Wall Art Prints: Add Dimension And Texture To Your Walls

When it comes to interior aesthetics, most homeowners focus primarily on finding the best furniture and lighting solutions, leaving decorative items for the end. However, décor is one of the most important aspects of a home’s interior and investing in unique pieces is one of the easiest, yet very effective ways to add a fresh, modern vibe to your living space and make it more inviting.

Decorating with art can add interest to any room and if you are looking for popular ways to liven up your home, consider wall art prints. They can bring a sense of texture and add much-needed visual weight to your walls. When chosen carefully, a wall print can provide for the entire room, but for some reason, when it comes to selecting art, many people think they won’t make the right choice.

How to choose wall art prints?

Selecting art doesn’t always come naturally, but still, it’s a great chance for self-expression and that’s why it’s important to select a wall print that you like and give your home a beautiful finishing touch. There is a diverse community of UK artists, creating pieces that are sure to match your style and preferences and buying their artwork is a great way to support them and their creativity.

Art should evoke a reaction and when it’s part of your everyday life, you want it to reflect a positive one, therefore, it’s always a good idea to choose artwork that brings about feelings of happiness, calm or excitement since it’s your home you are decorating and you want it to be a reflection of your taste and interests. If it gets overwhelming at some point, here are a few tips that may help you find pieces that will mesh with your living space and help you create a harmonious interior.

Choose wall art by style

When selecting wall art, try to determine how it will fit into your home based on its style, whether it’s traditional, modern or contemporary. To choose wall prints that match the wall prints with your style, think about the feeling you want your home to evoke and select art that reflects that. You can choose from calming nature to abstract prints to minimalist and neutral prints, geometric art, illustrations and more, to create the atmosphere you need in your living space.

Let’s say you are living in a busy city and need to feel relaxed while at home. Consider art prints in beachy tones or art prints with botanical motifs. But if you want to make your home look more modern and keep up with trends, you can opt for black and white illustrations, portraits or pop art.

Have a specific theme in mind

If you’ve selected your home interior style, then you know that it plays a big role in every interior decision you make as it sets a distinct theme. The theme of your home can help you determine which art print fits in your home interior. Make sure to follow your theme as it’s one of the most important considerations to make when selecting wall art. There is a variety of themes you can choose from, including animals, birds, nature, kids’ themes, sports themes and many more.

Animal wall prints can add a contemporary touch, or sophistication to your space, while botanical images of flowers, plants and trees are a great choice if you want to celebrate natural beauty. Landscapes are classics that fit nicely with traditional décor but can match modern interiors as well. Surrealistic colours and abstract art, on the other hand, are perfect for modern and contemporary spaces.

Pick the right colour

If your home interior is rich in colour and texture, you can choose a simple wall art print and create a balance. But if the existing colour palette in your home is mostly neutral, as it is in most modern interiors, then you can go for a more colourful art print that will add a lively vibe to it or use the same colour scheme but in different shades to add depth to the overall appearance of the room.

Another concept for selecting wall prints by colour is to go bold. Select the most prominent colour in the room and let it lead you to your choice of wall print. Wall art is one of the only places you can opt for bold and bright colours, and as long as it all fits well your current aesthetics, feel free to go for it.

Framed or frameless?

To tie a framed print into the décor of a room, make sure to match the frame with the colour scheme. A lot of wall prints come pre-framed, meaning an expert has done the job for you and picked the best matching colour, size and finish. A simple black frame keeps the focus on the artwork, while a more stylized frame can speak for itself and tie the room together in a seemingly effortless way. If you want to choose a frameless option, you can go for a canvas print with a frameless border.

Choose the right size wall art

Last, but not least – your wall art prints size. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting pieces of artwork, together with the size of the empty wall you’ve got available. If the size is wrong, it can throw off the balance of the room, so make sure to go into your art wall search with the correct size in mind. That being said, it’s a good idea to consider placement first, whether your artwork print will be hung on the wall or it will be resting on top of a surface, like a desk, for instance.

Consider the height of your ceiling and the proportions of the room to determine the size of wall prints you need. Keep each piece at least 15cm at minimum above the edge of your furniture and keep it in proportion. For example, if you are planning to hang a piece of wall art print above your sofa, make sure it’s not more than two-thirds longer than the sofa.

Tips and ideas for decorating different rooms with wall art prints

When it comes to home decorating, one of the basic principles is that every room needs a focal point or a design element that will draw the eye. A piece of wall art can add dimension and texture to any room in your home from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom and beyond. And here are some ideas to help you conquer those blank walls.

The Kitchen

When it comes to artwork, you rarely see it in the kitchen, even though it’s one of the most frequent rooms in most homes and incorporating art into it can be beneficial for the whole family. You can choose small wall prints that will not overwhelm the space, but complement it and evoke positive feelings that will make spending time in the kitchen more enjoyable, from making your morning coffee to preparing tasty meals for yourself and your loved ones.

The living room

This is one of the most important rooms in the home and you want to decorate it nicely for two reasons. One is that the whole family gathers in this room to spend some time together, but also, it’s the room most of your family and friends will spend some time in when visiting. For the living room, you can choose an artwork print that will set the vibe of this area, make everyone feel comfortable and inspire a conversation.

The dining area

Every dining area, whether big or small, needs some art. A wall art print can add some charm to your dining room and make it look carefully designed and welcoming. Additionally, it can make every family and friends’ gathering more fun and keep the room feeling warm even when the food is finished and the guests are gone.

The bedroom

A bedroom is a place for relaxation, a calming retreat where you should be able to get away from the stress of everyday life. To achieve this, choose wall art prints in soothing colours and calming tones, pieces that are simple and give off a good vibe.

Final words

In the end, the most important thing to remember is that the right wall art print can make a huge difference to your home. It can set the tone for the entire space, add definition, dimension and depth to a room and give you a chance to play with varying textures or pops of colour by your choice. You can take your walls to the next level by mixing different pieces and designs to create an amazing gallery wall or buy triptychs and wall art sets and give a stylish and effective look to your home interior.

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