6 Different Types Of Wrenches And Their Uses

A wrench is used to loosen as well as tighten fasteners. It is also called a spanner tool. It is a primary tool, and almost every household has one or two different types of wrenches. Wrenches come in various shapes and forms, and you can find an extensive collection at https://www.mektronics.com.au/brands/cresent. Different wrench types can be used for different purposes.

Various types of wrenches

Read on to know about six common types of wrenches and their main uses.

Combination wrench

The wrench is the box-end at one end of the combination, and the other side consists of an open-end. The box-end includes a closed ring. The internal diameter of the ring depends upon the size of the wrench. The combination wrench is the most common type and is used for multiple purposes.

Key uses of combination wrench

  • The box-end can accommodate square and hex nuts. It is easy to handle tough bolts and nuts.
  • The open-end is used for tightening and loosening in smaller spaces.

Socket wrench

The socket wrench comes from the hollow cylinder (called the socket) present at one end of the tool. The socket is detachable, thus allowing you to use the wrench with objects of varying sizes. The socket wrench is also called a ratchet wrench.

Key Uses of socket wrench

  • The socket is placed over the bolt while tightening it.
  • It allows quick operation without the need for repositioning the wrench regularly.

Open-ended wrench

The open-ended wrench includes two U-shaped open ends on either side of the shaft. One open-end is slightly larger than the other. It is a common wrench type and is easy to use.

Key uses of open-ended wrench

  • Since the wrench is flat, it is ideal for handling hard-to-reach bolts in various situations.
  • The U-shaped openings found on both ends allow a better grip for objects.

Adjustable wrench

When you are handling a repair job that requires different wrench sizes, opt for an adjustable wrench. The adjustable wrench is also referred to as a crescent wrench. The adjustable wrench is versatile. It would be best to handle the wrench with the proper force, as it sometimes tends to slip along the bolts.

Key uses of adjustable wrench

  • Since the tool is adjustable, it can be used comfortably with an assortment of nuts and bolts.
  • The adjustable wrench can be of two types: Self-adjusting wrench (used with PVC pipes, nuts, bolts) and Pipe wrench (more suited for metal pipes and fittings).

Allen wrench

Allen wrench or the L-shaped wrench is an essential tool in almost every Australian household. It includes a T- or L-shaped metal shaft with a hexagonal end. It is commonly used while joining pieces of furniture.

Key uses of allen wrench

  • It fits perfectly into the heads of nuts and bolts with hexagonal recesses.
  • Since it is small, it helps hold objects together.

Torque wrench

The torque wrench is designed to offer a specific amount of torque. You may change the torque level to suit a variety of projects and repair works. Torque wrenches can be manual or digital.

Key uses of torque wrench

  • Torque wrenches are widely used in the automobile industry.
  • They provide better accuracy than torque sticks.

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