How To Deal With A Sewer Line Clog That Is Stopping Your Drains From Draining

The sewer line will almost certainly run across your property and to the main drain which is usually situated in the main street. If it stops draining efficiently or doesn’t let any water through, then you will almost certainly have a clog. Until the matter is resolved the drains won’t drain and you risk wastewater ending up in your home.

It is important to note that you are responsible for all the sewer pipes up to where it joins the main system. This is the area that runs under your property. All repairs will need to be covered by you.

How to deal with a sewer line clog

It is best to have your sewer drains checked regularly to avoid a clog from occurring or to allow you to deal with it before it becomes an issue. However, if you have a clog, this is what you need to do:

Find the clog

You can walk around the yard looking for grass that is greener than the rest or smelling to detect the distinct aroma of sewage. But, the best way to locate a clog is to invest in a drain camera. You can insert the drain camera into your drains.

In fact, you have two choices, to insert before or after the clog. You will need to lift your drains inspection cover in the yard. If it is full of sewer water then the clog is between the hatch and the main sewer. If you have another inspection hatch it is worth lifting it to see if it is also full of water.

You’ll find it easier to feed the camera through the dry side of the clog, but it will work from either direction.

Slide the camera into the pipe and watch the screen. It will show you where the clog is and what it looks like, as well as how far it is from the hatch. This allows you to identify the exact spot where the clog is.

If you’re wondering why you don’t just slide drain rods into the sewer it is because you don’t know if you are dealing with a simpler clog or if the pipe is damaged. Age, tree roots, and driving the wrong thing over the area can damage the pipe, allowing soil in and causing a clog.

If it’s a blockage

When you find that the clog is simply a blockage you will be able to slide the drain rods into your drains and, using the special end, push your way through the clog. This will break it up and allow the wastewater to flow again.

Dealing with damaged pipes

However, if the pipe is damaged you are going to need to replace a section. It is possible to insert a balloon structure inside the pipe to navigate the issue but it is more likely that the pipe will need to be cut out and replaced. You are likely to want specialist help with this.

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