7 Things You Could Do To Prevent Shower Leak

Shower leaks are challenging. They develop in a slow and unnoticeable manner. Once you’ve noticed it, it means that the damage is already grave. In such a situation, you will have no choice but to spend extra on repair services. No one wants that. To help you avoid such a situation, we gathered seven of the things that you should always do to ensure that you don’t experience water damage from water leaks.

Why shower leaks should be avoided

Water damage should be avoided at all times because it can cause the following:

  • Material Wear Out – water damage will greatly affect the quality and state of your space
  • Compromised Structural Integrity – if the damage is massive, it can compromise the structural integrity of your house
  • Health Hazard – people at home can experience allergies and suffer from respiratory issues
  • Expensive Repair Fees – you will have to ask for expert help as water damage is not a simple problem that you could easily DIY.

Signs of leaking shower

If you think you’re already experiencing water damage but you’re not quite sure yet, you should check for the following signs:

  • Cracks
  • Damaged Vanity Units
  • Porous Grout Joints
  • Musty Smell
  • Moldy Silicone
  • Pools of Water
  • Dripping Shower
  • Dripping Taps
  • Cracked Tiles

Pro Tip: To check if you truly have a leaking shower, you could do a flood test. To do a flood test, you simply have to:

  • Block your drain.
  • Fill the base of your shower with water. Such water should be taken from a separate source.
  • Mark the height of the water.
  • Leave the water for half a day or a whole day.
  • After half a day or a whole day, check the water level.
  • If it decreased significantly, then something is off and you are indeed suffering from water damage.

If you see any of the signs, it’s time to look for leaking shower repair Perth experts.

7 Things you should do to avoid water leaks

You should regularly do the following to ensure the prevention of water damage.


You should waterproof your space. Waterproofing involves the installation of a high waterproof membrane that will prevent water damage. You should also opt for a sturdy acrylic shower tray that should be properly installed. Regular maintenance should be performed on such shower trays.

Joint checks

You have to regularly check your silicone, grout, and perimeter joints. Damage upon the following is easily observable. They are also the most common culprit in water damage scenarios. You could use instant DIY hacks as a temporary solution to leaking joints. You will need to contact a specialist afterward.

Drip checks

You should regularly check your shower taps or heads for drips. Drips are not only annoying to the ears, but they also result in so much waste and extra expenses. You should always urgently attend to a drip problem. Allowing for drips to go on can cause unnoticeable large-scale water damage. To avoid extensive damage, you should have a licensed plumber do a pressure test.

You can repair drips on your own. You may simply need to replace some internal parts that have already worn out. If you’d hire a licensed plumber, he or she can replace such internal parts for you.

Shower arm health

Where do you place your shampoo holder? You’re doing it wrong if you have it placed on the shower arm as this can cause a shower leak. The shower leak is affected because such a placement puts on additional weight. Such additional weight can damage the very pipework on your wall. To avoid this, please just install a separate shampoo holder.

Choice of contractor

Always look for the best contractor. It’s a sad fact but you must know that most water damage repairs are the result of poor workmanship. Of course, you could also blame regular wear and tear but it is mainly poor workmanship that requires massive repairs that cost much. To avoid such unwanted expenses, look for a trusted contractor with credibility, integrity, and proof of excellent work. Ask around and intensely do online research on your prospective contractor. Look for reviews and testimonies of past clients.

Corrosive cleaning products

Do you know the acid content of your cleaning products? What about their alkaline contents?

You should always check on such matters as cleaning products that are highly acidic or alkaline are corrosive. It is highly effective in cleaning dirt but it can also gravely damage your grout, tiles, and silicone. Damaged tiles, grout, and silicone lead to water damage.

You wouldn’t want water damage to ever occur so you should always be careful when choosing your cleaning products. If you can, you should use one with little to no acid or alkaline content.

Shower screen check

You should also regularly check your shower screen. If you see any leaks outside the shower, it is possible that your silicone seal is already compromised. Your shower screen holds the silicone seal so you should always ensure that it’s in good condition.

Be proactive

You should actively schedule regular maintenance and activities to ensure that you don’t suffer from water damage. If it’s already apparent that water damage is present, you should instantly reach out to specialists. This is because the longer you’d wait for a solution, the bigger the damage would be. If you could DIY stuff, do it. But all DIY hacks are temporary so you should still contact a specialist.

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