Bring The Outside In With Cute Floral Wallpapers

Wallpapers are trending. And why not when they are available in so many varieties, patterns, and colors. The options are endless. Now the world is moving towards floral wallpapers. In fact, they are everywhere. You will find them in an outdated bathroom or your grandmother’s dining room.

But hey! They are nothing like they used to be 30 years back. You will get watercolor, pastels, loud and cool floral designs, patterns, and so much more. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend days bringing a garden inside your home. It will take only a few hours to do it, even without you having any green thumb.

Bring the outside in with cute floral wallpapers

Here is how you can bring the outside in with cute floral wallpapers. Let’s get going!

Add a pop of color to your laundry room

Even fashion designers are getting inspired by nature’s creations. But why should you wear floral when you can easily clean those floral while surrounding them. Isn’t that great? The best part is that you don’t mix and match floral wallpaper with anything since the laundry room has no competing accessories. So, you go all flowery, dramatic, soothing, or bold, as per your wishes. You can allow the floral wallpaper to take center stage.

Give a whimsical and modern spin to your dining area

Your dining room is a place where you enjoy a delicious feast. But if your surroundings don’t make you happy, even the best feast won’t make you feel better. You can opt for a cherry blossom design to transform a tired old standby. You can also go with cheery cherries, dogwood blooms to add brightness to your otherwise monotonous walls. You can even create a floral accent wall to avoid overpowering the space.

Go bold with your kid’s room

If you think floral prints are just for your bedroom or dining area, you are wrong. Remember, floral prints aren’t always about flowers alone. You can use a floral animal print stick wallpaper to create a space similar to a canvas, making it quite intriguing for your child. You can opt for a themed blue or red wall with a matching bookcase to make it kid-friendly automatically.

Further, if you want to do this for your kid’s room, make sure to keep it a neutral room instead of opting for blues or pinks. Any flower is suitable for a child as long as the color palette doesn’t dominate the entire scheme.

Create a calming atmosphere with bold choices

If you were never a floral fan but want to take the next step. Well! You don’t have to worry about the floral pattern overpowering the space. You must create a mural-like wallpaper and keep the accessories simple around it, and you are good to go. This is a good option for those who love to create a beautiful mural on their walls but don’t have any artistic skills to do so. This will give your bedroom, living room, or dining area a bold look.

Create a neutral atmosphere with inked floral designs

Suppose you like to keep your walls or room white or neutral. What better option than opting for inked floral patterns? Their crisp designs and graphics will give your neutral walls a great complement without taking away the simplicity. For instance, you can opt for inky florals, brushed roses, pastel blooms, and so many similar patterns.

Bring lush nature into your room

Some people want to bring flowers into their house. But they don’t feel like sticking only to roses. Well, in that case, you can get different flowers or floral patterns for your home. Plus, you can also add plant dreams, cactus garden, prickly pear, cute cactus, and so on to bring the entire garden inside your abode. And that too without needing anything else but a wallpaper.

Add some symmetry with geometric floral designs

Geometric prints are so trending now. But if you are more of a nature lover than a math lover, you can use intricate designs to please yourself. You can use these designs for your entryway or add the same in your nursery if you have one to create the perfect ambiance.

Create a vintage look for your bedroom

Not everyone likes light, neutral colors. Some even love dark prints in their rooms. If you want to make your room something like a queen’s chamber, you must use floral prints to do that. Your accessories will make your wall shine, giving you an even more “queen-like” look.

You can further mix and match it with chic wallpapers to create a mid-century look. You can use the roses to create a look that will help you remember the times you had with your grandma. Or switch to greens to blend the colors of floral patterns perfectly, making the entire atmosphere calm.

Get all rosy and create a soft ambiance

If you are a rose lover, you can find a lot of rose floral prints. You can go for a sweet classic or opt for soft pastels and blend different flower patterns with roses. For instance, you can go for vintage flora. The water rose, poppy harvest sketched rose, and similar designs perfectly blend your designs for the perfect look.

Other options

  • You can bring radiance to your boring hallway and add a bit of color or bring the outside in with vintage floral patterns.
  • You can create a work of art by adding modern colors using floral designs to your rooms or kitchen. You can also add succulents if you are crazy about them. They will be a perfect choice for the staircase, your powder room, or your cupboards.
  • You can also add bold and eye-catching designs by using oranges and reds with your bright furniture. This will give a burst of happiness.

Final words

Your home is your happy place. And if you want to bring the outside in, what better option than a cute floral wallpaper. Fortunately, you can find endless options nowadays, thanks to online websites selling the same. You can opt for a custom sample, check its look, and buy the final lot accordingly. Isn’t that great?

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