Utility Sink Faucets And Its Types

Utility sink faucets are designed for utility sinks. Utility sinks are larger than regular sinks. That’s why they also need unique sets of faucet to work with. Faucets made for utility sinks are utilitarian. They are not that attractive looking. But performs well. Most of the time they are constructed from metal. With rare cases of having a plastic handle. 

What is a utility faucet?

A laundry tub or utility sinks are multifunctional sinks. You can wash your clothes in them. Wash big and dirty utensils. Most of the time they are quite deep and larger than regular sinks. You can sink all the clothes, submerge them and wash them on the same spot. It’s like your own mini pond. 

They are also an ideal choice for your pets to take a summer dip. As they are so large, you can easily put your pet in it and wash it as you want. If you are like me and like to wash clothes by hand, then god I know how much you are craving one of these magical beauties. They will take your cloth wash game to the next level, trust me on this.

Types of Utility Sink Faucets:

That’s where the problem begins. There are so many types of utility sink faucets available. It becomes hard to choose one from them.

Let’s talk about some of them and you will see whether they are the right one for you or not. 

Deck-mounted faucet:

Most of the modern sinks are equipped with deck-mounted faucets. 

You need to install it on the back of the sink. They are typically a center designed unit. That means, the faucet will use the center hole for the sprayer and the other two holes will be covered with the handles. 

Even if your sink is drilled, it might not be faucet ready. You need to install the correct amount. 

Wall-mounted faucet:

Like the name suggests, instead of installing them on the sink itself, you mount them directly on to the wall. But for that to happen, you need to have proper plans before you decide to go for them. If you don’t have a water socket cut out on the wall already, you might need to tear that wall off. 

Nowadays, wall-mounted faucets are more popular than ever. When you build or renovate a house, you can just route the plumbing behind the wall. Wall-mounted faucets are easier to maintain and clean. 

Keep in mind, they are not the most beautiful things by any means. In fact, someone will find them sore to look at. 

Single-handle faucet:

This is a universal faucet that supports almost all the sinks in the world. Every sink will have at least one mounting hole to work with. Single-handle faucet uses that to work with. In my opinion, if you want something fancy to look at while still being useful for the work. They are the ones to get. 

They will look cool with the right finish, they are durable, and they get the job done. 

Everything that you need a utility sink faucet to do.

Why not pull down sprayers?

Yeah, why not? 

Let me briefly give you some explanation. On a utility sink, you will wash many things. Let it be clothes, shoes, bags, etc. While you wash them in that huge sink, most of the time you need a faster water flow to cover the entire sink.

If you buy a pull-down faucet (by all means you can) the longevity of that product will be questionable. You need to turn on the faucet quite often than you would think. A pull-down faucet is not made for rough jobs.

A single handle faucet or a dual-handle faucet will do a better job.

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  1. I see you have done very detailed research on utility sink faucets. You have also explained the various advantages of using these types of faucets. I like to wash my own clothes so a utility faucet will come in very handy for me. After reading your entire article I feel like I should also buy a utility sink faucet. I will definitely speak to my husband and buy one of these faucets. Thank you.

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