Maintain Cleanliness At Home – Tips For Home Hygiene

One of the essentials of a healthy lifestyle is “cleanliness”. It is important to maintain cleanliness at home and surroundings. It is essential to take good care of your personal as well as home hygiene. Health is one of the greatest gifts provided to humanity. The most famous proverb has suggested the same, “Health is Wealth”.

Whether your house is big or small, spacious or confined, you must ensure it is dust and dirt free, sanitized, and has no foul odor. There are all kinds of life-threatening diseases emerging, and it is only best not to put yourself and the people around you at risk.

Keeping up a clean house and surroundings helps people improve their health and keep them safe from diseases, but it also clears up the negative energy. Good positive vibes can lift a person’s mood and help them relax and be stress-free.

However,  your home is never really clear if it’s infested with pests, and according to pest control in Nottingham, pets such as rodents, flies, birds carry diseases that are a danger to you and your family. So the minute you suspect that your home is infested, it’s best you seek professional help.

Birds are the most common type of pests that could easily attack your home, their droppings can do a lot of damage to your properties and also spread diseases. Once you face this kind of problem, it is important to seek professional help. Bird control professionals will help keep these creatures away from your home so you never have to worry about them again.

Ways to maintain hygiene at home

Keep your hygiene at all times, as this eventually leads to a happy and healthy life. You can contact house cleaning Kirkland, WA for their services or follow a few steps we have listed below;

Throw out the trash daily

The smelly dustbin sitting in your kitchen or washroom attracts more bacteria than anything else in the house. Do not compromise on the garbage disposal cans and empty your bins daily. IT helps you get rid of unpleasant odor in the house.

You will also need to wash the waste bin once in a while with clean hot water and disinfectants. It is also wise to use a dustbin with a lid, so the air isn’t exposed to all the waste containing harmful germs and bacteria. Also, place your bins in the critical areas of the house to ensure easy access.

Avoid the dust and dust bunnies

Not dusting your house properly can result in dust bunnies here and there in your house. Though “dust bunny” sounds cute, but that is undoubtedly not something you need in your house. Dusting your home is essential. Every corner in the house, including the walls, ceilings, countertops, and floor, needs to be tidy and dust-free. To ensure it does not become a hideous task, you can always dust in the top to bottom order with dry dusting followed by wet dusting.

Start by dusting your fans, windows, chandeliers, or other wall hangings appropriately. This should be followed by cleaning the furniture. Make sure it is all dirt-free. Even though the part beneath the carpet is not exposed, you will still find many dust bunnies under the carpet. It would be a good idea to brush off all the dust from and below the carpets before you place them back. Make use of a vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust and also mop the floor.

Keep the home clutter-free

Clutter occupies a lot of space and can affect your mental health. Before you start cleaning and organizing your home, get rid of all the unwanted things. You will be left with the things you need. Sort these items out and keep them in smart order. Tidy up your shelves and racks from time to time and organize everything you have inside the cupboards as well. This will lead to a lot of benefits. Your house will be clean as well as beautiful, which helps a lot in relieving stress.

In short, don’t pile up! Make a checklist of decluttering tasks that you can follow. From the bedroom to the kitchen, tidy up, clean, and organize all the accessories and household items.

Make a checklist for cleaning the kitchen

Making a checklist for kitchen cleaning is essential. Cooking can be messy at times, making the counters, appliances, and even the floor dirty. A kitchen cleaning checklist will include the steps you need to follow daily or weekly to keep them clean, hygienic, and organized. Do not leave unwashed plates, cups, or utensils lying in the kitchen sink for long. Wash and dry all these items and make sure the pans or lids are not greasy or covered with oil stains.

Always keep all your food covered in the kitchen or fridge; otherwise, this would invite bugs and germs. Also, try not to keep anything in the fridge for very long. Make sure you keep your kitchen vents and exhaust fans free from debris and dirt. Keep the trashcan under the skin or use the bins with lids. This contributes to maintaining hygiene in the kitchen as well as keeping it clean.

Maintain bathroom cleanliness

The bathroom is the second most used place in the house; thus, it is essential to keep bathroom hygiene. Whether you step in for a shower after a long tiring day or wash your hands, you need to be careful and not splash water all around as moisture tends to attract bacteria. As a reminder for all, you can also put, “please keep the bathroom clean” sign around. Restroom hygiene includes many steps, and none of these should be ignored.

The drain strainers should be free from all kinds of grime, toothpaste build up or hair. Also, properly wash the shower boxes and bathtubs. The toilet seat is a house to bacteria, and you would always be using an anti-bacterial liquid formula to keep the toilet clean. Scrub the inside of the toilet with a bristle brush, wash it properly before putting it back into the holder, and always shut the lid before flushing. This will help in avoiding the spread of germs.

While cleaning the bathroom, you will need to scrub and wash your sink. It catches a lot of catch dirt and smut. Because of continuous usage, washroom tiles can trap dirt on the walls as well as the floor. You must use a separate brush to scrub it away. Clean your bathroom thoroughly to keep it sparkly white, and don’t forget to disinfect every corner. Always keep clean towels and never leave your toothbrush uncovered. Always keep extra toilet paper in the washroom. Make sure you clean your hands with an anti-bacterial hand wash rubbing your palms, fingers, and the back of the fingertips for good 20 seconds before you leave the place.  

Follow home hygiene checklist

You must maintain purity. Acceptable practices and habits will help you keep your surroundings safe and clean. We’ve mentioned a few hygiene tips for you, but you can always come up with more brilliant ideas of your own. It may sound like a hectic task, but a fundamental one for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When you keep your environment clean, you’re making way for a happier, healthier, and more productive life. We can expect it to bring the best out of an individual.

So let’s empty those trashcans, get rid of all the germs and dust, and organize the house, including our kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

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