The Latest Trends in Home Interior Designs

The latest trends in home interior designs of the current year can be described as an infusion of classical and contemporary designs. Although we take pleasure in changing our home designs from time-to-time, you may find that some of the designs from the old are prominent in the current year.

Well, this is completely understandable because it gives you that youthful vibe and elegant aesthetics that’s worthy of a photograph for Instagram or other social media platforms. Anyway, other than its overall beauty, some of the designs listed here offer functionality, and its vibrant characteristic provides a feeling of relaxation.

Let’s begin…

Creative interior design ideas to follow

Below are some of the trendsetters of the current year. Although 2020 is coming to a close, it’s not too late for you to try some of the interior designs. In addition, some of the designs presented below are still going to be trendy in the many years to come. Some examples, in my opinion, include floral designs, Biophilic designs, and Vintage accents, just to name a few of them.

 Let’s continue, shall we…

Floral wallpaper

We usually see floral designs in apparel, bags, wallets; you name it. Floral-themed wallpapers or décor is still hip as far as I can remember. And it is for this reason that I believe that floral designs are something that could never go out of date.

Floral wallpapers may not be suitable in every interior design you can think of, but one way or the other, they will match some of the designs you’re planning to do in your home. They are an excellent addition to your living room, powder room, dining room, home office, or anywhere you can look at it anytime you’re feeling stressed or just want to take a break and relax.

Grand millennial style

If you’re for a home environment that suits both your modern and vintage taste, then the Grand millennial Style is what might you’re looking for. Some might have thought of the name as a reference to the millennials, but not entirely, in my opinion. It was actually phrased by Emma Bazilian that was published in House Beautiful.

The Grand millennial interior design infuses the elements of the traditional colonial era and modern design. As a result, it makes them vibrant and youthful, and worthy of an Instagram post.

Canopy beds

Again, we get a blast from the past!

Canopy beds were first used in the middle ages by lords and noblemen. And it is originally for the purpose of giving them warmth and privacy, and not necessarily its overall aesthetics. In fats, it is until the 16th century that people began to be more conscious of the designs of the canopy beds.

The design has it’s up and down, and in the past few years, we only often see them in five-star hotels. Back in the days, the poles on each side of the bed are large and chunky. But today, it received a modern treatment by being more minimalistic and made in acrylic and upholstered metal frames.

Patina chic

Another popular trend that you may want to consider is adding accents of patina in some parts of your home. The factor of rusting, aging, and depreciation definitely adds appeal to your furniture. I myself enjoy looking at such things because somehow, it gives you that sense of calmness.

Some of the common things you’ll find ages perfectly are furniture that is made of wood and metal. And then, you can blend in other items like white ceramics and earthenware that are made of terra-cotta or clay.

Classic blue chic

If you’re looking into the latest trends in home interior designs, then one of the colors you should be considering is navy blue. This is so because classic blue is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 and has become a trendsetter as well.

This color has that shade of navy shade characteristic that gives it a versatile yet elegant design. Using navy blue as the main theme in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere you see it appropriate offers an excellent blend of modern and contemporary style.

It is not as vibrant compared to other designs, but it has that dramatic appeal, especially if it is combined with streaks of white as a secondary color and wood grain.

Home office setup

Home Office is definitely a trendsetter during this time of the pandemic.

Generally, most individuals and companies would prefer a work-at-home setting to prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, having the proper setup is important to achieve maximum comfort during work hours—and because it can spell the difference between productivity and unproductivity.

Also, working from the comforts of your home gives you the ability to design whatever you wish for your home office would look like. You can freely decide how you will design your workstation. If there are no spaces in your home, you can use those that are not frequently used like guest rooms, or part of your bedroom area, or even closets with ample spaces. There are so many home office ideas where you can transform your private workspace to keep you feeling productive.

In addition, a work desk and lumbar support are two of the important things to have that allow you to work properly and essentially anywhere.

Vintage theme – Mixing of old and new accent

In today’s generation, especially in the past several years or so, the most prominent design that we can see is the re-using of classical designs and infusing them with contemporary interior designs.

However, this is not really new because many people are using such designs in the past. But such a trend is not as widespread compared to today. Anyway, using this type of element provide an accent of elegance in your home—making it more appealing to both younger and older generations.

If you’re looking for more fashionable and trendy fabrics for your vintage-themed home interior designs, then you have to check out Yorkshire Fabric Shop and know more.

Rattan and wicker fusion

We often see Rattan in more humid areas and popularly utilized as outdoor furniture.

Nowadays, more are seeing the flexibility of Rattan. As a part of interior design, they provide warmth and added personality to your living space.

Also, such flexibility allows the pieces to be a good option, whether you’re aiming for vintage or modern appeal. They are also great additions if you’re aiming for a more Biophilic design.

Comfortable fabrics

The use of thicker fabrics in furniture is commonplace in colder regions of the planet. During the current year, we see a diversified usage of fabrics, especially as a combination of leathers. We may also see fabrics that are made of yarns from mohair or shearlings.

Earth tones

Although classic blue is the Pantone Color for the year 2020, it doesn’t mean that we can’t freely arrange our home space the way we want it to be.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the cool and relaxing accent that classic blue provides, then you have to check out what earth tones have to offer. In its simplest terms, earth-tone designs are those pertaining to colors with shades of brown. Especially that closely resembles the color of soil or ground.

It may also include colors like olive green, reddish-orange, yellow ochre, cloudy sky, just to name a few. There’s a good reason why they are referred to as earth tones. This is because it imitates the colors of the outdoors

Using this color scheme provides comfort, warmth, and a strong sense of connection to nature. They are even excellent for people with an active lifestyle to help them motivate in their passions.

Biophilic designs

If you want to take your passion for the great outdoors a step further, then you need to consider designing your home more organically. What I mean is remodeling your space based on a Biophilic perspective. Not only that, it provides you with that sense of being natural in the comfort of your home. There were studies that say it is beneficial to your mental health as well.

Some of the benefits that you may include relieving yourself from stress and improving your mood. You also find an overall feeling of calmness anytime you need mental ease. There are also researches connecting it to the physiological aspects, like, for example—improved heart rate and regulation of blood pressure. But more importantly, it can also be a good addition to your home office if you’re working at home.

Using them as interior designs in your workspace may help you improve your performance and productivity.

Final thoughts

I hope the content has provided you with sufficient information about the latest trends in home interior designs. The styles mentioned above are among the current trendsetter, and you can never go wrong with any of them. And choosing which is which will just depend on your personal preference.

If you don’t have enough funds or time to take on this endeavor, you can add new pieces. Apply fresh paint in your kitchen or living room to provide that fresh new feeling as well. Well, I believe we’ve tackled enough about the topic! I hope it serves you well in your journey, finding the right interior design for your home.

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