How Can A Boat Dock Increase The Value Of lakefront home?

Lakefront homes are a lucrative investment to make. In addition to the home itself being valuable, many lakefront properties have a dock for boating enthusiasts. A property with a dock can easily be worth nearly as much as the home itself because of the boat and all of its accessories. The convenience and fun that come from owning a boat and having it tied securely at your dock are priceless.

How can a boat dock be beneficial for you?

A boat dock comes with multiple benefits. Some of them are discussed below-

Boat repair

If your boat ever breaks down, you will need to take it to the shop for superficial or extensive repairs; however, if you own a lakefront home with a dock, this is not such an expensive deal as long as you keep up on small maintenance tasks like oil changes.

Frequent use

Having a boathouse can be beneficial for those who enjoy spending time on a boat. If you have a lakefront home with a dock, it will be used frequently because boating is extremely fun and family-oriented. The more your property is utilized for boating or other similar activities, the more valuable it becomes.


Having a place to tie up your boat off of your property makes life much less complicated. Oftentimes when there is no dock attached to the home, you are forced to take the boat out on the water before returning it to get repaired or filled with gas. This can mean loading everyone into an automobile and driving down to the nearest public marina, which could be several miles away from where your boat breaks down. Owning a lakefront home with a dock allows you to have a boat at your convenience, which is always ready to use.


A boat that isn’t in the water is susceptible to theft unless it is kept locked up or tied securely while not in use. If you own a lakefront home with a dock, there won’t be any need to leave your boat unattended because you can simply take the time to tie it up next to the house when you are finished using it for the day. This optional step will add to the security of your vessel and protect you from theft while making life easier for everyone involved.

How does adding a dock can increase the value of your home?

A dock will provide convenience to the boat owner because they are able to tie up their boat off of their property. Apart from this, it can increase the value of your property in many ways. Such as-

– A dock can increase the value of your lakefront home because it increases the number of people who would be interested in buying it. This is especially beneficial if you have a large family that spends a lot of time boating, fishing, or otherwise using their boat off of the surrounding waters.

– It allows for more frequent use out on the water, which can make your property much more lucrative. If you own a lakefront home with a dock, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t take advantage and use it as often as possible!

– Owning a boat means having access to go out on the water whenever you please! If your boat is tied to the dock off of your property, it doesn’t matter what time of day or night it might be; the convenience is always there.

– The more frequently a boat is used, the more work it will need in order to keep it running smoothly. Having a lakefront home with a dock makes this much easier because all of the upkeep and maintenance can be done at home and isn’t limited by distance.

– Owning a dock attached to your property gives peace of mind knowing that your vessel is secure on your own private property as opposed to on another person’s land where any number of disasters could befall it. A quality dock will last for years without incident as long as some basic upkeep is performed.

Is it worth it to have a dock on my property?

If you own a lakefront home with plenty of room near your house for a dock, then yes! There are many benefits to having one that is outlined in this article. Having a place to tie up your boat makes life easier and much more convenient for any avid boater or fisherman. If you enjoy spending time out on the water away from land, owning a lakefront home with a dock will make your lifestyle much more enjoyable!

If you do not own an adequate amount of space near your home for adding an extra pier, then no. Adding additional piers requires additional maintenance as well as money which may cause problems in the future if there isn’t enough space to perform necessary upkeep.

Quality dock materials are extremely beneficial for any lakefront home since they are sturdy and will last long into the future. If you are not interested in performing additional repairs or maintenance on your pier, it is probably better to steer away from making this purchase. However, if you want quality material that will last for many years of use without flaw, then purchasing these supplies can be a great investment!

Final words

In conclusion, owning a home with a private dock attached makes boating much more accessible and convenient than most other boating situations. A dock can easily increase the value of your investment when it comes time to sell. There is a strong likelihood that the buyer will have a boat and will want to be able to use it easily and frequently, so you can count on a potential purchaser being interested in your property if you have a dock. Suppose this sounds like something that would interest you; contact us today.

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