Replace Your Bathroom Vanity When These Situations Arise

This is likely that you have already been living in the existing house for quite a long time. And you always have used the same bathroom vanity, making it a bit monotonous. Suppose you have started considering how much time you have been in the bathroom. In that case, it signifies that you’re no more interested in the existing unsightly vanity to ruin your comfort and relaxation. Though the vanity is still functional, it is far from being optimal if you face any of the following situations.

When to replace the bathroom vanity 

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The article discusses a few situations and signs when you may need to replace your bathroom vanity.

Replacing a bathroom vanity because you want to sell the house

Are you planning to remodel the home to enhance the resell value? Well, you can start with your bathroom. A proper bathroom remodeling can give you an estimated ROI of 64 to 68%. You should not underestimate the impact of a well-designed bathroom during your house tour. It can radically make the difference. Remember, nobody wants a rusted-out sink. 

If there are signs of mold in the vanity space

This is one of the major issues that should be taken care of without delay. You should find a proper remedy if you see any sign of mold. It may also spread to other parts of the home, including air vents and surrounding walls. The bathroom vanity cabinets come in contact with tap water daily, and this helps mildew to develop. This can cause a significant health concern later. Mold and mildew often trigger asthma and allergies. If you have any member in your family who has respiratory issues, these can worsen the situation. With mold growth, the vanity will get damaged and deteriorated over time. The use of a specialized spray would help. But make sure your sink doesn’t lick moisture. Otherwise, these will reappear. To tackle the issue, you can think about bathroom vanity and sink replacement. 

Update old bathroom vanity to complement the rest of the decor

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The renovation project will be overshadowed unless it is consistent enough. The rest of the home will undoubtedly be updated, sleek, and modern. But the toilet will still look shabby, and your hard work will go in vain. So, while conducting a renovation project for the home, you must consider renovating the bathroom as well. This is the room you use daily and many times a day.

If the vanity causes issues with the plumbing work

Nothing can be scarier for a homeowner than bathroom plumbing problems. When you need to visit the bathroom, you can’t avoid it irrespective of whether there is any plumbing issue. If the sink is clogged, you will face the wrong time brushing the teeth or washing the hands. A plumbing issue can seriously interfere with your day-to-day events. If the fixtures are leaking, clogged, or backed up, you have to resolve the issue immediately, so it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg later. 

Install new vanity if the pipes become rusty

If you drink tap water and find that the water coming out of the faucet is strange-tasting or discolored, this might be the outcome of a pipe problem. If your home is built before 1950, the pipes are likely made of lead. These pipes often result in lead poisoning. You should replace such lines without delay. It would be a good idea to do away with the old vanity so you can have safe drinking water and a nice-looking sink area as well. 

Replace a vanity if there is any crack or visible damage

Bathroom vanities are used daily. As a result, they get worn down over time by the water. And that brings some damages to the vanity. Over time, the placement of hot straightening iron on the vanity surface may leave behind black burn marks and other visual deformities. You surely won’t want to see them daily. Years of such exposure can also cause cracks causing more severe issues. If the vanity gets damaged, it can damage other appliances and even the floors. Instead of quick fixes or calling a repair person, it would be relatively cost-effective to replace the vanity. The same applies to the kitchen cabinets as well. If your budget doesn’t permit you to invest in custom-made cabinetry, you may think about buying an RTA cabinet.

Upgrade bathroom vanity if it is not the right size

The family grows over the years. This is quite obvious that the need to have more counter space will also be there. What will you do then if the vanity is petite? You are likely to deal with clutter, and as a result, items will get knocked off the surface. You may also have a reverse issue if your sink is too large than what you need. It will take up much space in a crowded bathroom. Replacement of the vanity would be the only viable option, in this case. The same is applicable for the sink as well. If the sink is too big or too small, think about buying one that ensures more efficient toilet space use. 

Replace your bathroom vanity if the cabinet lacks storage space

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You may not have any problem with the sink. The water flow is proper, the sink is excellent and appealing enough, and it doesn’t have any crack or mold. However, if you need some additional under-the-sink space for storing cleaning products, hairdryer, or toiletries, the existing sink might not be the right choice for you. Old vanities are not usually built, keeping in mind its efficiency. They are likely to lack storage space. Nevertheless, the modern bathroom vanities are much more efficient than the older versions. They are featured with drawers, cabinets, and shelves so you can make better use of the space by organizing your bathroom in a better way.


Of all the rooms in the home, only a few get as many usages as your bathroom. The use has become even more prominent during this pandemic. Everyone has to wash their hands frequently. A broken-down sink can’t serve the purpose properly and, thus, the bathroom vanity. Switch to a new vanity to revamp the entire bathroom. Start the bathroom renovation project with the replacement of the vanity and the sink. It won’t burn a hole in the pocket as well. Instead, it would give your bathroom a new look that you always have looked for.

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