How Much Does It Cost To Install A Window?

Interior or exterior home renovation can transform the entire look of your property. One of the most common types of residential renovation projects is window installation or replacement. Windows being the essential component of any home allows clean air, warmth, and natural light inside the room of your home.

A simple window installation or replacement can provide you with a great outdoor view and offer enhanced curb appeal. Besides, considering window installation services can potentially boost your home value. Since installing a new window adds significant value to your property, it is ideal to say considering window installation services can be your best investment.

However, while considering window installation services, most homeowners are concerned about one crucial factor – cost. Often the cost of replacing or installing windows can be expensive or out of budget for homeowners. Therefore, you should choose a window installation company that offers premium quality products and professional window installation services at a reasonable price.

In this article, you will understand the average cost of window installation in your home.

Cost to Install a Window

Understanding the window replacement or installation costs is recommended before starting a home renovation project. Several factors can affect the final price of window installation or replacement – local labour hourly rates, material costs, and local permits.

Most homeowners usually spend somewhere between $2000 to $9000 (total) on window products, because the styles and brands are available a thousand in the market. If you refer to Window Installation for Peoria IL, you get to know the products with different styles, features, and brands.

A single window of standard sizes ranges from $200 to $900, while custom ones can cost you more than that. Apart from the standard cost of windows, you also have to pay for labour costs – which can be anywhere between $100 and $700 per window or $30 per hour on average, depending on the complexity of the installation job.

Additional costs of window installation

Another factor that may affect the cost range of the window installation is the type of material used.

  • Cheapest option: vinyl, single-hung replacement windows
  • Expensive option: solid-framed, triple-pane, Low-E, picture windows

However, the cost of window replacement is less than new window installation. The average cost for replacement window installation in Peoria is between $360 and $500.

How to get the best deal on window installation?

To get the best deal on your window installation, consider taking the following steps:

  • Ask several window installers to visit your place and measure your window. Additionally, ask them to recommend a brand and model with reasons and quote prices.
  • Discuss which suggested brand or model will work best for you. You can also ask them for any budget-friendly alternatives. Sometimes, you get lower prices available for less energy-efficient windows. In such cases, you can ask the company to estimate the actual energy savings made by expensive ones. Ask them to provide you with detailed information about the calculations and estimates.
  • Next, make your final specification based on the calculations and estimates provided by companies. Get the final written proposal from each company and compare. Choose the one suitable for your home renovation project and budget.

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