs maintenance, so does every appliance in your home. Your appliances need attention. Look for any broken seals, for interior and exterior cleaning, get rid of the rust, and contact the experts if needed.

Refrigerator and Freezer:

Keep the interior and the exterior clean and maintained. Keep the coils clean and check for the door rubber seal. Set the right temperature depending on the weather and the items you have kept. Even if there is nothing to keep inside, fill water bottles, as any item in there absorbs the heat.

Microwave, Oven, And Stove:

These are frequently used items due to their nature. You cook delicious food daily. You warm it in the microwave almost every evening and often bake the most debatable, ham and pineapple, Hawaiian pizza in the oven. Often, the burner would get too hot or won’t come on at all as the coils and wire become worn. The over door may not be closing properly or may not be heating properly.

It is advised to clean these items frequently. Wipe of the interior as well as the exterior once you have used it as food spills here and there. Carefully follow the manual instruction to make sure you are not hurting the appliance. A number of issues may arise when you have used these for ages. Remove and replace the bulb in oven and microwave if it is not working anymore for your own safety.

HVAC and Air Conditioner:

Keep the coils clean and have a good eye on the air filter to clean them from time to time. Remove the dirt and during the off season, keep the outer units covered.


“Homes are nothing less than little heavens of comfort and peace.” Residential property maintenance is needed from time to time. Love your home you live in and take good care of it. If there’s a need, contact the professional immediately.

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