Dust Extractor vs Vacuum

Do you ever want to know that how can you clean dust and dirt from your home and also from industries or working areas? To clean dust and dirt from your home and also from the workplace, there are two ways by which you can achieve this task. These two ways are Dust Extractor and Vacuum. These are a little bit different from one another due to their structure, modifications, and working process. Now, in our study, we will discuss both ways one by one in detail for your better understanding regarding which one you can choose from both of them. Let’s move towards elaborating the first one.

Dust extractor system

Dust Extractor is recommended as a more efficient and more cleanses way to extract dust and dirt. Mostly Hospitals, Museums, and clean booths use this way because of their HEPA filters and the biggest standards of progress at cleaning the air. Dust Extractors are used at worksites to eliminate concrete dust at the origin due to the health hazard nature of dust. In the working place, they do better filtering out the ultra-fine dust elements that can break out a regular dust collector.

Why should we use dust extraction?

Most people asked questions about that why should we use dust extraction? So, our simple answer is that there are two main reasons due to which you have to select dust extraction.

  • The first reason to use dust extraction is that the health and protection of workers are most predominant and precious. While working in industries or other sites, you must have to face the dust and you breathe in dust, that can harm your health by lungs illness and also many other diseases. The effect of disclosure to dust may not only harm you but also those who are working in closeness.
  • The second reason is to save lots of time and money. While working on-site in a workshop, if you don’t have enough material to clean up dust and also cuttings, then you have to move to the next job sooner because it is not safe. Dust extraction also extended the life of your accessories and tools that are used at work sites. By application of better accessories to remove dust will enhance your life and also save your money.

Classes of dust extraction

Dust Extraction consists of three classes which that how it will work. Let’s have a detailed look at all these classes.

L Class ≤ 1.0% Dusts with maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) > 1 mg/m³

This class of dust extractors is considered “entry-level”. It is used for softwood and solid surface material like Corian. It filters out about 99% of air and it extracted less than 1% of dust passing out of the filter.

M Class < 0.1% Dusts with maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) ≥ 0.1 mg/m³

This class of dust extractors is an appreciable alarm to advised about dropping of auction rate. It is used for hardwoods, board materials, and concrete and brick dust materials. It filters out about 99.9% of air and it extracted less than 0.1% of dust passing out of the filters.

H Class < 0.005% Dusts with maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) < 0.1 mg/m³

This 3rd and last class of dust extracted is suitable because of its filter cleaning options, wet or liquid applications, and easy attachment of your tools with dust extracted for easy transportation from one place to another place. It is used for highly carcinogenic dust, asbestos, formaldehyde, mold, germs, and bacteria. It filters out about 99.995% of air and releases less than 0.0055% of dust back into the air.

Measurement of dust extraction effectiveness

There are two variables to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of Dust Extraction, which are elaborated below.

  • The first variable to measure the effectiveness of dust extraction is the Volume of Air which is the unit grease up CFM (cubic feet per minute). It determines that how effective the unit is to seize up assuredly floating elements, charge them in the hose, and delivering them to the tank. Higher CFM means that it has the largest versatility.
  • The second variable is static water lift count. It examines that how far water travels up a 2-inch hose with the grease power of a dust extractor. The higher static water lift count means that it is a more effective unit to pick up large-size shavings.

Uses of dust extraction

Dust extraction can be used by Construction site workers, Electricians, Plumbers, Dry liners, Onsite constructors, and many others.          

Vacuum system

Vacuums are also referred to as wet/dry vacuums. Industrial Vacuums function on the basics of LVHP (low volume, high pressure), and small home vacuums are used to clean dust from rooms, walls, and cars. The accrual velocity is up to three times greater for industrial uses. A housekeeping vacuum is used to clean rooms, walls, equipment, and huge stacks under transferring points. In the modern era, vacuum cleaners have become an essential tool in every home. Vacuum cleaners are invented in the 19th century and were more famous and beneficent after the 2nd World War and have encountered many changes since then.

Why should we use vacuum?

Now, we will discuss all those reasons due to which we recommend you to use it. Let’s have a look at all those reasons one by one.

  • The vacuum cleaner is used to capture excess pet hair. It can remove accurately all pet hair that is inserting into mats. You can also remove pet hair from quilts, blankets, and bedspreads before entering it into washing machines.
  • Research states that regular vacuuming in the home kills 96% of fleas. Vacuums are also helpful to capture mosquitoes from ceiling corners.
  • It is also used to remove odors from fabrics and also remain them bright. For this purpose, sprinkle some baking soda on pillows, carpets, etc., and leave it for one then vacuum away. It will make your fabrics more bright and neat.
  • It is also useful to remove excess floss, which becomes a cause of house fires.
  • Vacuum is also used to stop dust spread by attachment of dusting brush with a vacuum.


Finally, we are wrapping our discussion by saying that dust extraction and Vacuum both are useful ways to clean dust or dirt from homes and also from industries and workplace areas. If you are working in an industry and want to provide fresh air to their workers then you have to clean the environment from pollution, so that’s why you use Dust Extractor. On the other hand, if you want to cleanroom carpets, and also have a woodshop, for their effective cleaning you have to use Vacuums.

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