How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Arranging and decorating to make a small bedroom look bigger can be tricky, especially when you have a small place and huge furniture to fit in. Small bedrooms are solely more challenging to design and decorate because of an essential piece of large furniture, of course: THE BED! However, just because you have a large bed doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style or compromise on the space.

A small bedroom furniture arrangement is an art. It is one of the most crucial parts of interior design. It is easy for a common man to design a room, but it may become difficult to talk about fitting complicated furniture into a smaller space to make a small bedroom look bigger.

How to make a small bedroom look bigger

Here, we have put together a list of answers to a timeless question, How to make a small bedroom look bigger? From simple touch-ups to complete bedroom redesigns and everything you needed to be aware of. So, let’s start!

Use monochromatic paint

If you are wondering how to make a small bedroom look bigger with paint, there is a simple physics that the lighter colors will reflect the light, making it seem brighter. Darker colors absorb light, which makes it feel more confined. When thinking about the bedroom design, try to stay away from dark colors.

In a bedroom where space seems limited, paint walls a light color as it makes this small room feel bigger. It would also help if you focused on using monochromatic paints as they support a single wavelength: open angles.

Use vertical space

When you’re dealing with a small room, try to think vertical. You probably won’t have a lot of floor space as the room is small, but by using the walls right up to the ceiling, you can use the space more efficiently while drawing the eye upwards. A built-in cupboard that extends from floor to ceiling is a good way to add storage and visual space to a bedroom.

However, there is no problem if you cannot afford a cupboard. You can create the illusion of bookcases or shelving units that are tall enough to reach the ceiling. You can also use mirrors on the wall to help your room look more furnished and give a luxurious touch.

Avoid excessive furniture

It would be best if you avoid excessive furniture when decorating a small room, which means only essential furniture would be more than enough.

For instance, you don’t always need two bedside tables, especially in a small room. This tip is relatively simple on paper, but can be more challenging practically but helps make a small bedroom look bigger. If there are additional things, but space is an issue, it won’t be feasible, and less furniture will make your room seem much more significant.

Keeping the bed on the floor and using only one small side table can help your room look bigger with another essential piece of furniture present there.

Be creative

If you are wondering how to decorate a small room with no money, creativity is the answer. Much of the creative furniture is present in the present world that can suit your choice and needs. Try to be creative while deciding on your furniture. Such as you don’t always need to pick the king-sized furniture. You can use a futon Instead of a full-size bed. It can be doubled as a couch according to your need instead of having small bedroom chairs.

If you want to hide away, try installing smart furniture. This type of furniture will maximize floor space when you aren’t sleeping. Another great idea for the small rooms which are in use for multiple children is the bunk bed. It is that type of bed on which one-bed frame is stacked on the top of the other. It allows for 2 or 3 beds’ space using the area of a single bed.


The article answers important questions for bedroom decor about how to make a small bedroom look bigger. These are some essential key points that you need to know for a small room makeover. In this way, your room will look a lot brighter, larger, and decently furnished. Also, the choice of furniture should be made wisely to fix within the small bedroom dimensions.

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