Styling Ideas For An Ultra Chic Home

Having an ultra-chic home is something many of us want, thanks to the cute pictures we see on the Internet every day. So if you’ve been feeling unhappy with the current state of your home, then it’s a sign it’s time to restyle your place. Luckily, there are many ideas to pick from, so it’s definitely up to your budget and personal preferences. Therefore, if you’ve been meaning to redecorate your home, here are some styling ideas that will make you motivated to do so.

Cohesiveness matters a lot

Even if you love contrasting details and a bit outlandish decor, you should always aim for cohesiveness, as that will make your home look more wholesome and better planned. Hence, you should decide which elements, colors, and patterns should take the centre stage, and then feel free to incorporate other details around these elements. Adding too many things at once will likely make your home stand out, but it’s also essential to create a sense of cohesiveness that will keep everything together. So feel free to experiment with different ideas, until you find your perfect solution.

Consider animal printed accents

For some, animal print is plain tacky, but if you know how to pull it off, it can be glamorous. The key is to keep things subtle, so rather than letting the print dominate, it’s better to choose individual items that have animal prints on them. Pillows, blankets, sofa covers are all good suggestions if you want to infuse your home with some animal prints.

Repaint the walls

This is a change that you need to do if your walls look unkempt, dirty, or old. Sure, it might require you to move your furniture, but after you’ve done you’ll be happy with the results. First, it’s important to decide on color: beige, white, and generally neutral tones are great if you want a subtle change that will still have a tremendous impact. In case you’d like to experiment, then you can opt to combine two colors in one room. This is quite a chic solution that will definitely make your place stand out.

Add a chandelier

If there’s one thing that will add instant glamour to your home, then it’s definitely a chandelier. This lighting fixture is practically synonymous with elegance, but it needs to be incorporated right. In case your home is smaller, then it’s better to opt for a smaller piece as well, or go with a totally different lighting fixture. A chandelier that is too big can overwhelm the room, so be careful when choosing one for your home.

If you’re in doubt, just do gold

Glamour can be highly subjective, however, if there’s one thing that’s always glamorous, it’s golden accessories and decor elements. They can be especially useful if you prefer minimalist decor but don’t want your home to look empty and sterile. Hence, opting for golden mirrors, vases, or furniture might be an excellent idea, just don’t forget to keep things balanced, unless you prefer maximalist interior decor, because if that’s the case, feel free to go a bit overboard.

Don’t neglect your kitchen

The kitchen is a central room in one’s home, which is why it deserves to look good. So rather than choosing just any type of furniture, make sure to do your research and pick the proper tiles and appliances. Also, keep in mind that your kitchen needs to be functional first and pretty second. Therefore, make sure to aim for practicality and if you want to add some chic elements, then you can get elegant kitchen accessories as that will likely make your kitchen look more stylish. That way, you won’t be sacrificing any functionality, but the kitchen will still look great.

Mix white and black

If you lack any concrete ideas, then mixing black and white is always a good move. You can even go a bit further and paint your walls black, and use white furniture to bring extra light to the room. However, this idea might be quite drastic, so if you’re toying with it, be sure to think things true before doing anything. Additionally, you can use white-and-black throw pillows or blankets to accentuate the furniture.

Your floors are important as well

Keeping your floors in good condition is crucial since floors tend to be used the most. That’s why regular upkeep is important. And if you want to add an extra dash of elegance, then be sure to choose carpets and rugs that complement the rest of your space. You can go with simple designs, or go with something more elaborate, such as floral, tribal, or Boho prints and patterns. In case you’re not a fan of carpets or rugs, then you should invest in proper floorings such as tiles or parquet.

Plants are always welcome

Keeping some plants can beautify your space in no time. Besides, having indoor plants is also beneficial to your mental and physical health. But, if you’re worried about killing them, or you simply lack sufficient experience in caring for them, you can start with those that are easy to maintain, and therefore, almost impossible to kill. Add some succulents, and your home will surely become more stylish.

Choose the right furniture

This is important if you want to make your home look stylish. Furniture pieces that are bulky can make your space seem overwhelming and stifling. Therefore, it’s better to opt for sleek pieces that will provide your home with enough space and will also promote access to natural light. If you’re a fan of vintage, old-fashioned big furniture, then be sure to combine it with more modern and minimalist pieces in order to create a sense of balance.

Final thoughts

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your home chic and glamorous. With a bit of effort and creativity, your home can look great, too. Feel free to experiment with various patterns, textures, and colors, and soon your home will be super chic and beautiful, which is something you definitely deserve. 

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