How to Pack a Kitchen for Moving Like a Pro

The kitchen is an essential part of any home. When you move out to your new house, the most time-consuming task is to pack your stuff. You try to pack all the necessary stuff and leave the unnecessary stuff behind as you don’t want these unnecessary items in your new house. But kitchen items are those necessary and the most required items that you can’t leave behind, and you have to take these with you. From the smallest spoon to the most massive bowls, you have to keep each and everything. The important part is to pack everything safely as you don’t want your favorite glass items to be broken during shifting. In this article, we will discuss how to pack kitchen items for moving like a pro.

Declutter your kitchen

people decluttering the kitchen

Decluttering is the removal of unnecessary things from your kitchen. It’s the first and a significant step as you don’t want useless items to grab more space in your new home. The decluttering process is time-taking, but you will find it helpful in the end and lessen your burden.

How to declutter your kitchen for moving

For decluttering, follow these steps.

  • Set your time either morning, evening, or night whenever you feel comfortable. It’s better to select when no one uses the kitchen; after breakfast or after dinner, it is the most favorable time.
  • Keep some garbage bags, plastic boxes, and shoppers with you to throw these useless items.
  • Start from one corner and end at another. Don’t overburden to finish it the same day; you can take a few days as it is not easy to declutter a kitchen.
  • Pack all those items that you feel are useless for you and can be used by others. Keep these separately so you can give it to someone else.
  • Pack those items that don’t belong to the kitchen in a separate bag.
  • Now pack the stuff that you think is complete garbage and throw it.

Ideas on how to pack the kitchen for moving

When you have completed the most critical task of decluttering, we mention the idea to pack your kitchen if you move to your new destination. We are listing some essential items that you should collect for packing your kitchen items for moving into your new house.

Helpful packing supplies for packing the kitchen items

  • Paper bags or old newspapers in a large amount
  • Old towels
  • Old bed sheets
  • Cloth pieces
  • Thermopore plates or sheets
  • Cardboard boxes (cartons)
  • Plastic boxes
  • Markers
  • Ropes
  • Packing tape

Pack Food Items for moving

packed food items in boxes

Food items must be packed with yourself as you will not have enough time to go shopping after moving to your new house. You will need markers, plastic boxes, cartons, and binding tapes or ropes for this purpose.

How to Pack Food Items for moving

  • Firstly, check all the canned or vegetables stored in your fridges; if they are expired, throw them away. If they are not expired, pack them in a separate box.
  • Don’t try to pack frozen items as some of these items can leak after defrost, or if it’s meat, it can spoil.
  • Pack all the dry and wet ingredients separately and mark them. Because if any sauce bottle leaks or breaks, you will get into trouble.
  • Pack plastic and glass bottles separately. 

Pack plastic kitchen items

plastic disposable boxes and cup

Most of the items you use in your kitchen are made up of plastic, from pottery to boxes. It is easy to move plastic as it is not fragile like glass, but it should be handled carefully.

How to Pack Plastic Kitchen Items for moving

  • Mark the boxes in which you are placing your plastic items.
  • Pack plastic crockery separately.
  • Many cutting and chopping machines are plastic. Put them in their boxes if you have them and keep them in a separate carton.

Pack the dishes

Packing of dishes is an essential task as you don’t want your beautiful dishes to break during shifting. For this purpose, you need some old newspapers or paper bags; these will help you out during packing.

How to Pack Dishes for moving

  • For packing dishes, you need to make sure to place heavier items first.
  • If you have special dish boxes, use them as they have grooves on which your dishes will easily set.
  • Fill the bottom layer of your carton with crumpled papers as it will prevent your dishes from jerks.
  • Pack all the dishes and after that, fill the top layer of the carton with crumpled paper for extra protection.
  • Tape your box nicely and firmly so that nothing comes out during shifting.

Pack knives carefully

knife packed in cover for protection and safety

Knives are very the most dangerous equipment’s in your kitchen. You don’t want to hurt yourself or anybody else during your journey, so it is essential to pack these knives with extra special care.

How to Pack Knives for moving

  • Try to find knife tip protectors and covers as these can be helpful while packing these knives.
  • If you have leather bags to place knives, that will be very good as your knives will get fixed in those bags and will not harm you during your journey or when you are unpacking.
  • If you don’t have such bags for knives, find old paper bags or newspapers, spread a good number of papers on your kitchen top, and place your knives one by one on it.
  • Try to pack each knife separately.
  • Put all your knives in a carton or plastic box with more crumbled papers, or if you have a thermopore, that will be helpful.
  • In the end, tape all the sides and carefully mark them.
  • Make a danger sign if possible so that everyone will keep that box with extra care.

How to pack glassware

man and woman packing glassware in a moving box

Now comes your expensive items, that is glassware’s either it is your favorite dinner set, jug, glasses, tea set or jars you don’t want any of these to break during traveling or unpacking. For this, you have to pack these items nicely. Have you ever seen your school, college, or university lab glass equipment’s packed in a cardboard box and each piece of equipment wrapped in a newspaper and that box filled with some more newspapers? It is the correct and easy way to pack these items. 

How to pack glasses for moving

  • Check every glass item that you have, separate heavy and lighter crockery.
  • Have some thermopore plates or foam sheets and place these in between each item.
  • Pack every glass and cup in an independent newspaper.
  • Cover the top and bottom with papers or old cloth pieces.
  • Don’t forget to mark these boxes as fragile items inside; you can also mention handle with care.

Pack the plates

lady wrapping and packing plates in a box

If you have glass plates, it’s better to pack them separately. Collect all the plates that you have and pack them together.

How to pack plates for moving

  • For this, you can have cardboard pieces that you can place in between each plate.
  • Thermopore plates and bubble wrap will also help to place in between each plate.
  • Place the plates vertically always.
  • Use old papers, towels, and clothes as a filling between gaps.
  • Mark these too, same as you mentioned glasswares.

Pack Pots and Pans

pots and pan

Pots and pans are large items; also, they are essential as you will cook in these pans. You don’t want to damage your pots and pans, and for this, you need to pack these with care.

How to pack pots and pans when moving

  • If you have the boxes of these pans and pots, that will help you a lot as you can pack them in those boxes.
  • If any pot or pan has a glass lid, pack those lids in old papers.
  • Place your most massive pot first and nestled it with smaller pots.
  • After that, place the lids that you packed with papers.
  • Fill the gaps with extra papers, plastic bags, cloth pieces, or towels.

Pack brooms and mops

broom with a wooden cover to pack

You can’t leave behind your mops and brooms as you will need them right after entering your new home for cleaning purposes. While loading, these long handle brooms and mops can disturb you as they can slip while traveling.

How to pack brooms and mops when moving

  • Find a rope or tape to bind these brooms and mops together; in this way, they will not roll during traveling.
  • If you want to keep them separately, wrap them in old bedsheets or blankets.
  • Then tie them and keep them safe on any side of your vehicle.
  • Don’t pack these mops and brooms in any box as you will need them urgently after reaching your place.

Pack kitchen appliances

Now come towards the heavy items like your oven, microwave, fridge, grinder, mixer, food factory, juicer, dishwasher, or other appliances you use in your home. These bulky items are difficult to shift, but you can’t donate them and must move these items to your new home. 

How to pack small and large kitchen appliances

  • If you have boxes of your small appliances, pack these items in their original boxes, and secure them with tape.
  • As these original boxes are filled with thermopore so, your items will be safe from any damage.
  • For larger appliances like a fridge, you must defrost your fridge at least one day before your shifting. Clean your fridge completely let the door open for a while to remove any smell.
  • Other large items will be loaded as it as on your vehicle.
  • Read any instructions written on your appliances warranty papers about shifting them to any other place.
  • Tie each and everything tightly; otherwise, it can cause harm to you and others.


Moving to your new home can be very exciting and at the same time hectic as you have to start all over again. In this whole process kitchen is a critical part as it has many important things. You can donate some of the items that are not in use, but still, you need to shift all the essential items. Don’t fill any box too much as heavy boxes are difficult to lift. Check every box in the end; mark these for your convenience. Packing of this critical place will need days; don’t panic and take your time; get a helping hand so you can easily pack all things. Prepare a checklist in the end, and don’t forget to follow the hacks mentioned above to pack your kitchen for moving.

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