Is Carpet Cleaning Worth It? A Home Owners’ Guide

Carpet cleaning might cost a few hundred dollars even for a small house, which is why homeowners often wonder if this service is worth it! In addition to the expense, some homeowners avoid calling a carpet cleaning company because they assume that renting a machine and shampooing a home’s carpet themselves is just as effective.

Before you put off professional carpet cleaning for yet another year, note some reasons why this service is worth its cost. You might also consider why it’s best to leave this work to the pros rather than attempting DIY carpet shampooing! Your home’s flooring will then be in good condition year-round.

Is carpet cleaning worth it?

First note some reasons why you should invest in regular carpet cleaning for your home, no matter the age of the carpet or how often you vacuum those floors throughout the week.

Even if your home’s carpets look clean and vacuum regularly, carpets still tend to hold dirt and dust deep in their fibers. Professional carpet cleaning removes all the debris that household vacuum cleaners just can’t reach!

Steam cleaning is especially helpful for “fluffing up” carpet fibers, restoring their nap, and addressing crushed traffic areas. Your carpet will then look better and feel better underfoot after professional cleaning!

Shampooing and steam cleaning can kill mold, mildew, and dust mites clinging to carpet fibers or growing along with its underlying padding.

Along with killing mold and mildew, professional carpet cleaning removes pet hair and dander, trapped cigarette smoke and air pollution residues, pollen, and other bothersome irritants. You will breathe easier and might even suffer fewer allergic reactions and asthma attacks when you invest in regular carpet cleaning!

Cleaning a home’s carpet also removes bothersome odors, which you might not even notice until after the floors are cleaned. If your house seems musty or you assume certain odors are from pets or the home’s rubbish, consider carpet shampooing along with other needed cleaning, for a fresher environment overall.

If a carpet looks faded and dull, it might just need professional cleaning. Removing layers of dirt, dust, and other debris can restore a rug’s color, making it look new.

Ground-in dirt and grime can wear down carpet fibers over time so that they become ruined. Cleaning those rugs and removing that dirt before it becomes too thick can then prolong the life of your flooring, so you need to replace carpeting less often over time.

Homeowners should also remember that potential homebuyers appreciate a property in good repair and that looks its best! Investing in regular carpet cleaning now can then ensure that the home’s flooring is in excellent condition if you decide to put your house on the market sometime in the future.

Why avoid DIY carpet cleaning?

Since regular heavy-duty carpet cleaning in Providence, RI, has so many benefits, you might be tempted to run out and rent or even purchase a shampooer and start tackling your home’s floors. Before you do, check out a few reasons why this work is best left to a professional carpet cleaning company!

Different carpet materials might require different detergent, equipment, and techniques for a safe yet thorough clean. Using a heavy machine on silk blend carpets, for instance, can damage those fibers, while a lightweight clean might be insufficient for carpets with thick, tall fibers.

If you don’t extract water from the carpet sufficiently, you risk mold and mildew growth underneath its backing and padding. A damp carpet also risks damage to a home’s subflooring! A professional carpet cleaning contractor ensures a rug is as dry as possible after cleaning.

A carpet cleaning company will offer cleaning techniques not available with rented machinery. For example, bonnet cleaning is affordable and lightweight, perfect for “touching up” a rug’s appearance. Steam cleaning is excellent for homeowners with sensitivities, while dry cleaning is preferred in humid environments where you don’t want to get those rugs wet!

Carpet cleaning equipment is typically more cumbersome to manage than homeowners might realize, especially if you need to empty a tank of dirty water. Steam cleaning also risks burns when not done properly!

If your home’s carpets are new, note that DIY cleaning might void any warranties that came with their installation! If your carpets should start to come loose from the flooring under them or get threadbare, the manufacturer or installer might not need to replace them if they show signs of DIY cleaning.

It’s also helpful to remember that a professional cleaning contractor will typically have insurance against damage. It’s unlikely that he or she would scuff or scratch furniture or hardwood floors, or otherwise cause damage to your home, but if they do, their insurance should cover the cost of repairs or replacement.

Final words

Keep all these tips in mind when it comes to carpet cleaning, hiring a professional can ensure a safe and thorough job, and a clean and pristine home you’ll love.

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