Benefits Of Lighting Control Systems For Family Homes

When we are adding your personal touch to our homes, we often consider paint color, furniture, and other decorative elements. Too often, home lighting is added as an afterthought when it comes to personal preference. Not only that but homeowners have been limited to just a few lighting options and colors for the longest time.

Thanks to lighting control systems, also known as smart lighting, you no longer have to settle for a standard lighting package in your home. Now, you can really have control over the lighting landscape and can customize each living space according to your personal preferences. Not only are smart lighting systems excellent for customization, but they can also improve energy efficiency and home security. So, let’s explore some of the major benefits of installing a lighting control system in your home.

Easily customizable lighting profile

A lighting control system will help make your lighting smarter and suited to your personal preferences. When you choose to install a lighting control system in your home, you are opening yourself up to an infinite amount of lighting possibilities. Unlike standard lighting systems that require you to manually turn on, off or dim lights as the outdoor lighting changes, a smart lighting system allows you to preset all of your preferences.

For example, instead of turning on bright lights in the morning that could hurt your eyes, you can set your lighting system to turn on dim at a specific time. In your workspace, you can make the lighting brighter and more cheerful than the rest of your home to promote productivity. These are just a few examples of how smart lighting can make your life easier. Programming your lighting system is easy too! Controls are easily accessed by a laptop or smartphone.

Smart home compatible

Connect your Google Home or Amazon Echo to use voice controls. Now more than ever, Smart Homes is a part of an automated daily life. When your lighting system is centrally controlled, you can integrate your lights with your other smart devices. As we mentioned, you can easily control your lighting from a phone or laptop, but you can also use a tablet or even a smart speaker. That’s right! Smart lighting can respond to voice commands from Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Apple HomeKit.

Save electricity and save money on your monthly utility bills

Automation prevents you from wasting energy on home lighting. When your home has standard lighting, you have to remember to turn the lights off when you leave the house. Otherwise, you could end up running up your electricity bill unnecessarily. You can avoid this hassle with a smart lighting system. If you forget to turn off your lights, no worries! You can control your lights from your smartphone remotely.

Not only that, but you can set a timer or even install vacancy sensors that can tell when a room is empty. That means, even if you forget to turn off your lights moving from room to room, your smart lighting system can automatically adapt. Lighting that adapts to your lifestyle prevents you from accidentally wasting money on lighting — keeping your utility bill low and your bank account happy.

Make lighting changes easier than ever

Forget light switches, now you can change your custom lighting profile from any device. Before smart lighting systems, homeowners would have to buy new colored light bulbs to change the ambiance in a room. With smart lighting systems, you can change these preferences whenever you’d like. Maybe you are having a dinner party and you want more elegant lighting for the occasion. With a centralized lighting system, you can make this adjustment in seconds and change your whole space.

Improved home safety and security

Safety and security is a primary concern for homeowners. Though we have discussed the convenience of smart lighting, it’s time to talk about how they can improve your home safety. Smart sensors installed in your home will help light the way during the night. That means you no longer have to spend time searching for the light switch while your eyes adjust. With a smart home system, you can use your phone to turn on lights before you start journeying through the darkness.

Not only that, but you can install sensors that will light up automatically if you pass by them in the dark. For older folks, this is a great way to stay alert and balanced while navigating your home at night.

In addition to increased safety while navigating your home at night, a central lighting control system can help deter burglars from your home. If you are away from home for a while, you can set times that lights will turn on and off. To others, this makes it look like your home is occupied, meaning that any thieves will turn the other way.

Another huge safety feature that comes with smart lighting is outdoor motion sensors. Outdoor motion sensors detect movement around your home and turn lights on accordingly. Motion sensors are perfect for not only navigating your home at night but also keeping your home safe from any potential intruders.

And there you have it! There are so many ways that homeowners can benefit from a lighting control system. From safety and security to accessibility and convenience, it’s easy to understand why so many are choosing smarter lighting for their home. So whether you are moving, remodeling, or building a brand new home, think about a whole-home lighting control system to give you a bit more peace of mind.

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