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Smart Home Checklist; Prepare Home To Be A Smart

The world is emerging and we are constantly in a grab of making our lives digital. The lifestyle is revolutionizing and becoming smarter. We are living and working in an efficient and smart environment. We want to come back to a place that is smart, efficient as well as comfortable. We really want to come back to the homes that are serving us, making us feel more comfortable and help us ease-out after a long rough day at work.  In this article, we are about to discuss some amazing smart home designs and smart home checklist in case if you are planning to revolutionize your home.  We have discussed a smart home checklist and some amazing home automation ideas that can really benefit you!

Benefits of a smart home technology

When we talk about a better lifestyle, it’s not just about the food, luxury accessories, better car or anything like that! It’s a lot more about the upgrade of the home you are living in. Now! It’s not about how expensive sofa set or furniture one has at its place, it’s about how efficient and a smart one’s home is. If you are into smart home conversation, you would know how important it is to involve technology into your house for making it a better place.

Are smart homes expensive?

Well! To be honest, smart homes are a bit expensive and can leap the cross wood limit depending upon the mount and advanced technology involved. Although, one can always play smart and create smart homes on a budget. One can also go for smart home automation if planned little wisely and there you can really control the budget and still create a marvelous yet in budget smart home. 

How to set up a smart home? Smart Home Checklist

checklist icons for smart home

Most of the people think that one has to start from the scratch! But a basic home automation kit can literally do wonders. Firstly you need to know about what technological upgrade you need. Defining your preferences is very important. Then, you need to pick your smart homes essentials. This might include lock system, temperature control panel, sound system and a lot more. But most importantly, one really needs to pay attention to find an expert for smart home system installation. After all! What is the point of investing huge and then not acquiring the desired results?

Smart security:

smart security cameras

When it comes to automating your home, smart security is one of the most important things to consider. Your smart home is not smart until or unless you pick the best smart security solutions for your home. Basic of it includes cameras and alarms. It will literally protect your home and you don’t need to get a second thought about it when you are far away at work. Invest in smart cameras as it will really make you check on your home even when you will be far away. It can be of great help for parents to check on their children.

Smart lighting solutions:

As we have discussed previously, adding smart lights can really help in the conservation of energy and make your home efficient. Place smart lamps at books and corners of your home which will look really edgier. Also, one can go for remote control lights or the one operated by smartphones. These are really efficient, gives a very polished appeal to the home. Apart from that, smart floor lights can also amplify the game a lot. Oh! And do check out the security lighting bulbs and outdoor motion sensor light bulbs for security purposes.

Smart thermostat:

When we talk about the comfort of our homes, it is widely dependent on that perfect temperature. Imagine coming home to a cozy, welcoming, and warm home after a rough cold day! Who doesn’t want that? Install small thermostats and it will achieve a big target in transforming your home into a smart home. Thermostats are one of the most important installation ingredients in the making of a smart home. If you are in a process of turning your home into a smart home, you should pick this one for sure.

Smart plugs:

To be honest, not many people think of it but it is really important. It can play a very integral part of the conservation of energy. Installing smart plugs can really cut down the electricity bill. The use of smart plugs can help you be a better citizen of the planet and you will never waste energy and never have to worry about forgetting to switch the plug off after use. The way of using a smart plug is simple. One just needs to install it, rest is to be done by itself. One does not need to worry about it.

Smart home audio system:

Now, this is completely optional, one might need it and consider it necessary. While, others completely ignore it as it does not lie in the category of even the accessories. Some people who are fond of music or are an audiophile they really can get their hands upon smart home audio systems. Well! To all who wants to know what is smart audio? It is basically, an audio efficient system that helps running your home and makes your home talk to you. Along with that, throw bombastic sound and music to grove your life.

Smart home air Quality:

We all know, we live in a world where the air quality index has dropped visibly which is extremely devastating. Hence we make smart homes, we make it in a way that one should look forward to coming home. In this perspective, your home should also have better air quality. For that, one can install air purifiers that can be controlled by remotes or smartphones. There are plenty of smart home purifiers that can really help you live a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. We all deserve a break! Also from the unhealthy toxic air, we breathe all day.

Smart locks:

smart door knob on white door

You might be thinking that this particular point should have been covered when we were talking about security but, this needs to be discussed separately just so you pay attention to it more closely, smart locks are a great edge. One can also go for smart panel locks that require digit codes or them impressions. Security smart locks are safer and reliable in case you are wondering about are smart locks safe or not? If you think that digit codes and fingerprint scanner are not a very cool option then you can think of going for a smart key lock.

Get a virtual assistant:

Now, we are talking about the most top notch feature of our smart homes. This is where your homes actually takes care of you like a person working as your personal assistant. You can literally. This is literally going to make your place an ultimate smart home.  A virtual assistant can literally complete the target when it comes to smart homes or home automation installation. This is perhaps one of the most admired feature of all time. A virtual the assistant can be a great companion especially for those who live alone and have no one to talk to.

Smart beds and mattresses:

We all can relate to it! We all are damn conscious about the pillow size and the fabric the quilt is made of. We need our bed to be perfect and comfortable. Also, it will add a great deal of ease if we can adjust the temperature of the mattress. Some people need it warm and cozy while others might prefer it cool and breezy. If you already have your mattress set you can also go for a smart mattress cover. That will also serve the purpose and you will actually look forward to slipping in bed after a long day.

Smart robot vacuum:

smart robot vacuum cleaner

We are talking about something which was a dream back then and now it’s a reality. You can really invest in having a small vacuum at your place that senses the need for cleaning and cleans it by itself or in case you ask that robot to do the cleaning.  There are also some amazing and efficient robotic mops available that can really add comfort and advancement to your living. Most of the people really feel that cleaning is a very demanding job. Well! You don’t need to worry about it anymore.


So, now that we have discussed the smart house checklist and what actually a smart home is all about. One can always pick and choose from the list we have provided and even add other things if necessary. One thing that should be kept in mind is that in the longer run, the smart home should provide comfort and not that it makes a living complicated. There are a lot of benefits of smart homes. It makes life much more enjoyable but also complicates it if planning is not done wisely. We wish you all the best of luck in your smart homemaking journey!

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