Advantages Of Installing Plantation Shutters At Home

While blinds and curtains have always been the leader in window furnishings, plantation shutters are fast becoming a choice window treatment for homeowners. If you consider the aesthetic and pragmatic benefits of these shutters, their increasing fame is not surprising.

Plantation shutters get their names from the huge houses on South American cotton plantations. During the early phase, they were installed outside windows. While this practice is still prevalent, plantation shutters, are also installed inside windows nowadays.

Advantages of plantation shutters:

Here are some benefits of these shutters.

Timeless design

The demand for these Plantation Shutters is steadily rising because of their sleek design. Whether you are striving to complement period features or achieve a modern design, these shutters match a range of interiors. Besides converting the exterior and interior look of your home, shutters appear as if they truly belong. 

Improved light controls

An important factor behind choosing a window dressing is light. You may want more sunshine or less, shutters give you complete control over the illumination of your home, and you can decide how much light is entering your home. Since you can monitor the light distribution in your rooms, you will need less artificial light.

On the contrary, these shutters are the ideal selection when you wish to let less natural light enter. Also, as shutters retain heat, they contribute to lower energy bills.

Energy efficient

One of the most significant advantages of these shutters is their efficacy in conserving energy. If you are investing time in home improvement ideas, shutters’ energy efficiency can be appealing to you. They are sealed right against the window frame to check the flow of air from the inside to the outside of the room and vice versa. In addition, the structure of the shutters is such that they can keep out the cold in winter and heat in summer.

Complementary to the color scheme

Whether your home’s color scheme is white and crisp or smoldering and dark, shutters can adapt to it. Create a shutter feature by allowing them to stand out in bold accents or admix them beautifully for that elegant-looking interior.

Easy to clean

Dusting Venetian blinds or taking down curtains for cleaning are not free of hassles. On the other hand, you can wipe down the slats with a wet piece of cloth once every week to clean the shutters. The sturdy slats can resist friction, and a vacuum cleaner brush attachment can easily clean them. So, they do not just add a relaxing aura to your home but also permit you extra downtime.


Erratic temperatures and exposure to dust and sun can lead to the wear and tear of certain window coverings with time. These shutters are made from different materials, all of which are quite lasting. For instance, composite shutters endure high humidity and efficiently tolerate cracking as well as fading due to their synthetic materials.

The durability of the shutters makes them a great performer in hot kitchens and steamy washrooms. They are an exceptional window covering choice for rooms that get a good amount of sun exposure.

Provide peace and quietness

Plantation shutters stop sound from entering your sleeping space, unlike blinds that do not succeed in preventing the flow of sound. So, when you have installed the shutters, you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

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