8 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool And Comfortable

The warmer season makes it a real challenge to stay cool. It makes it harder to work, reduces productivity, and even taking a nap isn’t enough relief. It could even get worse, especially if you live in a small space that quickly warms up and lacks sufficient airflow. Kids and pets also suffer in unbearable weather. Indeed, heat can make it hard for everyone.

Ideas to keep you home cool

So, what can you do to beat the heat and keep your home cool? Find out how to keep your home cool and comfortable for the whole family with the tips below.

Invest in a cooling system

Air conditioners don’t really produce cool air. Instead, it performs a process called the refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the air within your home and release it outside. Having said that, such machinery may be worth a go.

There are various types of air conditioning systems. Always select a model that’s easy to install, simple to operate, cost-effective, and versatile enough to be placed in different areas of the house. If you plan on installing a new air conditioner, make sure it’s done by specialists for the best HVAC installation service.

Keep the drapes closed

When the weather is hot, leaving your drapes open allows the sun to enter your home. This makes it critical to keep the curtains or draperies shut throughout the day to keep the sun out. This will help you in keeping your home cool and comfy.

Aside from that, if your windows receive a lot of direct sunlight, opt for blackout curtains to help prevent the rays from warming your home when the sun is at its brightest.

During nighttime, open your windows

Allow the evening breeze to enter. There’s nothing fresher and more soothing than the evening air. Take advantage of the cool night air by opening the windows or doors. If it rains, you can still slightly open the windows; this could be enough to let the fresh air in while keeping the rain out.

Consider when and where to cook

Any equipment that produces heat increases your cooling strain. An oven, for example, can quickly increase the room temperature and even increase your overall cooling expenses. That said, it might be best to save your cooking or baking operations during cooler hours or cook outside on your grill. Besides that, running the dishwashing machine and clothes dryer at night is a smart idea.

Purchase cooler lighting

While incandescent lights don’t radiate as much heat as unprotected windows, they can still warm up your home and might cause you to go for the thermostat in an attempt to cool it down. You may switch to compact fluorescent bulbs to lessen the hot-light impact and save money on lighting expenditures all year round.

Fix air leaks

In the summer, the areas where cold air accumulates become channels for warm air. Worse, the warm air is usually accompanied by excessive humidity and could make your home much more uncomfortable. To remedy this issue, it may be advisable to seal any leaks.

Pay special attention to the ceiling, cellar, crawl spaces, and anything that runs through an attic or the walls, including the electrical or sewage conduits and kitchen and bathroom vents. Another major source of leaks is around doors and windows. Windows that rattle are likely to leak. Weather stripping should be used to seal it.

Purchase cooling mattresses, pillows, and bed sheets

Mattress technologies are being developed to assist households in keeping cool at night. There are several different types of cooling mattresses available, most of which feature moisture-wicking coverings or permeable foam cores to keep people sweat-free during hot weather conditions.

Aside from mattresses, you may also get cooling blankets and pillows to help you sleep more comfortably.  However, if you can’t find any of these, you can opt for cotton sheets. Cotton is known for its breathability compared to other fabrics; thus, it can help you sleep comfortably.

Prepare some ice cubes and place them in front of a fan

Another useful piece of advice is to place chilled water or ice in front of a fan that’s turned on. This allows the fan to circulate the coldness of the ice or water, making your home colder. When doing this, it’s preferable to shut the doors and windows to retain the cool air inside.

The theory is that the ice creates cold air around it, and the fan circulates this air. This could be an excellent substitute for an air conditioning system. Just keep your distance from the stream to avoid irritating your eyes.

Final thoughts

As the world gets warmer, the goal to stay cool and comfortable at home becomes more challenging, too. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect your home from the heat. Consider the eight tips listed above to get yourself cooler and more relaxed, particularly during the warmer months.

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