Critical Steps To Temporarily Convert A Garage To A Guest Bedroom

Are you thinking of moving to an enlarged new house as you need more living space? Why not turn your most underused room into a living area? Luckily your garage can serve as a guest bedroom for both short-term and long-term purposes, depending on your needs and choice. It’s much easier to convert a garage to a guest bedroom instead of packing your bags and moving to a new home.

Steps of temporary garage conversion:

Get ready to maximize your home’s living space with the below-listed garage conversion ideas. Let’s get started: 

Step: 01 Clean and Mop 

The first step in garage conversion is sweeping and mopping it thoroughly, even if made of cement. Dust each corner, discard any spider web, and clear out each wall. Put aside all the unnecessary stuff like car maintenance and yard items. Clear the space, including dumping everything that you no longer needed and saving those items in a storeroom that you want to keep. Implementing this step helps you significantly to convert the garage to a bedroom effectively. 

Step: 02 Choose Flooring 

Flooring is another effective idea to convert your garage into a guest bedroom. Depending on your garage makeover, here are some budget-friendly garage flooring ideas for you:

  • Garage floor mats 
  • Garage floor tiles 
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Vinyl flooring rolls 
  • Concrete paint kit for coating floor 
  • Acid-staining kits for concrete floors 

Whatever material you choose for building a room in a garage, don’t forget to raise the floor’s height to accommodate the flooring material. Having that in mind, you need to seal the floor before adding any flooring material to it. The best thing is that you can also DIY all of the above garage flooring ideas with just a little research and preparation.

Adding an epoxy coating seals, protects, and adds a wonderful finish to your basement floors. You can turn your concrete surface into a smooth, polished flooring. If your basement is constantly humid, water can start to seep into your walls and floors, leading to mold growth. Read more about – The benefits of epoxy floors for your basement.

Step: 03 Finish the walls 

If your garage walls are unfinished, you need to provide finishing before adding insulation to them. However, most of the wall finishing materials such as plywood, wallboard, and paneling are often expensive. On the flip side, peeling and sticking wallpaper is quite an affordable option that is easy to work with.

Available in so many variations, you can apply the wallpapers on your garage’s wall within a single day. What’s more, you can buy them in pre-cut into sheets if you are doing it yourself. Use home colors products You can buy your favorite insulating material from home colors.

Step: 04 Paint the walls 

Paint your walls if they are already finished. If you are going to convert your garage into a guest bedroom for a short-term basis, or want a less time-consuming task, hang panels or curtains around the room. With hooks’ help, attach a massive string to the walls, and turn the curtains on them.

The panels work to provide some privacy and make the guest room look attractive and welcoming. It’s a handy way to make your garage look attractive as you can remove the curtains when your guests leave your house. 

Step: 05 Insulate the walls 

Among other garage room ideas, you can’t ignore the significance of insulating the walls. No matter how cold or hot your garage is, adding insulation works best for a garage makeover.

For doing so, opt for the less costly alternatives like spray foam or recycled foam board. However, if you live in a colder area, then you should buy the expensive insulating material is a wise option. Whether you are choosing a cheap or costly material, choose by keeping in mind your home’s climate.

Luckily, the whole insulation task requires little to negligible help, and you can DIY too. For instance, fitting weather-stripping around your garage door is among the best garage room ideas to avoid moisture, dirt, drafts, insects, and more. If there is a need for garage door repair, you can always seek help from a professional.

Step: 06 Cover the windows

For covering the windows with plain curtains, folding screens are among the incredible garage conversion ideas that work wonders in your garage makeover. Curtains are one of the most sophisticated additions to your garage makeover. Not only do curtains help to convert the garage to a guest room, but they also work to keep the room’s privacy.

Before hanging curtains on the windows, make sure they are well-insulated. You can also insulate them during the wall insulation process. However, if there is no window in your garage, consider providing one or two windows to ensure more natural light.  

Step: 07 Lay a rug on the floor 

Laying a carpet or large area rug on the floor of a room is not new but out-of-the-box garage design ideas. People have been doing it for many years for garage makeovers and providing comfort in their rooms. You can consider carpeting to convert the garage into a living space.

However, carpet is an expensive option and requires a well-insulated space to avoid moisture and mold. With that in mind, you can use throw rugs, especially indoor/outdoor rugs that are less costly than the carpet. 

Step: 08 Furnish the garage 

Garage design ideas also cover furnishing the garage with some essential, lightweight, yet handy pieces. For this, you can take a mattress from any other room and put it in your garage and put a side-table here borrowed from any other room. You can also set up a lamp on the side table and arrange a bouquet to make a complete bedroom environment. Additionally, add a chair and fix a clothes-rod to give a more comfortable touch to the room.

Ready to convert your garage into a bedroom?

Real Estate agents say that turning your garage into a guest bedroom is the first choice of most families looking to enlarge their homes in budget-friendly ways. You probably have now enough convinced and learn how to convert a garage into a guest bedroom. Implementing the above-listed garage conversion ideas will help you to make the most out of your home while utilizing it for enlarging purposes. 

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