How Much Does It Cost To Add A Bathroom To A House?

One of the greatest ways for increasing your house value is to add a bathroom. Everyone desires an additional bathroom, and it could increase the resale value by about 50% to 60% than before. Bathroom renovation work is also good to improve this value. If you don’t want to sell your house, an additional bathroom could provide you with appeal and comfort or you can install swimming pools showers if you have a swimming pool or garden. It is a useful thing in the house and worth it.

Adding a bathroom to your house is an expensive process. The cost to add a bathroom to your house would depend highly on the materials you use and the size of your bathroom space. In this article, you would find the idea about the cost of adding a bathroom.

Before you start

If you have some free space at the disposal of your house, you may need about 3000-5000 dollars to install a simple bathroom. On the contrary, the average cost for an updated bathroom is $75000, and the space here would be 100 sq. ft. So, you should be careful when doing the math!

The best choice is to pick up a current room in your house for making a bathroom. It could be a bigger closet or basement but ensure that you have proper access to electrical installation and plumbing there. If everything is there already, you may need $3000.

You could add a bathroom anywhere you want in your house, but space without plumbing would cost you more, and that is about $15000 to $25000. The cost includes plumbing, electrical work, and other bathroom elements.

You could add two types of bathroom;

Full bath

A full bath includes a sink, bathtub, or shower and a toilet, probably with a shower panel. This option would be great for adding resale value to your house.

Half bath

A half-bath includes only a sink and a toilet. When you don’t have enough money to spend, you may choose this cheaper option. Such a bathroom consists of a length of six to eight feet and a width of three to four feet.

Always remember that you could improve your house value minimum of 20% by adding a full bath. Thus, it is better to spend some more money and get a huge return in the future.

Cost factors

How much it costs to add a bathroom would depend on various factors such as;


The cost would depend on the location of the bathroom. Without plumbing, the cost would decrease, and you have to pay some extra money for bringing waste lines, vents, and plumbing if you want to add your bathroom to a different location.

The construction date of your house

Adding a bathroom in the old house is a bit costly as there is less system for electrical and plumbing works. New houses are updated, and you would need less money for adding a bathroom.


It would be best if you thought about your bathroom dimensions. You have to pay more for knocking out walls to make a big space for your bathroom. A small bathroom requires less cost.

Addition type

Remodeling existing rooms into bathrooms would be more affordable, and the range of the cost is 2500 to 12500 dollars. But if you want to build a new bathroom, the cost would get higher, around 1800 to 30000 dollars on average.


A luxurious bathroom would cost more. Floor heating, designer vanity, or spa bath would add more value to the house, but it also costs more. Some home advisors suggest that the cost for a standard bathroom is about $200-$300 per sq. ft. and $450-$600 per sq. ft. for a luxurious bathroom.

Unexpected expenses

You may get unpleasant surprises when you begin working. It could be anything like pests, asbestos, mold, or water leaking, and you need to spend some money to get them fixed.

Bathtub or shower installation cost

Both the bathtub and shower are the main parts of the bathroom. The cost for it depends on;

Weight and location

You should determine the place to set up your new shower or bathtub and measure its dimensions. Check properly if the surface could support the weight of your bathtub. Find out if there is any possibility of injuries and damage.


Ordinary shower cabins or bathtubs come at an affordable cost, but stylish things always cost more money. You should be careful when choosing an option that could fit the budget.


If you can bear the extra expenses, you may want a shower or tub with full-body jets that could give you a massage feeling. Other models could provide handles, built-in seating, lighting, stereos, shampoo holders, and also aromatherapy. To get all of these amenities, you have to prepare yourself for a huge cost.

The cost for installing a shower cabin is around $3000. If you want a super-modern shower, the cost would surely increase up to $10000. The final cost would depend on some factors and their price-

  • Glass doors- $650-$1000
  • Frameless doors- $900-$1300
  • Glass panels- $850-$1200
  • Shower pan- $200-$700
  • Stall doors- $200-$500
  • Shower tiling- $300-$3000
  • Shower inserts- $50-$500
  • Showerhead- $25-$250

The regular cost for installing a bathtub is around $2800. Without installation, the price of the bathtub is following:

  • Steel tub- $300-$500
  • Cast iron bathtub- $400-$2500
  • Fiberglass tub- $300-$500
  • Acrylic tub- $600-$900
  • Cultured-marble tub- $1700-$2500

The hourly wage for plumbing is $27. You have to spend around $140 for such a type of task. You have to spend around $140 for such a type of task. With just a call upon a local plumber, you can inquire about the total installation cost for the specific plumbing project you desire. You can obtain a free estimate from a reputable plumbing company with good reviews and a solid portfolio. Ask the included expenses in the estimate, such as the labor cost and after-service warranty. This step is crucial to avoid surprise expenses.

The installation cost for bathroom tile

You should try to make a combination of your room floor tiles and the bathroom tiles. Their size, colors, and pattern would depend on the bathroom dimensions and the absence or the existence of the window. If you use tiles larger than 6 inches, you may face difficulties while drain sloping.

The bathroom tiles options you can choose from include ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass, terracotta, mosaic, and cement tiles. If you’re looking for maintenance-free and affordable bathroom tiles, ceramic and porcelain tiles are your best options. But the most durable and expensive ones are natural stones, like limestone, travertine, and slate.

The average cost of tiles is around $1.00-$18.00 per square foot and the cost depends highly on the materials used. Tile installation costs start from $10-$15 per square foot, and for walls, the range is $7-$25 per sq. ft.

Sink, vanity, and toilet installation cost

These elements would define the look of your bathroom, and you have to choose them very carefully. They should be modern and elegant, and the style should fit with your other elements of the house. Adjust the sink height as it would be comfortable for you to use. A faucet design would be perfect for making your sink functional.

For instance, a Roman-inspired wall-mounted faucet with a hand shower made of solid brass can make your bathroom a luxurious, relaxing place. You can further embrace the beauty and functionality of Roman bathhouses by choosing a bathroom vanity with an intricate design and rustic light fixtures. 

Expect a higher cost for more complex and high-tech bathroom products and installations. On the other hand, the simpler they are, the cheaper. Moreover, hiring an interior designer can increase your expenses. But hiring one is worth it because you can achieve the ambiance and overall look you desire for your bathroom.

The installation cost for the toilet

You would need a functional toilet that could fulfill the basic purpose. The glamorous toilet is not necessary for all. Most toilets would cost about $100-$200, but you have to add $120-$250 for the installation process.

The average installation price is $250 to $600 for standard to luxurious models. The prices depend on the pipe connection, the brand, and the toilet bowl. Wall-hung toilets are more expensive than traditional toilets.

The installation cost for the vanity

Vanity installation cost would depend on the width which comes from 24-72 inches or 61cm to 1.8 m.

The 24-inch width would cost $70-$2200, whereas 36 inches would cost $180-$4000—the price increases with the width. The bigger 72 inches width vanity comes for $ 4500.

The installation cost for the sink

It would help if you decided on the sunk cost according to its dimension and type. You have to pay about $200-$500 for attaching the faucet to your existing mount system and water lines. Calculate the price regarding the type of your sink.

Drop-in sink

This type of sink design would look stylish and sleek. You should fix about $35 for such sinks, but the cost may go up to $2000.

Under-mount sink

Under-mount sinks would cost around $40 to $2100.

Wall-mounted sink

These types of sinks don’t want a counter, and you could attach them to walls directly. The cost depends on the model which may be about $40-$1550.

Pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks are free-standing sinks, and you should select a model with a base and sink separately. The cost starts from $60 and may extend up to $300.

Vessel sink

Vessel sinks would sit on the topmost part of the counter that may cost about $80-$2750.

Corner sink 

These types of sinks are the best for a tiny bathroom. They could be easily attached and take less space. The price would go around $120-$800.

You have to consider the material and your sink’s hardware as the price would highly depend on it.


As the whole process of adding a bathroom is expensive, you could save some money by doing the process yourself. The plumbing and foundation are the work of a plumber, but you could do other works. You can get ideas about doing this on various websites. Get a reasonable budget and plan for the best!

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