What Is The Expected Foundation Repair Cost?

Your foundation repair costs vary according to the extent of damage, the foundation type, and material, and if your property has suffered secondary damage such as wall cracks. A foundation repair contractor can inspect a structure from top to bottom and offer a specific quote for your property in particular!

In the meantime, you might note some typical foundation repair costs for residential properties, what helps determine these costs, and how long various repair methods last. This information can help you better discuss your options with a repair contractor and know what to expect when it comes to your home’s needed fixes.

Various foundation repair costs

Note some standard foundation repair costs in Nashville, according to different foundation repair methods and other factors that affect those costs. Remember that your actual repair expenses will vary, so ensure you get a quote from a foundation repair contractor before deciding the best choice for your property.

Foundation crack patching costs

Foundation cracks are not unusual and might occur as a foundation settles and cures, shrinking slightly over the years. Foundation concrete also absorbs moisture and expands, and then shrinks as it dries out. As it does, it pushes and pulls against itself, leading to cracks.

Epoxy sealers injected into foundation cracks will then expand, filling in all those nooks and crannies of foundation concrete. Those sealers dry and harden, closing up the crack and providing the foundation with added strength and stability.

Professional foundation crack repair is not very expensive, often costing between $300 and $1000 per application. This cost might depend on the overall size of the crack and the material chosen for patching. Note that this material does degrade and break down over time, so it might need reapplying every 3 to 10 years.

Bowing basement wall repair costs

As basement walls weaken, they might tend to bow inward. Cracks might also appear along the front of those walls. When this happens, it’s vital that you schedule basement wall repair immediately, as those walls can then crumble and collapse!

A repair foundation contractor can typically install specialty fiber straps along with the weak areas of basement walls, tightening the straps to push the walls back into place. These straps keep the walls in position, offering added strength to the home’s foundation.

Carbon fiber straps might cost around $1000 each on average, so your overall repair costs will depend on how many straps are needed to repair your structure. A foundation repair contractor might also suggest crack patching and waterproofing keep those repairs protected, which also adds to your overall costs.

Foundation underpinning costs

Severely damaged foundations might need underpinning. Pins, piers, or posts are installed underneath a slab foundation or along the edges of a basement foundation, and then attached to the foundation with brackets along the tops of those pins

During this process, the house is also lifted as needed so that it’s level and even. The pins or piers keep the foundation in place and ensure the structure stays even. Most pins are priced between $1000 and $3000 each so your overall foundation repair costs will depend on how many are needed for your property.

House leveling or slab jacking

If a house begins to sink on a weakened foundation, it might then need house leveling or slab jacking. During this process, holes are drilled through the foundation. A leveling slurry or grout is then inserted into the ground through those holes.

The house is also lifted hydraulically, returning it to a level position. That slurry expands as it dries and hardens, keeping the house in that level position and providing added support for the foundation. This process might cost around $3000 or more but is often done along with underpinning or other such foundation repair work.

How long does foundation repair last?

While foundation repair costs might seem a bit steep, note that underpinning, house leveling, and basement wall repairs usually last for decades if not even indefinitely. Foundation crack repair might need repeating, as said but is typically an excellent investment for keeping that foundation in good condition.

To ensure foundation repair lasts as long as possible, it’s vital that homeowners address the cause of foundation damage! Your property might need better grading, to keep moisture in the soil away from the foundation or a home’s crawl space.

Encapsulation or vapor barriers might also be needed for keeping pier and beam foundations in good condition. Sump pump and French drain installations also redirect moisture away from a structure’s foundation and can keep it from collecting inside a basement as well.

What Are Signs of Foundation Damage in a Home?

Cracks along a foundation surface need patching immediately, and bowing basement walls should be repaired right away, as said. However, these are not the only indications that it’s time for foundation repair at home!

As a foundation cracks or softens, it cannot hold up the weight of a home properly. In turn, the house might shift slightly, adding weight to one side or the other. As it does this, it pulls on surfaces and materials inside and outside the home.

This settling and pulling often result in wall and ceiling cracks or buckled floors and loose floor tiles. Drywall panels might pull away from each other, creating gaps, especially in room corners. Drywall nails might also pop out of wall studs. Doors and windows might also stick or become difficult to close and lock securely.

Moisture and even insects make their way into the home through foundation cracks, so you might notice an unpleasant infestation as well as standing water and mold growth. Roof cracks can also develop, or plumbing pipes might pull from their connectors, risking water leaks.

Final words

No matter your expected foundation repair cost, it’s vital that you schedule these fixes at the first sign of damage. This will ensure you avoid as much secondary damage as possible and that you keep your foundation costs to a minimum as well!

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