Debunking The Top Fridge Freezer Myths

Whether you’re looking for a new fridge freezer, or perhaps you’re simply just trying to troubleshoot a problem when it comes to the right food storage, you will more than likely find yourself coming across an awful lot of misinformation. Not only does this cause confusion but it can also make you feel downright lost, not knowing what is right and which information you should listen to.

Debunking the top fridge freezer myths

That is why we have put together the below article, with the help of The Appliance Depot, a leading supplier of fridge freezers Leicester, to set the record straight and help you access the right information.

Myth 1: The temperature dial tells you the exact temperature in your fridge

Whilst, of course, it is important to make sure that your fridge temperature is set on the dial inside the appliance, however, it isn’t necessarily a given that the fridge is actually that temperature inside.

There are a number of factors that can affect the actual temperature of your fridge, so to be sure, all you need to do is use a thermometer. Put the thermometer inside your fridge to get the exact temperature, which ideally, should be somewhere between 3 and 4°C.

Myth 2: Baking soda is your best choice when trying to absorb bad odors in your fridge

Whilst it will work to some extent, pouring baking soda into your fridge won’t work as well as activated charcoal!

Scour the market for deodorizers and make sure to purchase one with activated charcoal in it. Before you know it, your fridge will be odor-free and fresh once more!

Myth 3: It doesn’t matter where you put things in the fridge

A well-organized fridge is much more important than you think, in fact, it’s better than good housekeeping!

Some areas of your fridge will be warmer than others, such as the doors, and warm air rises. Therefore, certain items may keep better when they are stored on lower shelves, whereas other items may work just as well when sitting in the door rack.

Myth 4: Your fridge freezer is an energy-waster and there’s nothing you can do to help that

Whilst, of course, your fridge freezer will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but don’t be fooled. Modern fridge freezers have evolved hugely in terms of energy efficiency and will be around twice as energy-efficient as those from 10 years ago.

So, should you find yourself replacing an older fridge freezer, make sure to keep in mind that with that investment you will actually be saving yourself money in the long run on your energy bills.

Myth 5: Defrosting frozen foods, such as meats and fish, on the countertops is ok

If you take one point away from this article, we hope it is this one. Never leave frozen food to defrost on the countertops. Leaving frozen food out on the countertop may defrost it quicker, however all you will be doing is inviting bacteria along!

It’s always best to let your frozen food thaw either in the fridge or the microwave and make sure that it is cooked and eaten as soon as it is thawed. If you’re marinating your food, it is best to do this in your refrigerator too.

Myth 6: Your food will go off in the freezer

The best way to imagine freezing your food is like pushing a pause button. There is no scientific reason as to why your food will go off any quicker in the freezer as it actually takes organisms longer to get ready to grow.

However, the longer you leave your food in the freezer, the more the structure will deteriorate. We hope the above has taught you something new today and has helped you clear up a few common myths about fridge freezers.

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