4 Iron French Doors That Are Trending In Chicago

Iron French doors are a cut above the rest. Known for their elegance and heightened visual appeal, the eye-catching doors make a winning impression. Over the years, Chicago has become well-known for its unique French doors. Whether you explore South Shore, Bridgeport, North Center, Humboldt Park, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, or Edgewater, you’ll be taken aback by the incredible appeal of each property.

However, Chicago’s properties aren’t just known for their exterior aesthetic appeal. Their interior charm is just as fascinating. As you step inside these properties, you’ll marvel at the modern interior design, fixtures, and furnishings. As your gaze falls on a pair of French doors, you’ll wonder why you haven’t incorporated them into your space as well.

The trending iron French doors

In this blog, we’ll walk you through four of the most popular iron French door styles in Chicago. Soak up some inspiration so you can give your property a makeover this summer. Continue reading!

Double flat iron French doors

Classic, chic, and timeless, double flat iron French doors are always a great option. The versatile doors can be easily incorporated into any interior space irrespective of how diverse the interior design may be.

If you’re looking for iron patio doors, French doors should be your go-to. Whether your interior space is modern, minimalist, bohemian, or rustic, the versatile doors will beautifully complement the surroundings.

Arched iron French doors

Known for their elegant appeal, arched iron French doors have been gaining more traction in 2021. They add a touch of sophistication and softness to the entryway, thereby making your home look more compelling and inviting.

It’s important to note that arched doors should always be balanced by flat fixtures and furnishings. This is a great way to benefit from the charm of arched doors without affecting the interior harmony, balance, and rhythm of your space.

For an added touch of pizzazz, decorate your arched iron front door with a minimalist, neutral floral wreath.

Single flat iron doors

Just as visually impressive as arched doors, single flat iron doors are extremely popular in Chicago. They’re bold, expansive, and ultra-luxe. If you want to increase your property’s value, these grand portals should be your first choice.

Single flat iron doors stand out for their simplicity. Instead of making property appear overdone, they help retain the perfect balance. As a result, you can get creative with your interior design palette.

While we recommend sticking to neutrals, for the most part, you can opt for bold splashes of color without worrying about your space appearing visually overwhelming. With a deep black finishing, single flat iron doors will add depth and dimension to your space.

Factory-style iron doors

We saved the best for last. Over the years, factory-style iron doors have become an easy favorite across Chicago. Longer and wider than regular doors, these eye-catching portals make interior spaces appear bigger. They also allow a plethora of light to pour in. Your home will look more revitalized, refreshed, and spruced up.

Factory-style iron doors can be easily incorporated into any living area. In most cases, they’re used as iron patio doors. However, you can also include a pair in the living room, dining room, or master bedroom.

Which iron French doors are right for me?

Iron French doors are extremely versatile. They can be incorporated into any space. However, certain doors work best in specific sections of the house. It’s important to note that these aren’t strict rules, they’re general preferences.

Ultimately, you have free rein. However, we recommend opting for flat single or double iron doors for the entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom. Arched iron French doors should be incorporated into interior spaces like the pantry or bathroom.

Final words

While you can work around these preferences, make sure you take some time to visualize each door into the space you’re working with. If you have any doubts, go with your gut feeling. Pinky’s Iron Doors stocks a wide range of affordable and aesthetically appealing doors, including steel entry doors, steel sliding doors, wine cellar doors, and interior doors.

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