Six Unique Flooring Options To Revamp Your Home Interior In 2021

We want to throw some light on the unique flooring options and ideas that will help you revamp your home interior in 2021. This article covers all major flooring solutions, including hardwood, carpet, and luxury vinyl, along with choosing the right flooring for different areas of your home.

How to upgrade your floor in 2021?

Do you want to revamp your home interior with durable and trendy flooring? Not sure where to begin? Let’s have a look at this article that lists the flooring trends.

Elegant, nimble hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring will continue to grow in popularity in 2021 and beyond. It has always been in vogue because of its natural look and durability. And of course, it will be one of the most preferred surfaces for most of your rooms. Many people have already started converting their kitchen floors and entryways into hardwood floors. Furthermore, it will be quite interesting to see how homeowners choose to go for alternatives that imitate the look of hardwood flooring.

Durable vinyl flooring

By choosing vinyl flooring, you get to enjoy its easy-to-clean, comfortable, and stain-resistant characteristics. This flooring type sits right in the middle of the market due to its affordable price and wide-ranging styles. 

Vinyl flooring is perfect for your kitchen and bathroom as it is moisture and stain-resistant. What sets it apart is the fact that it can nicely blend the look of high-end hardwood with the durability of traditional vinyl. 

Natural stone tiles

Stone is a beautiful, sophisticated flooring option for domestic purposes. It’s tough and comes in lovely colors and patterns, making it stand out among the large selection of unique flooring options. If you are looking for practicality, natural stones such as granite and slate are the best options.

You can also go with stone-look tiles that are extremely popular for kitchens and bathrooms as they offer beautifully convincing stone looks. There is a continuous demand for these natural looks in the affordable tile category, pushing floor manufacturers to go above and beyond. 

Sophisticated carpets and area rugs 

One of the best things about area rugs is that you can always replace them with a new one and give your space a makeover at a very low cost. Carpets and area rugs remain the market leader by accounting for more than 60% of retail flooring sales.

From wool and jute, there are an array of options to choose from. Bold-colored carpets are in fashion these days and can witness contrasting, rich shades in the future. You can try boho-style carpets in neutral tones, textile accessories in bright shades, and eco-chic materials in 2021. 

Large-format tiles 

As tiles are becoming thinner and lighter without compromising robustness and durability, large format tiles are also becoming incredibly easier to work with. These tiles have become popular over a short period as they can trick the eye into thinking that space is bigger. Thus, you can buy large format tiles for bigger areas and small and congested areas like entryways. 

Besides, large format tiles will let you enjoy perks such as fewer grout lines and sleek hard surfaces. In most cases, homeowners use the 12″ X 12″ tile format. The current trend of large format tiles is growing, where decorators are using large-format tiles more often. 

Eco-friendly finishes 

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more people gravitating towards environment-friendly finishes, which is a positive sign for the future. The trend to choose green, sustainable floors has been hitting the market. It is likely to continue its triumphant wave in 2021 and beyond. Today’s homeowners’ priority is the most natural materials are natural parquet, engineered boards, laminate, and ceramic tiles. 

Besides, cork and linoleum are certainly some good flooring options for your space, especially if going eco-friendly is your priority in 2021. These flooring options are a good solution if someone has allergies or asthma in the house. 

How to choose the right one from the unique flooring options for each room?

There are unique flooring options for each room separately to choose from the list we shared as listed below;


Your kitchen is one of the most visited places in the home. When choosing a floor for this area, do not forget to consider important factors such as splashes, evaporation, cleaning, and temperature. The flooring material you choose should not absorb moisture as mold may develop under the surface.

In other words, more moisture, wear, and abrasion-resistant floors will be the most popular choice for kitchen areas in 2021. Ceramic and laminated tiles could become more popular due to their durable and moisture-resistant properties. Also, tiles with matte, rough, and glossy surfaces will be the leading flooring options for kitchens. 


Homeowners will hugely rely on carpet flooring for a warm and soft vibe in their bedroom. Many patterns and shades make carpets, and area rugs nicely fit into any bedroom style. 

Long-pile carpets are a great solution for your flooring needs. You also have the option of hardwood and natural flooring that will fit perfectly with any space.

Living room 

Remember cork flooring? This is becoming one of the fashionable options for living rooms. It is a natural, environment-friendly, and sustainable material. This classic texture is back in vogue. They do say fashion repeats itself. Also, terrazzo tiles are going to make a comeback in 2021. Other trends involve large-format vinyl tiles, area rugs, and engineered hardwood as popular choices for living spaces.


When choosing a floor for your bathroom in 2021, consider the factors such as temperature fluctuations, safety requirements, and humidity levels. Popular flooring solutions for your bathroom are ceramic tiles and laminate. Of the cheap solutions, linoleum is worth mentioning. Most importantly, don’t forget to choose a material that is moisture and temperature-resistant.


The most high-traffic area in your home is your entrance – your entryway. Thus, you should opt for easy-to-clean, stain-resistant, and durable flooring trends in the market. Here, vinyl and laminate flooring are the most popular flooring choices for the entrance of your home.


Many flooring options will be trending in 2021, and they will likely stick around for a long time to come. However, one may find it hard to choose the right one for their home interior. Research as much as possible before and create your list of flooring options and shortlist the ones that perfectly match your home.

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