Guide to Water filter maintenance and changing of filters at home

When it comes to maintaining a water filter system, it is effortless for homeowners to do it at home easily. This means you won’t need to call a professional service member and spend a significant amount on service charges.

All you need to learn is;

  1. Establish a regular cleaning pattern for your water filter maintenance.
  2. Regularly change the water filter system to prevent contamination.
  3. Understand the make of your water filter system for better cleaning.
  4. Reach out to a professional when repairs need to be made.

Tips on how to effectively carry out a water filter maintenance

Water purifying systems are a significant part of homes today; they come in handy in offering healthy water for the family. Of course, these systems are not inexpensive, even when you have a homemade water filtration system. Excluding the cost, the dangers attached to using low water filters can result in what we most feared. Hence, it is essential to have a maintenance system that ensures your vital filtration system’s efficiency and lifespan.

As we said earlier, the task is easy and can be done at home without a professional’s need. However, dedication is required, and you, as an owner, will need to keep that in mind. Without delay, here is what you need to know;

Establish a regular cleaning pattern for your water filter maintenance

It is crucial to establish a cleaning partner for cleaning your water filers. Typically it is advised to have a weekly or biweekly cleaning to keep things in check. However, if your schedule will not permit, then consider having a monthly or bi-monthly cleanup. Waiting for your water to start tasting or looking bad before cleaning is a risk we won’t advise you to take. When cleaning, note these points;

● Avoid using heavy chemicals or detergents with a heavy smell. This can easily get absorbed by the water and still give harmful results.

● Take the time to wash through each corner of the pipe and filter system. Leave no stone unturned when cleaning.

● Take the time also to clean the surrounding areas of the filtration system. This includes the sink.

● Once you are done cleaning, make sure to do a round of sanitation with natural elements like vinegar, alcohol, or lemon.

Regularly change the water filter system to prevent contamination

Changing water filters is generally an easy task. Note that there will be a regular need for changing the filtration for all types of water purifiers. According to The Urban Guide, three filters should or can be changed.

● The first is the pre-filter or filter cartridge, which is best to change every six to nine months.

● The next is the carbon filter or chlorine remover, which requires a change every six to nine months.

● The last filter change is reverse osmosis, which can be changed every 2 to 3 years.

Understand the make of your water filter system for better cleaning

The above step might not always apply to you; hence it is crucial to understand your purifier’s make. Note that a homemade water filtration system and a commercial water filtration system have different makeups. This means that the need for changing filters can vary. Understand your filter system and, if possible, stick to the recommendation of the manufactures.

Reach out to a professional when repairs need to be made

As much as water filter cleaning is easy and water system maintenance can be done at home, you must know when things get out of hand for an amateur. This stage happens when even after cleaning and changing the filters, the system still feels ineffective. At this point, seek a professional. You might either need a repair of some other part or be advised to change the water system.

Professionals can also help detect the early onset of major harm to your filters, so be sure to reach out. Not sure who to call? The water purification company offers a wide range of professional inspections and repairs for either a homemade and commercial water filtration system.


Keeping your filter system clean is a task that should not be left neglected. For the safety of everyone using it, it requires regular and constant care. Take your time to research your filter system to find out other specific cleaning requirements it might demand of you. Do not forget to call a professional when things seem out of line or out of your control. This way, you can prevent more damage from happening.

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