5 Reasons To Invest In Smart Home Technology

In recent years, smart technology has become a popular trend among homeowners, which doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. In fact, it’s been predicted that there will be 478.2 million smart homes in the global market by 2025. 

Smart technology connects devices to a wi-fi network so that you can manage them using voice commands or simply clicking a button through a hub or your phone.  

Most ordinary devices, appliances, and fixtures can now be automated or replaced with intelligent alternatives. Fridges, toilets, doorbells, and central heating controls are just some examples of gadgets available with smart technology. 

Benefits of smart home technology

What exactly are the benefits of smart home automation, and is it worth the hype? 

Save time 

Fast-track your household chores and create more time to relax by purchasing smart cleaning devices like robot hoovers and intelligent window cleaners and schedule them to complete your tasks for you. 

There are also intelligent fixtures with automatic cleaning functions, such as ovens and toilets, to save you from having to scrub them by hand. 

Washloo, the UK’s sole domestic luxury smart toilet, and bidet toilet seat brand, offers a range of Japanese toilets that are self-cleaning. 

Remote access

Smart technology allows you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world. So, if you’re worried you’ve forgotten to lock the door or turn the oven off while you’re at work, you can check your phone instead of racing home. 

On days when you’re running late, you can delay your central heating or oven timer remotely so that your dinner is ready when you return home and you haven’t wasted any energy. 

Leaving pets at home can be a struggle for many owners, but with pet cameras, you can check on them through your phone to ensure they’re okay and aren’t getting up to no good. With some models, you can even speak to your pet and dispense treats.

Increase security 

There are numerous smart security devices to put your mind at ease and help you feel safe in your home, including:

  • Outdoor cameras
  • Door locks
  • Video doorbells
  • Alarm systems
  • Motion-activated external lights

Some intelligent security systems send you alerts if any suspicious activity occurs too. 

Luxury aesthetic

Many smart devices have a chic and modern design, making them perfect for pairing with a contemporary interior style.

Lower ongoing costs  

Although automating your home requires an upfront investment, many smart devices can reduce your utility bills and save you money in the long run. 

Intelligent heating controls, such as room thermostats, monitor your usage to identify how you can develop wiser habits and lower your energy bills.

With smart lights and plugs, you can schedule them to turn off at a certain time if you frequently forget to do it manually. Leaving appliances on standby and lights switched on when you leave a room can quickly escalate your energy costs.

Enhancing your home’s security with smart devices can also decrease your home insurance rate.


As smart homes continue to grow in popularity, ensure you don’t get left behind and miss out on the benefits they offer. Equipping your property with intelligent devices can enhance your safety, lessen long-term costs, and provide convenience to your daily tasks.

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