10 Essential Tips to Create a Stunning Feng Shui Kitchen

If you think of pursuing a kitchen remodel and Feng Shui is top of your list, it is important to understand that the feng shui definition is about the home’s prosperity and wealth. It is also an ancient Chinese science and art of living in peace based on the natural world’s principles. 

If you are still asking yourself, what is feng shui? The simplest definition is that Shui means water, and Feng means wind, and these two principles are associated with good fortune and health.

There is no doubt that many homeowners are looking to create a feng shui kitchen design that can attract happiness, wealth, and good health. To make this vision a reality, the important first step is to read reviews of kitchen gadgets that can be used in everyday life. Here are tips for a perfect kitchen, feng shui.

A Perfectly Balanced Oven and Stove Placement

A stove is an important component of any feng shui kitchen, just like having a sofa in your living area and a bed in your bedroom. To promote strength and stability for everyone around your home, your kitchen design stove placement should be against the wall. One of the rules you should keep in mind is that the stove should never be positioned in the direction facing your kitchen door.

Your stove holds a lot of fire energy, and this energy can end up causing an imbalance in your home, which is the last thing you want in your kitchen. If there is no other way to incorporate your stove and oven, ensure that you use room dividers in your kitchen to create a partition between your stove and door.

When placing your stove, make sure that it’s close to prominent objects with earth energy like the clay pots and herb garden. You could even have decor that is inspired by nature. This is important because most earth elements tend to neutralize your stove’s fire energy.

The Right Kind of Colors Matter

Aside from appliance arrangement and layout, color plays a critical role in creating a perfect feng shui ambiance. Suppose you are looking to make the most of your small kitchen; you should keep your cabinet and wall colors light. Lighter colors tend to help in expanding your small room. Some of the impactful feng shui kitchen colors include soft grey, sky blue, yellows, and white. 

Remember that you don’t need to paint all of these feng shui colors; you need to settle on one or a combination of two colors. It’s still important to note that your feng shui kitchen layout can define the colors you use for your kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen is in the north section of your home, you should consider the lighter shades of grey and blue.

Warmer, fiery feng shui colors for kitchen such as orange and red are perfect for kitchens in the south area of your house. The warm, earthly tones like grey and brown are best suited for the kitchen on the west side. 

feng shui kitchen and dining area

A More Balanced Kitchen Layout

One of the unique aspects of the kitchen feng shui layout is that it follows the kitchen triangle. This feng shui kitchen layout’s main idea is to have an imaginary triangle that connects the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop. This layout is effective in creating efficiency between feng shui kitchen cleaning and meal preparation.

If you are striving to attain a balance of nature in your feng shui kitchen, you must fill your room with décor and small kitchen appliances that can easily balance out the high fire energy produced. A great example is stainless steel appliances and cutlery(metal), wooden kitchen island (wood), herb garden (earth), and sink (water). 

It’s important not to place any mirror on your feng shui kitchen wall because it tends to amplify your fire energy. This can end up causing an imbalance of fire energy around your home.

Have as Less Clutter as Possible in Feng Shui Kitchen

If you want your feng shui kitchen to have a positive chi flow, it is crucial to keep your environment organized and clutter-free. If you have any chipped or broken serve water and dishes, make sure that you replace them with new ones. It’s still crucial that you keep your counters clean at all times and that your dull knives are sharpened.

While your knives need to remain sharp, they have to remain out of sight. Keeping sharp objects isn’t just dangerous, but it produces negative feng shui (sha chi). When it comes to feng shui kitchen storage, you have to make sure that your pantry doors are closed at all times. It’s still advisable not to hang your towel through your oven handle. Also, clean and store your dishes after use to avoid dirty dishes piling up. 

Incorporate Wooden Elements

Growing fresh herbs and placing plants strategically represents the “wood” element in Feng Shui, representing prosperity and strong family bonds. Other wooden elements you should consider incorporating include chopping boards, spoons, and salad bowls. The other wooden effects, such as laminate flooring and tiles, are popular in creating a natural look.

Incorporate Different Cabinet Materials

While color is an important consideration in your Feng Shui kitchen cabinets, you shouldn’t be limited to the painted options. There are plenty of benefits to considering different types of materials. For instance, half glass or frosted kitchen doors are popular for creating “breathable” focal points. This way, not everything is closed in and completely solid. 

If you choose to use glass cabinet doors, you have to keep the inside of your space organized. It is still a great idea if you considered incorporating lazy susans and drawers that slide out. But, as you improve your storage capacity, it’s best not to sacrifice your square footage. 

Be Strategic About Your Location 

If you have just begun creating a plan for your home, you must remember that the location of your feng shui kitchen matters. For instance, if it faces your front door, it can kill the positive chi trying to enter your home. Your feng shui kitchen should still not face the bedroom. This is because your kitchen’s chi energy (yang) conflicts with that of the bedroom (yin). 

According to the Chinese tradition, when these two types of energy conflict, they can have severe health consequences on your family members. 

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

The right type of lighting is crucial in creating an exceptional home interior, including your kitchen. Modern feng shui kitchen designs incorporate artificial and natural bright light. For a great indoor ambiance, you need to consider light bulbs that produce yellow color shades and warm yellow light. These lighting types are perfect at creating a cozy and warm atmosphere, and they even present health, growth, and masculinity.

Your Fridge Placement is Important

In most of these kitchens, it can prove challenging to control your kitchen stove and sink placement. This is usually not the case when it comes to your refrigerator. For a perfect kitchen, you need to have your refrigerator strategically placed. When organizing your refrigerator, make sure that it cannot be viewed by anyone outside.

In Feng shui, your refrigerator represents wealth, and you should consider hiding it from sight in the same way you want your safe to be. But, there are instances where your kitchen design doesn’t allow you to place your fridge strategically. If this is the case, one of the cures you can employ is building your fridge inside a cabinet. 

Get Growing

In the Chinese art of feng shui, growing any edible plants in the kitchen is a perfect way of attracting abundance in your life. Growing basil is considered a way of attracting wealth in your home, and the plant thrives exceptionally well in most feng shui kitchen set-ups. Aside from basil, planting vegetables or fresh herbs is a great way to get growing. 

Final Thoughts on feng shui kitchen

For many health-conscious homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of any home because it symbolizes abundance, wealth, and health. That said, your kitchen stove is an important appliance and a powerful symbol of wealth that should get the treatment it deserves. This means that the burners should remain clean if you are to attract positive chi. 

Remember that most modern kitchens are economical and simple. So, balanced kitchen decorating ideas, ergonomic kitchen design, good lighting, and neat organization can help create a stunning modern fen Shui kitchen. 

Have you recently incorporated feng shui elements in your kitchen? What are some of the things that helped create your perfect modern kitchen? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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