How To Dehumidify A Bathroom – The Ultimate Guide

Your bathroom could be a humid area after daily hand washes, steam showers, and hot baths. The moisture could ruin your beautiful wallpaper and decor but mold growth may be the worst of all. You may be wondering about how to dehumidify a bathroom. There are some methods to dehumidify your bathroom. By reading this article, you could get some ideas about it.

Causes behind condensation

Every bathroom tends to change temperature like it becomes warm after taking a hot or steam shower and cold when you don’t use it. After a cold bath, the air becomes cool which may result in surfaces and other walls becoming cooler. Moist air forms condensation when it comes in touch with cooler surfaces.

Due to more water vapor, often occurs heavy condensation that causes mildew and black mold. This occurs in your bathroom ceilings, between tiles and walls. Such problems could become worse if there is not adequate ventilation, windows, or fans. You may suffer from asthma, allergic reaction, or other health hazards because of this situation. Thus, it becomes a necessity to dehumidify a bathroom to avoid such problems.

Tips to dehumidify a bathroom

There are some easy steps to reduce moisture in your bathroom. These steps would help ensure that you could avoid health problems and stay healthy.

Leave doors and windows open

You should leave the bathroom windows and doors open after your shower or bath. Keep them open when during showers in warm weather because it lets the outside air enter the bathroom and minimizes the humidity of your bathroom. If your bathroom has no windows, you should leave open the door during the day. The moisture would get diluted into living space and humidity reduces.

Exhaust fans

Some bathrooms already have an exhaust fan that is important to reduce humidity but in some cases, the fan is not big enough circulating the moist air throughout the room. You should use this fan whenever you use water in large amounts for dispelling the steam. Make sure that the exhaust gets filtered to the outside vent. Other spaces like an attic are more likely to develop mold and grime.


Another way to get rid of mold attacks and bacteria in your bathroom is to use the best bathroom dehumidifier when there is no vent. If you install a dehumidifier, it would draw out the moisture that is made due to a hot shower and back blast the dry air in your bathroom that prevents condensation which may arouse molds and bacteria. You would find small dehumidifiers in the market that are easy to install on the top of the toilet seat. A portable dehumidifier comes in handy and you may use it when necessary.

Use your heater

If there is a heating system in your bathroom or an electric towel rail, you should turn it on before your shower. It would heat up the bathroom and the walls and mirrors get warmer that reduces the chances of condensation.

Double glazed windows

Single-glazed windows are more likely to get colder that may create more condensation. You could decrease this by double glazing your bathroom windows.

Remove damp items

You should not keep damp towels and mats in the bathroom. Dry them outdoors and always keep everything dry inside your bathroom because damp things could grow mold and increase condensation.

Mirror defogger

Wet mirrors could add more condensation to the bathroom. You have to wipe and dry the mirrors or you could even purchase built-in defogger mirrors. It would keep them warm and prevent condensation. If your mirror doesn’t have a built-in defogger, you may purchase the defogger from the market separately.

Reduce your shower time

If you use the water for a long time or have a long bath, the possibility of increasing humidity would be great. You could spend time in the shower and use less water for reducing condensation.

Maintain dryness

You should wipe down your bathroom vanity, walls, floor, and shower by using an old dry towel whenever you use your bathroom. Keep everything dry as much as possible and don’t forget to dry the towel outdoors.

Avoid hanging wet clothes

Some people have a tendency to hang wet towels, clothes inside their bathroom. This could be the reason for the humid atmosphere in confined and small spaces like the bathroom. If you have such a habit, you have to change it to reduce humidity in your bathroom.

Cooler showers or bath

Hot showers not only increase the energy bills but also increases moisture levels in the bathroom. You should take shower or bath with cooler water if possible. It may reduce the level of steam and keep the air dry.

Filling the bath

Whenever you are filling the bath, run cold water in the first place and then run hot water. it would help reduce the steam.

Air conditioner

Another option to reduce humidity is to use air conditioning. A small air conditioner would be a great help in a small bathroom or where there is not any exhaust fan. You could place this unit in your bathroom window or connect it with a vent hose that entrances your window for providing good ventilation and air circulation in the bathroom.

Dry curtains

The curtains of your bathroom could get wet easily whenever you take a bath. You should not keep them wet. Dry them outdoors or use plastic curtains that you could easily wipe down after use. It is better not to use curtains in such places where the chances of getting wet are higher. They are the source of increasing humidity in your bathroom.

Fix other issues

There may be some issues that you should fix by calling a professional. Damp ceiling and water leakage are the important issues that could make your bathroom wet all the time. You should call a plumber when you find signs like crumbling plaster, peeling wallpaper or paint, damp patches, mold, and rot in woods. These simple things could be dangerous to you and your family member’s overall health.

Anti-condensation paint

Anti-condensation paint is becoming more popular because it could protect the surface walls and allow the surface to breathe properly, and grip the moisture that helps reduce the growth of mildew or mold. You could paint your bathroom walls with such paints. Water would not stay longer on the walls that are useful for anyone to prevent condensation.


You should not let your bathroom become a suitable place for molds and grimes. Use these steps above to reduce humidity as it is important to maintain a clean and healthy bathroom. Invest some money for installing exhaust fans or dehumidifiers and enjoy an allergen-free bathroom!

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