7 Common Home Repairing Blunders To Avoid

Imagine you just got your wiring fixed by the electrician, and the flush decides to stop working. Or you might notice mold on your garage door after a humid season. Your gutters are blocked just a few months after you clean them. It may seem like mayhem and panic. But, this is the life of a homeowner.

Sometimes, several things can wrong at once with a house. So, taking care of a home is an overwhelming responsibility.

The worst thing is that delays can increase costs. Plus, older and larger homes need a lot of tender loving care. But, a house is like a human body: it lets you know when something is wrong. However, most homeowners ignore the warning signs and cause permanent damage to their houses. Therefore, owners should monitor their homes.

A well-planned property maintenance strategy can help homeowners avoid the pitfalls of home maintenance and avoid catastrophes. An initial inspection can identify concerns on the property and any emerging problems. Then, owners can set up a plan to resolve the issues.

Home repair blunders to avoid

Most people miss things since they have to juggle several things simultaneously. Fortunately, we are here to sort out the mess. Our list can jog your memory and keep track of everything.

Putting off roof repair

Shingles in the yard, leaks, and water sports are all signs that your roof needs maintenance. Unfortunately, most people either miss the signs or ignore them. However, leaky roofs can become a problem for homeowners. Areas with rainy weather, such as Bradford, United Kingdom, may require regular roof maintenance. So, people living there should stay in touch with firms offering any roof repairs Bradford area services. Roof repairs can also improve the value of your property and drive up the price. Sometimes critters enter houses through faulty roofs.

They may make a nest in your attic or the ceiling insulation. And getting a pest management expert can cost a lot of money. However, regularly checking your roof for damage can avoid these issues. So, it is better to contact a professional to sort out the problems.

Ignoring water damage

There are several reasons for water damage, including leaky roofs and faulty plumbing. Houses with water damage may face structural issues, mold, bad smells, and electrical damage. Mold can increase moisture levels and causes health problems for residents. People may develop respiratory problems or skin diseases because of mildew. But, the issue can creep up on you if we are not careful. And ignoring damage may make things much worse. Sometimes areas require immediate replacement because of long-term, unseen damage. Water damage can be your cue to check other things. Contact a plumber to resolve the problem and identify the root cause. Then, you can deal with the ceiling discoloration. Use bleach to target mildew and use a primer to block the spot. Lastly, add a coat of paint to cover up the stains.

Not cleaning every inch

Most people only clean the high-traffic areas of their home, such as countertops, toilets, and rugs. However, other, easy-to-miss places also require regular maintenance. For example, ceiling fans often get grimy over time. So, they need a quick clean-up after every two months. People can slide pillowcases over the blades and pull them down to clean fans quickly. Other areas to check for gunk include air vents, door frames, and behind the toilet. Cleaning these areas can help you get rid of germs as well. Use one part bleach, one part liquid dishwasher, baking soda, lemon, and warm water to clean stains.

Power washing

Anyone can rent a power washer to clean their deck, sliding, fence, and gutters. And everyone loves to flaunt the before and after pictures on their social media. There are also several communities for power washers. However, most people do not know that pressure washing can cause irreparable damage to their houses. For example, high-pressure washing aluminum siding can dent it. Plus, targeting masonry can weaken foundations. It can also cause white streaks, which are impossible to get off.

Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions before beginning the project. People should keep a 40-degree angle and keep the nozzle at least 6 inches away.

Not changing the HVAC filters

Dust particles can block the HVAC and damage the system. Furthermore, blockage in filters increases power use by 15 percent. The air filter may also have mineral deposits and bacteria. Therefore, your electricity bills will be higher, and your air will be dirtier. Homeowners should clean their filters after every two months. Usually, a manual contains all the information for HVAC maintenance procedures. But, homeowners can also ask an expert to help them with the issue. Some homes may have a heat pump that pulls heat inside during winters and reverses during summers. However, setting back the thermostat can affect the efficiency of the pump. So, owners must read manuals to understand the ideal temperature for their house.

Wooden entry doors without varnish

Some houses may have issues with entry doors. Doors that do not have a varnish or paint seal may swell during damp weather. They may also bind the frame and warp. Owners may have issues closing doors properly. Sometimes the door handles also rust because of the moisture. Fortunately, doors that stick in the door frame have an easy fix. Sanding or planing the edges of the door can make it smoother to fit in the frame. However, resolving problems with the warping of doors requires more effort. The homeowner should start by removing the door from the hinges. Then, they must put it in the sun to dry. They may use weights to add pressure and resolve the distortion. Lastly, a finish can seal the wood and prevent any issues in the future.

Ignoring pest control

Contrary to popular opinion, pests do not take time to damage a home. Insects such as termites attack houses during construction because builders leave lumber during construction. The termites attack the scraps and then start damaging the house. Rodents also carry diseases, and they may affect the residents by contaminating food or leaving feces. So, owners must schedule inspections every spring. An exterminator can identify early signs of an infestation and save you from the consequences.


Most of us neglect home maintenance because there is always something more urgent. However, procrastination can end in substantial financial losses for homeowners. So, how can they maintain their houses regularly? They must keep three things in mind.

First, home maintenance is not a one-time job. So, a little tinkering cannot prevent significant damage to the house. Homeowners must dedicate their time to the maintenance and security of their homes. Secondly, they should save insurance manuals to help them with the upkeep. These valuable booklets have instructions on cleaning appliances.

Lastly, owners should follow the rule of six. They must inspect their property every six months to identify signs of decay.

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