Post Construction Cleaning Checklist To Follow

Let’s be real, we all know that when the construction is done, it’s not done yet! There is a whole lot of Post construction cleaning checklists that one needs to checkmark. This ensures the site that you are working on is on point.

What is Post-construction Cleaning?

In this article, we are about to tell you some important points on post construction cleaning. But before that, let us tell you what post-construction cleaning is. So, it is the final step of the construction that rarely people consider. This step involves post-deep cleaning in a way that the final results look high-end and fine enough.

construction clean-up checklist to follow

Now, let’s dive into the construction clean-up checklist that you need to make to attain a high-end result.

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Vacuum all the rugs/carpets:

We all know that carpets and rugs trap a lot of dust. Since they are laid on the floor, they trap almost all of them that slide on the floor. It is very important to deep clean all the rugs and carpets. It is an important post-construction cleaning tip. If your floor is carpeted, no matter how much you cover them, you still need to deep clean it.

Dispose of unnecessary stuff:

Well! We all have things at our places that are kept safe but are no longer in our use. Make sure you dispose of all the unnecessary items that are no longer in use to de-clutter the entire process of post-construction. 

This will automatically make new space for the things that you need to accommodate are new. Also, disposing of unnecessary items gives you internal satisfaction. Make sure you dispose of it properly so the things are recycled and don’t create a problem for the planet earth.

Counters and shelves:

Construction cleaning involves looking at all the nooks and corners of the side/home deeply so no place is left behind that is dirty. Do look at the countertops and shelves as they have direct exposure to the dust that is laid post-construction. Make sure you clean those surfaces thoroughly because these can be seen and do not give a polished look to the renovation done. Construction cleaning is certainly incomplete without it.

Clean the hard floors:

If in case you have hard floors such as tiles, woodwork, marble, or even chips, it is easy to clean. All you need to do is hard-mopping floors with the cleaning liquid for the respective floors. This should be continued even after construction cleaning. This keeps the floor shiny. One does not need to change the tiles which can save a lot of budgets. 

Construction house cleaning is not easy but a major portion is done when the floors are clean and wiped. Make sure you keep the thorough cleaning of floors in mind and if possible go for power cleaning. This will wipe away all the built-in at the corners and between the lines of the tiles.

Clean Windows:

Widows have sliding spaces that are prone to pile up a lot of dust specifically after construction. Often people forget to consider windows in new construction cleaning. They just don’t trap the dust due to construction, but also, it gets really dirty due to the dust coming from outside the home.

Clean windows not only give a polished look to the site from the inside but also for the exterior first look of the home. Use brushes to clean the nooks and corners and liquid cleaners to give that extra shine to the glass from inside and outside as well.

Ceiling and fans: 

Imagine having a very high-end home after the renovation and then the entire impression is brought down by just having greasy fans and chandler. During the new construction, Cleaning Services makes sure you touch up all the fans and the ceilings. 

The best way to clean heavy dust from them is to use a dusting brush. It would be easy to clean it yourself while climbing up the ladder as it would not require great force. Otherwise, you have to pay extra for this entire cleaning purpose. Doing it with a dusting brush can save you money.

Remove Taping:

While painting, painters use tape on the corners so that the paint droplets do not stain the floor. Make sure you remove all the taping lines so the floor and the walls look high-end and elite. Often, people forget to remove the tapings that look unfinished even when construction clean-up. By following these little tips, you won’t need to hire a heavy-duty cleaning service. This will save a lot of money in the longer run.

Power washing:

Cleaning new construction homes is a tough task. Specifically, those driveway, porch, and deck can be a great mess if not maintained. After the construction, if the driveway does not look clean enough you can go for a power wash. You can hire or rent services or buy cleaning tools and equipment. It will pay you off in the longer run. The look of your house after power washing will surprise you. Probably, the chances are that you need one and haven’t realized it yet.


So, in this article, we have discussed some of the tips for post-construction cleanup. By following these little tips and paying attention to the sections that we have discussed above, you can create an amazing outlook of the site after the construction, while cleaning.

Remember, construction is a one-time job and investment. It will only pay off in the long run if the maintenance is up to date. Keep all the things on point with little cleaning here and there so you don’t invest a lot in reconstruction. Hope you find this article helpful!

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