5 Tips For Decorating on a Tight Budget: A Guide

Everyone wants their home to be a comforting and cozy place, but also somewhere that they can invite their family and friends and be proud of. That is why there is an entire industry fueled by the desire to improve the way homes look, feel, and function. Sometimes people decide to redecorate because their homes have started to look tired, and sometimes they just fancy a change. However, if you are not careful, it is easy to get carried away by the beautiful furniture, paint, and housewares out there, meaning you could spend much more than initially budgeted for.

Tips for decorating on a tight budget

If you are trying to refresh and revamp your home but are working to a tight budget, this guide will help you to make your money go further.

Do as much as you can yourself

You could hire painters and decorators or even professional interior design consultants, but that is a sure way to increase your budget unnecessarily. Whether painting walls, fitting new carpet or flooring, building flatpack furniture, or upcycling old furniture, you might be surprised at what you can achieve by yourself. The internet is full of step-by-step guides, video demonstrations, and tutorials as well as products and tools to make the DIY decoration as simple as possible. For example, rather than buying expensive wallpaper and paying a decorator to hang it for you, consider trying some stencil painting to give your walls a unique finish.

Compare prices

The prices you pay for materials, tools, and other supplies will vary greatly depending on which retailer you buy them from. It is important to take your time and research the best prices before committing. This might mean a bit more effort than simply heading to a one-stop-shop, but you could save yourself a significant amount of money. The internet can be a big help with this as you will be able to compare prices for items and possibly read reviews from previous customers to ensure you are buying a quality product.

Buy used rather than new

If you are someone who typically buys new, you might be in for a surprise when you discover just how much you could be saving by opting for the second-hand version. Buying second-hand furniture and ornamental pieces are not only cheaper but are also better for the environment as it tackles the throwaway culture that exists in this world. Many people will get rid of furniture simply because it does not suit their décor, they are moving to a new home, or because their family has expanded – not because there is anything wrong with the furniture. You can even buy cans of paint that have barely been used.

Thrift stores are treasure troves for housewares and furniture, and there are lots of online marketplaces where people are selling pieces in fantastic condition for a fraction of the price it would be sold at when new.

Get what you can for free

With a bit of creativity and the right approach, you could get yourself some amazing items for absolutely nothing. There are plenty of websites for people that do not want any money for their items; they just want someone to take it off their hands as quickly as possible. If you are willing and able to collect, it is worth browsing these sites. You might even be able to find some vintage or rare items that you would not find anywhere else. Alternatively, you could try trading pieces with family or friends.

Upcycle what you have

Another way to refresh your home is to take the furniture you already have and give it a new lease of life. Almost all furniture can be transformed with a bit of elbow grease and creativity, whether sanding and re-staining or painting wooden furniture, or covering old armchairs and pillows in new fabric. Handles and knobs on drawers and cupboards can be replaced with quirky or fancy versions to make them suit your new theme or aesthetic. Many people start upcycling just one item in their home but then find that they enjoy the process and result so much that they cannot stop.

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