9 Simple Tricks For Mixing Traditional and Modern Home Design

Home decor, and interior design in general, are both important because they’re the perfect outlet to showcase your creativity and personality in a homey and cozy way. The options and ideas are vast, so making the right choices for your home can be challenging at times. That’s why mixing traditional, well-known design, with modern influences, is a great solution when you can’t exactly make up your mind. Plus, this is also quite en vogue, and it’s commonly found all over the world, from Australia to Greece.

Tips for mixing traditional and modern home design

Therefore, if you’re looking to (re)decorate your home, here are some easy tricks that will help you master the skill of mixing traditional and modern design.

Focus on practicality and comfort

When you want to infuse the styles, it’s crucial to keep practicality and comfort in mind. For example, opting for a comfortable sofa or an armchair should be the priority, over a vintage one that only looks stylish. It’s totally up to you to decide which decor and furniture elements you want to include, so be sure to make the right choices that will contribute to your wellbeing and comfort. Getting the basics right is hugely important, so going for modern, simple pieces will act as a ground laying backdrop for other, more lavish elements.

Make sure everything blends well

When you mix styles and designs, it’s important to blend every detail into a wholesome big picture. Modern artwork is a great way to fill in the blanks, especially when you prefer dominant vintage elements. With modern artwork on the wall, it’s possible to bring various styles together, and bridge differences. Also, if you prefer maximalist decor and a lot of decor pieces, be sure to include plain and simple details, such as pillows, tablecloths, and solid area rugs, as they can finely balance out all the lively and more elaborate details.

Utilize sustainability as a modern solution

Sustainability is the sure way to make your interior space come to life with the latest life concepts. Since an eco-friendly way of living is the thing of the future, utilizing such ideas in your home is a perfect opportunity to blend modern ideas with vintage pieces. Reusing and recycling materials and furniture will greatly benefit you, as you’ll contribute to the environment, plus you’ll also enrich your home with unique pieces.

Animal prints act as a bridge between old and new

Textures and patterns play a huge role when planning interior decor. And if there’s one pattern that’s been able to endure tests of time, it’s the animal print. Whether it’s cheetah or zebra print, it’s safe to say that they’ll find a place in your home. If you’re unsure which prints to go for, then think of the overall vibe you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re a fan of rustic farm chic, then feel free to opt for black and white cowhide rugs from NZ as they’ll successfully bridge any gaps between new and old that you might have. This is because these elements are so universally loved, and have a cemented place in pop culture, which makes them so easy to match.

Use antique details to make a statement

Antique details such as vintage radio pieces or an old record player are perfect decor pieces as long as you use them to make a statement. They should also be inviting and adding to the atmosphere of peace and coziness. Timeless pieces only get more beautiful with time, as long as they’re well-maintained, of course.

Therefore, be sure to use them carefully, without having too many of them in a small and confined space. That way, each individual piece will be able to stand out and act as a distinct, artistic statement.

Create a natural flow by repeating colors and/or patterns

You might have an exquisite and a bit of outlandish taste, and that’s great. Your living space should be the canvass for your personality and preferences. That’s why natural flow is so important, it makes any transitions much easier by smoothing the contrasting details. Repeating colors is the most natural way to achieve that, as they make the atmosphere more soothing and peaceful. For example, the wall and fabrics in the same or similar color are the safe way to give it a try.

Don’t forget about the lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are an important decor element that also serves a vital purpose. Hence, make it your top priority. If you’re a fan of rustic interior design, then sleek, modern lighting fixtures will make for a powerful statement. On the other hand, a modern room with extravagant fixtures will come to life, as such elements will add character and make the space look more approachable. That’s why picking perfect ambient lighting can make such an important difference.

Go for pieces that you truly love

Sometimes, it’s easy to fall in love with the idea of having a certain peace, especially if it’s considered a classic. But, in reality, owning a grand piano can be more of a nuisance if you don’t play it, or you don’t have sufficient space available. So, to make things easier, it’s best to opt for pieces that you genuinely love. If it matters to you, don’t settle for anything less. A perfectly chosen sideboard can bring you more joy than a piece that you’ve hastily purchased due to pressure.

Strike the right balance

When mixing modern and old, then you should strike the right balance between contrasting styles. That’s easily done by evenly distributing vintage and classic pieces, so they aren’t grouped by their style or time period. This also contributes to the eclectic atmosphere that plays a deciding role when combining new and old styles. Try aiming to create smaller vignettes that will all look exquisite on an individual level. When you pull that off, it’s safe to say you’ve managed to achieve the astonishing final result.


Mixing traditional and modern design is an amazing opportunity to create a stunning and attractive atmosphere in your home. These tricks will help you pull that off, as long as you remember that balance is the key element that will hold everything together, and make your space look beautiful and unique.

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