Seven Space Saving Tips For Small Homes

Whether you live with housemates, you’ve recently downsized or your family is growing, finding space to fit everything into your home may seem like a challenge. While you might feel as if your household is fit to burst, there are several space-saving hacks you can use to ensure you’re making the most of every room in your home, without letting things get too cluttered.

Space saving tips to follow

Here are a few space-saving tips for your small house.

Upgrade your heating system

 One of the most instantaneous ways to create extra storage is to check out how much space your appliances are taking up. In case if the heating system doesn’t work even though there is pressure and power supply, you may need to see how to reset the boiler. If you live in an older home, or your heating system hasn’t been updated in a few years, upgrading your boiler to a newer model is a great way to free up that much-needed extra space. Rather than requiring a hot water tank and separate boiler, newer models like combi-boilers pull water directly from the mains. As well as helping you cut down on your energy bills each month, this gives you room to create extra cupboard space in your home.

Most boilers are positioned in bathrooms or kitchens, where you often need more shelving space for pots and pans, tableware, or extra towels and sheets. Storing these out of sight, in the space, your hot water tank used to take up will help your home feel more spacious, streamlined, and simply clutter-free.

Make your storage space multitask

Aiming for a clutter-free household doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your favorite items of furniture. Space-saving solutions like coffee tables, ottomans, and shelving units mean you can enjoy putting a unique interior design twist on your home while keeping your favorite belongings close to hand.  

Especially now that many of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future, storage spaces that let you move effortlessly from your working day to home life are more important than ever. By choosing multi-tasking furniture, you’ll be able to avoid filling your home with bits and pieces that you only get occasional use out of.

Make time for regular decluttering

As the seasons change, decluttering your wardrobe, bookshelves, and children’s rooms of unused objects is one of the easiest ways to make your home feel fresh. By recycling or giving away the items you no longer get any use out of, you can create extra space in your household, without having to sacrifice anything you actually need. This also gives you the chance to review forgotten items within your house, letting you take stock of what you use every day, and what you can keep out of sight and mind by storing.

Let the light in wherever you can

If your space feels dark, small, or poky, you could think about introducing more light into your home. Opening up curtains, moving furniture away from your windows to ensure you get the full benefit of the sunlight, and placing mirrors around your home will make your home feel a lot lighter and brighter, whether you’re struggling for space or not.

Even if you prefer your home to feel a little cozier, placing lamps wherever you can reduce the number of shadows in your home, helps your space feel considerably more light and fresh.  

Carefully consider your furniture

As well as choosing furniture that can multitask when you need it to, you could also consider the placement of your tables, chairs, and sofas around your home. While you might expect that pushing your furniture against your walls will help your rooms feel more spacious, this can actually often have the opposite effect. Instead, playing around with your furniture placement means you can work out which layout is the best option to suit both your space and your personal style. 

Get clever with your shelving options

As storage solutions become more and more innovative, you can choose from a whole range of floating shelving, in-built options, or hidden shelves you can use to your advantage. As well as using your shelving to display your favorite books and trinkets around your home, you can make your cupboard space work harder, too. Using racks, jars, and in-built shelving to organize your pantry items inside your cupboards will make your day-to-day life much more seamless, and help you store more out of sight, too. 

Make the most of your space’s quirks

Finally, one of the best ways to save space in your home is to embrace the things that make your household unique. Whether you live in a house with nooks and crannies you’re unsure how to fill, hidden cupboards or high ceilings, working out how you can make your home your own will ensure your storage solutions can work as hard as possible, and keep your home peaceful, calm and clutter-free.

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