Is Power Washing Good For Your House

Homeowners often put off power washing because they assume this service is somehow bad for a home or damage to exterior surfaces. A homeowner might even know someone who pressures washed their deck, exterior walls, roof, or other surfaces, only to be left with unsightly streaks along wood surfaces, etched and scratched brick, and missing shingles.

Before you go another year without pressure washing, you might note some vital information about why this work is beneficial for your home, and why homeowners sometimes end up with damage when trying to manage the task themselves. You can then make the right decision for your house and know that your property will always be clean and pristine and in excellent condition. You can then discuss your options with or any contractor and know you’ll be making the right decision for your property.

Power washing mistakes to avoid

If you’ve seen damaged surfaces after pressure washing, it’s typically due to an amateur job and several mistakes commonly made by homeowners trying to manage this work themselves. Being alerted to these mistakes can help you avoid them yourself, so you know your home will be clean yet damage-free after power washing.

  • Using too much pressure is a common power washing mistake. For stubborn dirt and grime, it’s typically best to use a high-quality cleanser that works to dissolve thick dirt and grime, rather than assuming you need more pressure! High-pressure washing can etch, scratch, or otherwise damage exterior surfaces.
  • While detergents are excellent for removing thick dirt and grime, inexperienced power washers might use the wrong cleansers for various surfaces. Some power washing cleaners are meant for wood while others are best on glass, metal, brick, and so on.
  • Not rinsing away soap and dirt quickly can allow dirty water to dry onto exterior surfaces, leaving behind a sticky, unsightly mess. This is especially true on hot sunny days, when direct sunlight overhead dries out that cleanser even more quickly.
  • Holding a pressure washing wand directly against a surface when cleaning can also result in damage as well as lots of splatter! A professional power washing contractor knows to hold the wand at an angle, to dislodge dirt and grime without damaging the surface needing cleaning.
  • Homeowners might also be surprised at how much mess and splatter is created during power washing. If you’re not trained in how to hold the pressure washing wand so as to direct all that splatter away from the house or surrounding property, you might end up making a bigger mess than before you started!

It’s also vital to note that standard pressure washing is not recommended for some surfaces, no matter how you manage the equipment. For example, soft wash cleaning is often best for roof shingles, glass, and wood decks and fences, to avoid damage. Soft wash is also used for especially thick dirt and grime, to dissolve that dirt and make it easier to rinse away.

Is power washing good for your house?

With all these risks faced when pressure washing, you might assume that power washing is bad for your house, or simply not worth it! However, regular pressure washing, when done safely and properly, offers many benefits for homeowners.

  • Damp debris such as mud and storm residues hold moisture against exterior surfaces. That moisture can risk water damage to brick, asphalt shingles, and wood. Pressure washing reduces the risk of long-term damage caused by damp materials.
  • Twigs, leaves, seeds, moss, acorns, and other storm debris on the roof can end up in a home’s gutters, risking clogs and damage. Regular roof washing removes that debris, keeping roofs protected and ensuring clean gutters.
  • Cleaning away mold, dust, and pollen, soot, and air pollution residues clinging to a house helps improve outdoor air quality. This is especially vital for anyone in the family with asthma, allergies, or similar health concerns.
  • Mold, algae, and storm debris work their way around shingles and tiles, loosening them and risking having them fly off in storms and high winds. Keeping roofs clean can mean less risk of damage and subsequent roof repair.

Power washing also improves a home’s exterior appearance instantly, which is reason enough to invest in regular pressure washing services. A clean home exterior can even make a home look updated and freshly painted, with an outdoor space that’s ready for relaxing or entertaining!

Why rely on professionals for power washing

Pressure washing offers many benefits for your property but only when it’s done right! Hiring a pro for power washing in Rhode Island ensures a thorough job without damage or messy splatter.

Professional power washing contractors also know how to keep themselves safe on ladders or when washing roofs, and are experts at choosing the best detergents to use and the right pressure for washing and rinsing. To ensure a quality cleaning for your property, rely on a professional rather than trying to DIY your needed power washing.

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