Tips To Prevent Costly Air Conditioning Repairs

Want to know how to get your comfort up and ready for the summer while preventing premature A/C issues?

Ideas to prevent costly air conditioning repairs

Here are the effective tips on how to prevent costly air conditioning repairs and issues during the summer season:

Change air filters

Believe it or not, the air filter is one of the most commonly neglected components of an air conditioning system.  The U.S. Department of Energy strongly suggests replacing A/C filters once a month or as often as required. 

Dirty dust and particles can greatly affect the overall performance of your air conditioner. Regular cleaning and frequent changing of air filters are practical ways to make sure that you and your loved ones are comfortable throughout the warm months.

Check for airflow obstruction and leaks

Any obstructions or gaps in the duct system that can reduce the air flow. Carefully evaluate the connectors for loose portions or damage.

Don’t forget to check your door, windows, or walls for any leaks or cracks that let the warm air in. If there are some leaks, make sure to seal them thoroughly. Call a pro to help you with the job.

Coil and compressor maintenance

It is also ideal if you are going to check the compressor and coil for debris, dirt, or anything that could block the airways. With dirt accumulates over time, it’s never a waste of time to clean these components regularly. Keep in mind that a dirty and outdoor unit could cause the equipment to overheat.

Upgrade your thermostat

Check the thermostat and see to it that the air conditioning control is properly working. You may consider upgrading it to a programmable or smart thermostat for you to maneuver the temperature easily with any handheld device like a smartphone. 

Don’t neglect maintenance

Ideally, all air conditioning issues can be prevented with regular maintenance. Let an expert assess and tune up your system before spring or before the summer hits its peak. It’s relatively inexpensive (unlike what most homeowners believe). Plus, you can save yourself from making emergency repair calls when your system stops working on the hottest months of the year.

Air conditioning issues are something you don’t want when the summer hits. So to avoid any problem with your cooling system, be sure to keep in mind these friendly tips from the experts. But in case your unit fails unexpectedly, there’s only one HVAC contractor you should call.

Final words

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