Incredibly Simple Ways To Secure Your Home

Whenever you move into a new home or are looking at the different ways that it can be improved, there is no getting around the fact that working on the interior and decorating, in general, is a lot more fun than dealing with the property’s security. That being said, regardless of the fact it can be a bit less exciting, ensuring your home is secure against exterior threats is one of the best ways to secure your home and feel safe living in it.

Ways to secure your home

Here are some of the simplest ways available that you can keep your home as secure as possible.

Secure the doors

The best way you can make it difficult for burglars is firstly by stopping them from being able to just get through your front door. This might sound like a silly instruction, but you would be surprised by how many break-ins occur merely because people are able to walk right through the front door. You should inspect all of your exterior doors in order to make sure the frames are strong, and the hinges are protected. Not only has this but if your door has a mail slot, make sure that people are unable to simply reach through it in order to unlock the door.

Also, if you are moving into a property that someone has lived in prior to you then you should change the door locks as soon as you’re in. That way you’re not going to have to worry about strangers out there having a key to your house.

There are some great locks available on the market which include deadbolts, strike plates, smart locks and you can even get a video doorbell to see who is there from your phone without actually having to answer. Make sure you charge your electronic devices, especially your phone in case you feel threatened and need help.

Lock all of your windows

Again, this one might sound a bit straight forward but if someone trying to break in can’t go through the door, you can guarantee the next thing they are going to be trying is the window. Windows are an incredibly common entry point for criminals and as such should be left shut by homeowners once they’ve gone to bed or when they are out of the property. You need to also check the locks that you are using as sometimes a manufacturer latch isn’t effective and can be downright flimsy.

There are other ways you can reinforce your windows too. By working with a trusted such as uPVC Windows World, UPVC double glazed window manufacturer in Sydney, Australia you can install strong, secure windows which are harder to smash or break into. You can even install window or glass break sensors and window bars.

Light up your properties landscape

Burglars aren’t ones for the spotlight and as such, you can efficiently keep them at bay by installing some good outdoor lighting. By placing lights all around both your front and back yard as well as any pathways leading up to the property, you can deter burglars from bothering to approach in the first place. Not only will this be an effective way to make intruders skittish, but you will also be able to cut down the risk of stumbling up to your front steps when you are getting home in the dark.

A couple of other useful tips when it comes to installing such lighting include:

  • Use motion-activated lights so you don’t have a large glare peeking through your windows at all hours of the night
  • Save the energy that these lights will use by getting solar-powered lights
  • Use a smart outlet so that you can put your outdoor lights on a timer
  • Set up schedules with smart light bulbs


It can be a bit boring (and sometimes worrying) when you talk about security, but there is no getting around the fact it is very important when it comes to making you feel comfortable at home. By doing the above, you are making sure that your home is as secure as possible moving forward, allowing you to relax and sleep easy at night.

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