Your Springtime Outdoor Maintenance Checklist To Follow

With the cold days of winter coming to an end, you should prepare to tackle a few projects around the house by preparing an outdoor maintenance checklist. Surely, you have given a lot of your time and attention to your home interior during the long winter months. Now, it is time to give some love to your outdoor space.

Springtime Outdoor maintenance checklist to follow

Enjoy the fresh air and warm weather while you get your house ready for spring: check out this outdoor maintenance checklist;

Wash your house siding

Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate on your siding. Give it a good wash this spring to improve the curb appeal of your home. However, you need to be careful when pressure washing your siding. You could damage your siding if you don’t know what you are doing. To save time and effort, hire the service of a professional cleaner.

Check the pool

Before you take a dip in your pool this spring, make sure to have it checked by maintenance personnel first. Your swimming pool may have incurred damages during the winter months. Broken pool equipment, cracked tiles, and other structural damage can cause serious accidents. Do not forget to work on these much-needed pool repairs before you invite your friends over for a pool party.

Refinish your deck

Your wooden deck can be your home’s selling point if you decide to sell. So, make sure you give it proper care and maintenance. You should refinish your house deck in spring when you can have at least 48 consecutive hours of dry weather to allow the new finish to dry properly.

Replace your outdoor lights

After the long winter, your outdoor lights will surely need replacements. Snow and ice can cause permanent damage to your garden lighting. As a vital component of your home’s security system, make sure to replace your patio or garage lights with new and energy-saving ones. To help you achieve significant cost savings, you should replace your outdoor lights with LEDs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED light bulbs to use at least 75% less energy. They also last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.

Tend to your lawn

Give some love to your lawn this spring. To encourage healthy grass growth, do not forget to apply natural fertilizer and water your lawn regularly. Spring would also be the best time to mulch your lawn and garden beds. This will reduce weed growth, which is a common lawn issue in spring.

Service your AC unit

Before the weather gets too hot, be sure to check your AC unit for any malfunctioning parts. You should clear your outdoor unit from any obstructions like leaves, branches, and other debris. Otherwise, it will take longer for your air conditioner to cool your home, consuming more energy in the process.

Ask help from your trusted local HVAC company

Avoid an AC breakdown during the hottest days of the year by scheduling AC repair in early spring. Talk to your trusted local HVAC contractors today to help prepare your air conditioner for the cooling season. Call now!

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