How To Get Rid Of A House That Won’t Sell

If you are stuck with a house that you are struggling to sell, there is no need to give up on it. With several options available for you, this article outlines some of the ways you can help yourself to get rid of a house that just won’t sell!

Check the value with another estate agent

When they are looking to win the rights to sell your house, a common practice for estate agents is to overvalue your property and make it seem to you as if the high value is easily achievable, so you will choose to sell your house with them. This can often lead to your home being on the market with little or no interest for a prolonged amount of time, and you’ll likely not hear much in terms of communication from your estate agent either.

It is worth explaining your situation to a new estate agent and asking them to give you an honest valuation. You may find that lowering the asking price slightly will put your property into more people’s desired price range, and attract more online interest and viewings. It may also prove that your new estate agent is more proactive than your last one, helping you secure your sale faster.

Focus on the presentation of your house

Most interest in your house will come from property portals online, boosted by marketing in the windows of estate agents. Having your property tidy and looking in top shape is crucial for selling your house to potential buyers through the imagery used to advertise it. Making each room appear as spacious as possible will entice more buyers to come and view the place in person too.

When you have potential buyers come to view, make sure that you’ve cleaned and tidied the house to look its best. A keynote here is to also make sure the property has an attractive smell. Pet smells, in particular, can be off-putting to potential buyers – depending on the weather you can open windows to let in the fresh air, or if it’s too cold for this, light some candles or have an air freshener in each room to keep any offensive smells away.

If you want to maximize the price of your house, you can look into redecorating. Spending some time and money renovating your home, focusing first on the kitchen and bathroom, can generate a lot of interest and increase your property value, letting you walk away with a better sale.

Become a landlord

If you are not in immediate need of the entire income generated from selling the house, you can choose to become a landlord and rent it out. Often, it will be easier and quicker to find tenants to rent a house than it will be to find a buyer for it.

There’s a lot to consider here though, as becoming a landlord is a big commitment, and you will have to change the mortgage on the property to a buy-to-let, as well as ensuring you have the correct landlord insurance and abide by all of the laws that are in place for landlords to adhere to. This may not be the most desirable option for you, but is still one to consider and can prove successful for homeowners who want to go down this path.

Sell to a quick sale company

Quick sale companies can complete a house purchase in as little as three days and generally manage the purchase process for you. This could be a good option for you if you have been asking yourself “how can I sell my house quickly?” They will usually buy any property, however, the price they buy your home for will usually be below market value. If you can accept a lower offer, they are a good option, as you can avoid the stress of having your house up for sale for months on end and have a much faster experience.

With quick sale companies, you do not need to worry about the condition of the house as you may need to with the other methods in this list, so it’s a popular option if you don’t want to invest money in the house to sell it, or if the house is in a rundown state and you don’t have the time, money, or interest to make the changes necessary to sell on the open market.


There are plenty of options for people looking to sell their house quickly, so if you’ve been finding it hard to get the interest you need, one of the above could help you get the sale you are looking for. Depending upon your circumstances will determine which is likely to be the best option for you, so make sure to do your research and see which will be the best choice for you.

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