Answering Your 4 Most Commonly Asked Questions About AC Service In Pearland TX

Timely repairs and regular AC service in Pearland TX are needed to ensure your residential or commercial air conditioner is in tiptop shape, ready to perform once warm summertime weather arrives! The state’s long, hot summers often put added demands on air conditioners which is one reason why regular service calls are so vital, keeping the unit running optimally and ensuring it’s in good condition.

If you’ve been putting off needed air conditioning service, you might consider some commonly asked questions about AC maintenance and repairs. You can then discuss your HVAC system with a repair contractor as needed and know that your air conditioner will function effectively and last as long as possible.

How do you know when you need an AC service in Pearland TX?

Don’t wait for your air conditioner to stop working altogether before you schedule AC service in Pearland TX. Regular maintenance for your HVAC system is like changing the oil in your car; this simple service step can ensure parts are working as they should and keep them from premature breakdown.

Most HVAC systems should be inspected, cleaned, and serviced every year. Annual service is especially vital in Texas, where air conditioners might be used almost constantly throughout the year and then suffer excessive wear and tear.

It’s also recommended that you schedule AC service if your air conditioner is functioning but not as well as you expect. For example, if it seems to cycle on for too long or shuts off too quickly, your HVAC system might need new wiring or the thermostat might need recalibrating. If the unit pushes lukewarm air out the home’s vents, it might need cleaning and oiling so it can cool air adequately and the fan or blower can operate as it should.

What is done during AC service in Pearland TX?

Most air conditioner maintenance calls will include a full-scale inspection, looking for worn parts, or other needed repairs. While each contractor is different, he or she will usually also include:

  • Cleaning the motor blower blades and other moving parts, and removing built-up dust along the appliance interior.
  • Checking belts for excess wear and needed replacement.
  • Oiling the ball bearings and all moving parts as needed.
  • Checking the thermostat for needed calibrating.
  • Changing the furnace filter.
  • Inspecting for condensation and ice particles forming around the central unit compressor.
  • Clearing away debris from the central unit grilles.
  • Ensuring the condenser drain is not kinked or blocked.
  • Checking refrigerant levels and inspecting for leaks.
  • Ductwork might be inspected for needed cleaning, and for dents and leaks.
  • AC repair contractors might also inspect all wiring, looking for frayed or bare wires and connectors.

The air conditioner, furnace, air filtration system, and other HVAC appliances and parts are also typically tested thoroughly, so your contractor can check for proper function, odd smells and noises, and other indicators that it’s time for repairs. He or she might also address any particular issues you’re having with your unit, such as uneven cooling.

Does every HVAC system need maintenance?

A newer HVAC system might not need maintenance or service for several years after installation, but typically once the unit is about 3 years old, it’s recommended you schedule annual servicing. Your HVAC service contractor can clean the unit, change belts as needed, and ensure there are no obstructions or other damage to the unit. Some AC units also need regular maintenance to keep their warranty in force, so don’t assume you can go without this work no matter the age or model of your HVAC system.

When should you replace an AC system versus repairs?

Replacing an AC system is almost always more expensive than any repairs or service, but this doesn’t mean that you should always invest in air conditioner repair versus replacement! One vital consideration is the age of your current appliance. As the AC gets older, it will need more and more repairs, and eventually, the motor, blower, compressor hose, and other major components will wear away and suffer permanent damage.

For older units, note if those repeated repairs might actually cost you more in the long run than a new air conditioner altogether. Upgrading to a new unit can also mean enjoying zone cooling, increased energy efficiency, and other benefits not available with your current unit. If you’re thinking of selling your home sometime in the near future, a newer AC appliance can also increase your home’s value and bring in more potential buyers than if you tried to put the home on the market with an old, worn-out appliance.

Final words

Your Pearland TX AC service contractor can also advise you on the general condition of your current appliance, how many years of life it might have left on it, and if a newer model might be a better choice for you. You can then make the right decision for your home and know that you’ll always have a fully functioning air conditioner, ready to cool your house when needed!

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