20 Simple & Trendy Ideas For Home Decor To Transform The Space Instantly

Everyone wants to design and decorate their home that looks trendy and has space for peace.    

Designing a home is all about creativity. And the best part of this is how you can achieve so much by spending so little. A space is like a canvas waiting for you to paint on. Even a simple, trendy, and minimalist approach can completely transform the appearance of your home. Don’t worry at all. You can apply simple ideas for home decor no matter what your tastes and preferences are.

Simple & Trendy Ideas For Home Decor

Many rental apartments are designed in such a manner to decorate the home in a classy and cozy style where the people can live with comfort.

Hence, we need ideas to decorate our homes. This article will give you 20 ideas that you can use to radically transform the look of your house.

Keep the environment light

This is the easiest yet most effective way to decorate the room. Adequate lighting highlights the small details of the room. You can ensure adequate lighting in your room by keeping windows open or by setting up attractive light bulbs and table lamps. Also, the more illuminated the room is, the more flexibility you have in decorations.

Add a touch of nature

Yes, mother nature can help you here too! Growing large gardens is a story of the past in cities. But don’t get disheartened at all! You can use small plants and tubs. Use those to decorate the corners of your rooms. You may hang the plants from the wall too. Doing these few things can add both beauty and tranquility to your home.

Accentuate your room with accessories

Using different accessories is always a plus point in the world of fashion. And this applies to decorating homes too. You have so many options to choose from: classy wall clock, trendy coffee table, collection of books and magazines, and showpieces. These objects not only make the house stylish but also add elements of productivity.

Get rid of old unused things

Sometimes we get careless about old, useless things. As a result, those materials pile up and take away space that could’ve been decorated in other ways. How do you solve it? There’s only one way: Get rid of that useless stuff and replace those with new ones. Those are not only making your home look ugly, but also taking up free space.

Add corner shelves to rooms

Corner shelves make your room spacious and stylish. Additionally, they provide space for storage. You can keep small plants, magazines, small-sized photos, collectibles, and fancy showpieces. The color of the shelves may also become a factor of decoration. Choose a color that goes well with the color of the background wall.

Refurbish old fixtures

The home decor industry is modernizing very fast. And the fixtures usually get outdated after a couple of years. A good way to make your home look attractive would be to change those fittings. You can consider upgrading the faucets in the washroom and kitchen, electric switch panels of all the rooms, drawer handles of the tables, cabinet handles, and doorknobs. Do take the overall design of the room into account before you buy new fittings.

Try painting floors

If this is a new concept to you, then congratulations, you got lucky! Yes, we’re not exaggerating. The results are astonishing. Painting the floor can completely change the whole outlook of the room. Adding a light blue, pink color to the floor of the washroom will instantly make it look refurbished. A dark floor along with a light-colored wall will make your hall room look like royalty. Don’t hesitate to experiment at all.

Add contrast to the environment

We have fictionalized the battle of light and dark for centuries. And now we’re suggesting you bring this to your house. If you paint floors with a light color, you may try painting the wall a bit dark or vice versa. The concept of contrast is not only limited to walls and floors; it is applicable in the case of accessories too. If one object of the room is an antique then another can have a touch of the modern age. As contrasts are easily noticeable to the eye, it can be a very smart trick to make your house look furnished.

Buy a stylish sofa

The sofa is the most noticeable feature of the living room. And we use a sofa for so many things: napping, working, resting, etc. So it is smart to buy a voguish couch. These days there are many available designs with different sizes and shapes. Pick the one that is proportional to the space of your living room and fits well with the mood of the room. So buying a stylish sofa can be a simple idea for home decor.

Decorate the coffee table

We often leave the coffee table empty. However, adorning the table can add the final touch of decorating the living room. You can keep short and tall objects alternatively to give a visual pattern. Keeping books, flower vases, magazines, collectibles, etc. can be useful props to decorate the coffee table.

Add artwork to the rooms

Art has always been a medium of conveying an aesthetic aura in human minds. Those can also be used as ornaments for decorating the room. Adding even one meaningful painting can completely change the vibe of the room. And that’s why we suggest you invest some bucks in paintings. A large frame painting will not only command attention but also evoke compliments.

Focus on the color of the wall

The wall is like a blank canvas. You can do anything you want in it. Paint it with lustrous colors to add a “fancy” mood to the room. Dark colors like Purple, indigo, and black will add a heavier aura to the room. You may also color-block your wall to add a graphic statement. In short, you just have to know what aura you want to radiate from the walls. There is a wall color for every tone out there.

Switch to Colourful Curtains

Curtains play an important role in highlighting the mood of the room too. Using colored curtains is also a more budget-friendly alternative to using expensive doors. A light-colored curtain will provide a contrast to the dark-colored painting of the wall.

Don’t be afraid to use deep colors

A common misconception is that you always have to keep things light-colored to make the room look attractive and welcoming. But this is not true at all in the modern age. Rather, it may sometimes be the complete opposite. Deep colors like black, indigo, etc. sometimes add a heavy, dreamy aesthetic to the room. Other times it can send a very warm and welcoming message out there.

Have a photo gallery

Your house is YOURS. And everything here should be about your personality. This is why a photo gallery is a very good addition to your house. You can spend a little bit of your money on setting up some good lighting and photo frames. You also have the flexibility to choose from large-sized and small-sized frames. The gallery will store all your favorite memories in one place.

Reassemble your furniture

We’ve already talked about buying new furniture. But have you tried reassembling your furniture? Sometimes maintaining symmetry will give you a cozy look. Other times, you may position the furniture however you seem fit. But be careful so that it doesn’t hide or block other decorating materials like walls, and floor lamps. It’s best if the furniture can match or provide a contrast to the color combination of the room.

Adorn the room with fashionable rugs

Rugs can highlight parts of the room to the visitor. Area rugs in the living room can send a very aesthetic message. It’s better if the furniture is on the rugs. The legs of the furniture should touch the rug at the very least. You can also use rugs at the entrance of different rooms.

Add mirrors to have the illusion of extra space

To do this, you have to place the mirrors in the right places. Doing so gives a visual perception of extra space. Also, the aesthetic features of the wall that is opposite to the mirror are transmitted in the other part of the room through this. This is a very sneaky and simple idea for home decor.

Switch to a trendy bookshelf

Let’s be honest- bookshelves can easily send an intellectual aura in the room. Bookshelves can also be the primary interest of some visitors. And this is exactly why you should invest in a stylish bookshelf. Also. books are not necessarily the only thing you can store on a bookshelf. Try adding some showpieces or collectibles too.

Experiment with Centerpieces

You can add a restaurant-quality aesthetic by simply adding one or two centerpieces. Even though it may feel like an annoying commitment, flower vases storing fresh flowers can highly beautify your room.

Final words

Decorating a home is completely based on personal preferences. Your house should reflect your personality, emotions, and taste. These 20 simple ideas for home decor will give you a general idea of what you should go for. So go on and make your house look aesthetically pleasing!

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