A Homeowner’s Guide To New Windows

When should you invest in replacement windows? While most window manufacturers guarantee new windows to last for around 20 years, this doesn’t mean you should wait that long before scheduling new windows installation!

Exposure to hot sunlight and inclement weather, unwashed dirt and gritty debris, DIY pressure washing, a settling foundation, or an outdated look can all mean that it’s time to invest in new windows. To ensure you’re keeping your house in good condition and looking its best, consider when to invest in replacement windows in Plano.

Discuss these options with a window installation contractor near you as needed, so you can make the right choice for your property.

When to Invest in Replacement Windows?

While window glass and frames might be guaranteed by the manufacturer for 20 or more years, there are many reasons why windows might suffer premature damage and need earlier replacing:

·       Hot, direct sunlight can weaken window glass, making it more prone to breaking. Thin glass also doesn’t insulate against outside sound and weather as well as high-quality glass in good condition.

·       Harsh weather can also mean added wear and tear on window glass and frames. This is especially true if strong windows kick up sand and other debris that scratch across window fronts!

·       Caked-on dirt, mud, and especially gritty debris can etch and scratch window glass. Those scratches not only make windows look dirty but they can also hold dirt, dust, and other residues, leading to more scratching and an even dingier appearance!

·       When a home’s foundation weakens, the house can begin to sink or settle along one side. This sinking pulls windows out of alignment, leading to unsightly cracks and gaps that let in outside heat and cold.

·       DIY window washing is never recommended, as it’s easy to scratch or otherwise damage and weaken window glass. High-pressure washing, gritty cloths, and other tools, harsh cleansers, and other improper techniques can mean premature damage to windows.

·       Over time, your new windows might just look outdated and unsightly! A new exterior paint color, an updated fence around the home, or other such changes to your property’s appearance can mean windows that now look out of place.

If you notice that your home’s windows seem dull and dingy, or you can’t get them clean no matter how often you wash those windows, it’s probably time for replacement windows. It’s especially vital if you notice window glass seems thin and vibrates often, as this can indicate brittle, aged windows more likely to shatter.

Replacement windows mean added style and function!

Homeowners might also note if their current windows are rather unsightly from inside the home. For instance, small windows mean dark interior rooms, while investing in larger windows can mean a brighter, more welcoming interior space.

Bay and bow windows also provide added seating in a room. Sliders and casement windows are also easier to operate than standard single-hung windows, especially if placed behind an obstruction such as a kitchen sink.

New windows with thick, shatter-resistant glass and updated locks can also mean more security for your family! Thick glass also blocks outside noise and vibration, for a quiet, comfortable interior space.

Do new windows improve a home’s value?

Some studies have noted that new windows can improve property values by up to 75% of your window costs. However, this is not the only financial reason to consider investing in replacement windows!

Energy-efficient, insulated windows can help keep out heat, cold, and humidity while keeping in cooled and heated air. In turn, you might enjoy lower utility bills when you invest in replacement windows. Your HVAC system cycling on less often also means less wear and tear on that system, which can then mean fewer repair and replacement costs.

Can I get just one replacement window?

If replacement windows are out of your budget currently, most installers will offer low-interest financing for homeowners. You might also investigate tax credits, manufacturer rebates, and other such financial incentives that make new windows more affordable.

A homeowner might also replace just one or a few windows rather than paying for an entire houseful of windows at once. An upgraded living room window can mean improved curb appeal and a beautiful view from inside the home, for example.

New windows in the bedroom can also mean added sound insulation, for better sleep. Some homeowners might also consider upgraded kitchen windows. If a window over the sink is difficult to operate, consider sliders or casement windows with a crank. Double-hung windows also allow you to open the upper sash, to vent hot air and airborne grease.

Some homeowners also plan on spreading out the cost of replacement windows in Plano over time by replacing windows along a certain section of the home every year. Start with the windows most in need of replacing and then choose a few more windows to replace every year. Within just a short time you’ll then have beautiful, durable new windows installed throughout your entire house.

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