6 Tips To Know When Lighting Up Your Courtyard With LED Lights

The style of the courtyard is generally simple, atmospheric, and regular. You can experience a comfortable life in the courtyard full of a natural atmosphere. The night view created by the courtyard lighting is also a very important part of the courtyard landscape and must not be ignored. At night, the roads, obstacles, corners, and important landscapes in the courtyard must be lit up. They must have a certain degree of safety and a certain degree of beauty. If you have a courtyard, it must be well decorated.

Tips to know when lighting up your courtyard

At night, the courtyard also needs some light. So how courtyard lighting should be designed?

Waterscape lighting design

If the waterscape in the courtyard lacks lighting, it will lose its viewing function at night. We often see the fountains in some squares and other places with lights, creating a particularly beautiful landscape that is eye-catching. The same is true in the courtyard. On a beautiful summer night, enjoying the cool water in the courtyard makes me happy to think about it.

When installing a floodlight next to a waterscape with the slow flow or static water, it is best to use a direct light source to illuminate the water surface, and use the reflection of the water surface to map nearby scenery to achieve the effect of peace and harmony and pleasing to the eye. If the wind blows and the water moves, this design can also achieve a dynamic waterscape effect with continuous changes in brightness.

The environment in residential areas is generally dark, so the brightness of the lights should not be designed too high. Various clever lighting combinations are added to the waterscape of the courtyard to make the waterscape not only enjoyable during the day.

Plant lighting design

Plant floodlights are generally divided into two types: lawn lights and tree floodlights. Appropriate use in the courtyard can create a beautiful night environment atmosphere, but also pay attention to reasonable use according to the environment to prevent excessive or over-brightness. Destroy the quiet rest environment.

When installing lamps near the road or beside the lawn, you must pay attention to concealment, or choose more artistic lamps to decorate, so that the lamps themselves can be integrated with the landscape

Courtyard road lighting design

The illumination of courtyard roads and steps is essential to ensure the safety of walking at night. The lighting design in these places generally uses column lights or low mini spotlights, and recessed paving lights can also be installed. The number of lamps and the width of the road should be considered clearly. These lamps can shine a light on the road, not only can illuminate the courtyard road, but also have a certain aesthetics, and it is also a good choice.

Courtyard stairs lighting design

There will be steps in some courtyards. Adding lights to the steps at night can not only ensure safety but also increase the sense of hierarchy and beauty of the entire courtyard lighting design. Generally, LED linear lights can be selected for the lights installed on the steps. LED linear lights can more clearly outline the outline of the steps. The lines are simple and clear, and the lighting angle can be adjusted, which will not overwhelm the guests and destroy the overall courtyard style.

Courtyard entrance lighting design

The lighting at the entrance of the courtyard can be designed according to the entrance conditions. Some can install column headlights, but some can only install ordinary lights in the door. The lighting design here is best to choose low-energy light bulbs or LED lights. The owner can choose a sensor-type lamp, which will automatically light up when it is close to it, or choose a lamp with a set time and time switch, according to their own preferences.

Courtyard fence lighting design

Fences are vital to the security and privacy of a courtyard. Some taller and denser plants can be planted around the fence, and then decorated with colorful smart light strings. This not only creates a very ideal landscape decoration effect but also plays a very good role in privacy protection.

Final words

The design creativity of the courtyard lighting should be kept consistent with the overall interior design style. Most of the small courtyard landscapes are important indoor views. You can design multiple landscape scenes and partition the courtyard by using different LED landscape lights.

Including fountains, dining areas, vegetable gardens, etc., enrich the content of the small courtyard. Commonly used LED lights include LED point light sources, LED wall washer lights, LED linear lights, and LED underground lights. When choosing LED lights, you need to pay attention to choosing a light source with good quality, energy saving, environmental protection, low voltage, low current, and high brightness. The design of courtyard lighting is more about the control of details. While ensuring the integrity of the entire courtyard space design, every subtlety should be eye-catching.

No matter how beautiful the courtyard design is, if there is no lighting, the night will be overshadowed. If we can use the lighting cleverly, the dark night will become a beautiful landscape, creating a leisurely and peaceful outdoor space for us to enjoy that share Quiet and quiet.

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