Why Consider Color Landscape Lighting?

Classic white lighting sets an elegant tone for any occasion, but with color, you can change the entire look of your home. As market awareness of colored landscape lighting has grown, so has the innovation of colored landscape lighting technology. With this new technology, you now have the flexibility to control, customize, and adjust your lighting to fit your needs.

Imagine the ease of having complete control of the brightness and color of your landscape lighting. You can illuminate and highlight the exterior features of your home with any brilliant color option you choose.

Enhance your home with color

Many consumers think of holidays when it comes to color landscape lighting. With smart full-color landscape lighting systems, you can take the hassle out of holiday decorating by programming your house to light up red and green for the month of December and eliminate days spent untangling strands of lights or climbing ladders. Do you love Halloween? Get in the spirit by scheduling your lights to change orange and purple on October 31st. Full-color outdoor lighting can convert your landscape lighting from classic to festive holiday soiree with the touch of a button. Your holiday guests will never be disappointed!

Color landscape lighting isn’t just for the holidays. Highlight trees to match flowers or add a pop of color to your landscaping year-round. Are you a sports fan? Represent your favorite team on game day by displaying their colors. Support family and friends by lighting your home to spread hope for those fighting cancer or show your patriotism by illuminating red, white, and blue.

Landscape lighting fixtures

Accent lighting  

Highlight the unique features and details of your home with color accent lighting. Soft spotlights could enhance the aesthetics of your trees and flower beds, while capstone lighting will reveal the attractive architectural details retaining walls and stairways.

Deck lighting

Beautify and enhance the safety of your backyard by installing color lighting to your deck or patio. Enjoy spending more time entertaining or relaxing on your deck with these exquisite under-mount fixtures.

Pool and bistro lighting

Pool parties don’t have to stop when the sun goes down when you add a splash of color to waterfalls and surrounding landscaping. Full-color lighting options offer you the flexibility to complement your pool decks, pergolas, and dining area for even more fun after dark!

Strip lighting

Use color strip lighting anywhere for brightness, emphasis, and areas hard to light. Full-color LED Strips provide the ultimate flexibility for any lighting project.

Up lights

Illuminate the distinct features of your backyard in color with these simple sleek and modern fixtures. These lights add depth and are an excellent way to spotlight trees or landscape design features.

Path Lights

Create a safe, wandering path of light to guide guests throughout your property. Functional and beautiful, path lights ensure safety while adding charm. There are several styles available to add uniqueness and elegance to your home.

Choosing quality fixtures – Lenses and bulbs

There are many color landscape lighting options on the market today. Before you begin your search, consider what features are most important to you. LED lighting lasts longer than regular bulbs. They also save on electric costs over time. When searching for the perfect full-color landscape lighting system, keep in mind that the lens design plays a significant role in the consistency and quality of your lighting output. When it comes to color, the number of LEDs matters. The more LEDs within the fixture the better because it substantially improves the quality of the color.

As classic landscape lighting has evolved, there are now versatile full-color outdoor lighting systems on the market today. Whether you are looking for a subtle splash of color or festive fun for the holidays, with the most advanced systems on the market you are in control! Installing a Full-color smart-outdoor lighting system provides endless possibilities!

Home automation

If you have used Alexa or Siri, or already utilize a smart-home system, you already know some of the benefits of home automation. While each lighting system is unique and comes with a wide range of features, at a minimum most systems will allow you to schedule the on and off times of the lights and control them manually. More advanced systems enable you to choose from a wide variety of color brightness and temperatures right from the App.

Opting for a lighting system with a smartphone app that allows for integration with your existing smart home features gives you the ability to control your lights from anywhere with the touch of a button. Some of these systems also have options to schedule the brightness and color selections based on holiday schedules year-round creating the ultimate smart lighting experience.

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