Ways To Keep Your Hardwood Floors In Good Shape

Unlike other floors, hardwood can be the most prone to damage if you don’t take good care of it. Since they are made of organic materials like ceramic flooring and vinyl, it has a cellular structure that could easily break down especially when it has been exposed to moisture constantly. Not just that, hardwood floors don’t usually come cheap which is why it’s important to maintain them regularly and preserve their usual look.

To avoid any kind of damage, you need to apply several protective coats as this won’t just protect your floors but also boost your home’s resale value in case you plan on selling it in the future. It’s also easy to sell your house when your hardwood floors are beautifully maintained compared to those that look grimy and dull.

Ways to keep your hardwood floors in good shape

Here are a few ways to keep your hardwood floors in good shape.

Prevent moisture deterioration

Moisture is one of the biggest reasons behind hardwood floor deterioration. If there are hardwood floors installed inside the kitchen, chances are they will get exposed to moisture that comes from the sink, leaking refrigerators, overflowing dishwashers, etc. In situations like these, experts suggest using a soft-looking rubber mat on the floor which will absorb all leaked water that comes in the floor’s contact.

Water may also enter from windows during rains or they could also come from spilled water. In such cases, water on floors must be cleaned right away so that it doesn’t seep between floorboards and cause some sort of damage. It also lets you placemats on the back and front doors.

Fill gaps using Crayons

Crayons aren’t just applicable for kids. In fact, you’ll be surprised when you notice how you can use them to fill any kind of gaps on the hardwood floors. You could scratch the crying on the floor’s surface and then turn the blow dryer high. The crayon will easily melt and then begin filling the gaps. You can let it dry for a couple of minutes and then dab using a soft cloth in order to fix its space.

Vacuum floors daily

Vacuuming your floors won’t just keep them spotless but also allow you to maintain the floor’s integrity. The debris and dust that accumulates inside your home could act like sandpaper that eventually ruins the floor surface. Another thing you can do is be aware of beater bars. As much as you can, make sure to avoid using beater bars since they damage or scratch the floor. If the vacuum can’t function, you may also use a microfiber mop that will help you sweep off dust.

Coat your floors

The top coating of your floor will add extra durability to the floor. Hardwood coatings are generally torn down in areas that have high footfall such as the living room, stairs, or pivot points such as sinks. Whenever these coatings come off, it allows your floors to become susceptible to penalization or even separation of floorboards from others. Hardwood floors should thus be torn down using coatings for many days.

If there is any uncoated part of the flooring, you could refurbish and sand them as soon as you can before the damage becomes any worse. You could also hire professional sanding companies to come and do the job for you.

Buy cleaning products

There are two kinds of hardwood products, homemade and commercialized ones. Many floor manufacturers would also recommend good hardwood floor products. However, it is important that you do some research before you purchase the products.

You could also find what kind of products are best to use from different homeowners with hardwood floors as well. You could also use cleaning products that are meant for cleaning. All you have to do is mix some vinegar with warm water and your mixture will make a great floor cleaner. However, if you decide on using this, then test a small chunk of it before applying it on the entire floor.

Don’t forget to clean your floors

Keeping your floors is extremely important no matter what. In fact, if you want your hardwood floors to be long-lasting and well in shape, then make sure that you maintain your floors with effective cleaning on a regular basis.

Quickly sweeping your floors will keep all grime, food crumbs, dust at bay and prevent all sorts of damage. However, if you use high-quality cleaning tools, the job will become much easier for you. So, when you are picking up daily dust on the floors, make sure to clean it often. Cleaning your floors every day using products will ensure the floor’s perfect finish.

Try rugs & mats

Using mats and rugs in and around your place will benefit your wood flooring immensely. Mats usually come with a rubber backing that is able to hold moisture that is built under the rug and if nothing is done about it, chances are they will become your enemy.  Hence, keeping some rugs and mats will help you prevent all sorts of damage in the kitchen, bathroom as well as exterior doors. They are also best kept in areas where there is a high footfall in order to prevent those wear patterns.

Final words

Spending money on hardwood floors is definitely worth it. Ensure that you keep such tips in mind and there’s no doubt that your hardwood will look amazing in the years to come.

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