5 Home Style Tips to Take From Cool Airbnb Basements

There is a variety of beautiful, interesting Airbnb basement to choose from. Because a basement tends to be an extra area in a home and may even have its entrance, it’s one of the better places to rent out on Airbnb. However, you don’t have to be renting out your basement on Airbnb to take some tips from Airbnb basements. Here are a few home-style tips that these cool Airbnb basements can offer.

Highlight the history of the home

If there’s a history associated with your home, especially the basement, there’s nothing wrong with highlighting that history. Take a cue from a beautiful Philadelphia wine cellar basement apartment, underlining that a French winemaker built it 200 years ago. You can sleep in the same basement he built to store his wine, making it a selling point of the Airbnb listing.

Consider intentionally unfinished aspects

When you’re finishing your basement, consider what you want the basement to look like when you’ve decorated it. Some basements, especially artist-style basements, may look great with unfinished ceilings and floors. This can give it a bit of a “raw” look, something you want to achieve while still being completely safe to live in.

Utilize the space smartly

Many basements are surprisingly small. However, if you have a small basement, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do less with it. Smart choices can make it much more versatile; for example, some basements may have pull-out couches or futons so the area can function both as a living room and a bedroom.

Don’t be afraid of color like Airbnb basement

It can be tempting to create a relatively drab basement with “just a pop of color,” but many people find these areas sterile and boring rather than enticing. Feel free to include color in your basement design, from rugs on the floor to paint on the walls. It infuses the area with a sense of character, which can be an element that you may otherwise find sorely missing.

Add extras to make the room enticing

Many people already use their basement as a game room, “man cave,” or bar. Even if you hope to have a living area in the basement, you can also add to the basement to have a dual function. For example, setting up a TV and a game system can make it easier for you to utilize the basement for multiple things.


Looking at great Airbnb basements doesn’t have to be a pastime. You can use it to make your basement look even better. If your basement isn’t currently finished, moving forward with this process is one of the essential parts of having a well-functioning basement. From there, you can decorate it and make it your own. Even if you’re going to use it for your own family, finishing your basement can be a great way to maximize your home’s space opportunities.

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