4 Closet Conversion Ideas To Transform Extra Closet Space Into A Functional Space

Every underutilized space in your bedroom holds wasted potential. Your closet, for example, can have multiple uses, not just storage for clothes. With some inspiration, you can maximize the use of your wardrobe and turn it into a versatile piece of furniture.

If you’re looking for ways to make the most out of your room’s square footage, now is the best time to give your closet a good look. What are some of the things you can do to benefit more from the existing closet space? If you’ve recently invested in a fitted wardrobe renovation, what are some functional options you can try to get some extra storage?

Closet conversion ideas

Here’s what expert interior decorators have to say.

A small work-from-home office area

Working from home is the trend these days, and finding the perfect location to concentrate on your job is a must. If you haven’t yet considered it, maybe your bedroom closet has the potential to be used for this purpose. Some extra shelves in the corner of a wardrobe can be the starting point to design a small office.

All you need to do is add a desk and a comfortable chair. You can convert the shelves into storage spaces for your office items, or remove them if they’re getting in the way. With a bit of decor and personalization, you can turn the area into the perfect mini office fit for daily work.

A small vanity space

A built-in vanity is another perfect use for extra closet space. All you need is a small table and chair, as well as the right lighting fixtures. The good thing about using a closet is that you have ample space for storing all your beauty essentials. Add a mirror on the wall as well as good lighting inside the closet and you’ll be all set.

A minibar

Using extra wardrobe space and turning it into a bar is another excellent idea. When you want to relax in your room and grab a drink, you’ll have all the essentials ready. You can add a small bar cart for glasses, bottles, and other essentials. Remove the shelves first, if you want to hide the cart inside. You can also opt for a sliding door for easier access.

Turn a walk-in closet into a yoga studio

For those fortunate enough to have a spare walk-in closet, you can convert it into an exercise nook or a yoga studio. First, remove rods or shelves that may get in the way. Add a rug on the floor for padding, and repaint the walls for a more calming atmosphere. Other design elements such as mood lighting will help make the space more “zen” and perfect for yoga and meditation.

Final thoughts

Don’t waste any available space you have in your home, especially a spare closet. All you need is a bit of imagination and a little creativity. There’s no need to spend much or renovate extensively. When you maximize the potential of a closet, there’s plenty more you can do aside from using it as storage.

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