12 Healthy Tips For Cleaning Up Without Getting Back pain

Do you clean your condo yourself, or do you have a worker do it for you?

Many people, especially women, complain about back pain when cleaning their homes. They want to keep their home neat and tidy without getting any health problems. Initially, it might seem impossible because you can’t avoid putting your body under pressure when you want to clean up. One option is getting a professional cleaning service like four seasons cleaning to do it for you..

But fortunately, there are several simple and useful tips for doing your household chores and cleaning up without getting back pain. So if you want to know these tips, keep reading the following;

Clean less but always

This might be the most important tip of all. You have to start with managing cleaning times and stick to the plan. Many people like to clean the whole condo in a single day, usually during the holidays.

If you’re one of them, you need to stop this habit. It is highly recommended to clean one room each day instead of cleaning all rooms in a single day. This lets your body recover and be ready for the next round.

Prioritize the spaces for vacuuming

When vacuuming, you need to know which area is more critical and which one does not require many attempts. Vacuuming is one of the most strenuous cleaning tasks that can quickly lead to back pain.

Do you know when the problem gets worse? Let me say. I have a friend with a spacious condo in Canada, and the cleaning is complicated for her. Often, she will be forced to ask a worker to do it, and of course, the cost will not be affordable for everyone.

So you have to focus on critical points and try not to sweat a lot for spaces without heavy traffic. For example, under the dinner table and the floor in front of the sofa that you watch TV from need more attention.

Change your back position constantly when vacuuming

Many people are accustomed to having a single position when vacuuming. Slouching or having a straight back position can separately lead to severe back problems if repeated for a long time.

So you need to break the vacuuming time and take a different position in each period. Switching between these two positions can prevent many potential damages to your health.

Clean when messes are still fresh

Another simple strategy is to clean the mess immediately after your staff becomes dirty. When messes are still fresh, they need less pressure, which will help you keep your energy and avoid unnecessary back pain.

Use both arms when dusting and polishing

When you’re dusting and polishing furniture, you need to bend, and this puts pressure on your spine.

It is recommended to prop your inactive arm on the furniture or thigh to take a load off your spine in these situations.

Combining this tip with tip number 3 can lead to significantly easier and healthier cleaning.

Use proper tools to dust it easier

Another problem with dusting is that you usually need dust in high and low places. This means that you have to bend and stretch yourself to reach these points, resulting in severe trouble.

To avoid back problems when dusting these places, try to use a handy dust mop that reaches untouchable points. You can buy it or even make it yourself.

Doing laundry

Laundry is always a load for housekeepers. Many times, people try to be efficient and fill the machine as much as possible. So they need to carry a significant load before and after laundry. This can be less harmful if you divide the loads into small pieces that don’t weigh much.

Lift with your legs and not your back

No matter how well you pay attention to the previous tips, you will sometimes be forced to lift loads when cleaning.

The best advice for this situation is to put pressure on your legs instead of your spine. In other words, you should avoid putting your discs at risk.

Also, when you put the load on the floor, try to prop your arm to help you stand healthily and protect your spine.

Make your bed

If you want to make your bed more comfortable, you have to use a large, lightweight comforter to cover all your sheets. This helps you throw your comforter easily over your sheets. If you do this, you’ll find it easier to change dirty comforters.

There is no need to say that you’d better avoid eating and drinking at your bed because the cleaning would be challenging.

Use a box when doing the dishes

Doing the dishes might be the least favorite part of your chores. Sometimes you are forced to stand for several minutes to wash dirty dishes.

The most convenient method to prevent injury during the washing is to use a washing machine. Of course, many families might not be able to afford the price. So they need to find other ways to relieve pain during dishwashing.

Using a small step stool or box under the sink to rest one foot at a time can significantly reduce the pressure on your body. This box will help you with core stability to prevent injury and reduce low back pain away.

Use robot vacuums

This option might seem a bit luxurious, but we don’t have another choice in today’s hectic lifestyle. Fortunately, you can find various robot vacuums at every price.

With lots of useful features such as mapping options, self-emptying recycle bins, and even smart cameras, robot vacuums can significantly help you keep your condo clean without getting a back pain.

Sit on your knees when cleaning your toilet

Many people are accustomed to bending their waste when cleaning their toilets. Remember that in this position, all the pressure is on your spine. This is what you need to pay attention to whether you want to clean or fix problems with your toilet.

So it’s highly recommended to sit on your knees when cleaning your toilet. Also, try to avoid being exposed to detergents for a long time because it would be very harmful to your lungs. You can use masks when you want to stay close to the toilet for a while.


Cleaning is an essential and inseparable part of householding. This is especially hard for those families in which both husband and wife work outside. If you try to hurry when cleaning, you’ll probably find yourself facing back pain problems. The mentioned tips can significantly help you reduce these problems while keeping your condo neat and tidy.

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